You were created to be free. All people were. Yet, in order to live free, you have to think a certain way. Make certain choices. Freedom is so important to God that He established it deep in the original design of the human template. Then He gave you a mechanism to engage your freedom: your “free will.” He wants you to use it. He wants you to be utterly free!

There is another being interested in freedom – from the bottom-side-up. He looks at freedom through the glasses of bondage. He studies your life to find strands of freedom and pockets of peace. Then he develops strategies to confiscate both through ambush, deception, and siege.

This guy says you are free to do this or that. Go after your dreams and desires. Get all you can. At all costs, protect yourself and your freedoms. But make it look like you are helping others as you do it. Fulfill yourself. Live free. It’s yours. Take it. This fellow tempts you to focus on feeling good. He makes you think you are wise. Yet, the whole time, he’s telling you lies. He turns freedom up-side down. Trickery, deceptions, and shame are his tools. He hates you and wants to ruin you – all while lying to you. Worse of all, he lies about God to you. He hates Him, too.

How do you get away from this guy? How do you stay truly free?

Live Free

You give up the “freedoms” he’s always lying to you about. You exercise your God created free will to walk away from his faux freedom. The lies. The pretending. The bondage. And you turn to genuine freedom which is only found in the Spirit of God – your Creator and Designer. The Spirit established freedom, real freedom, at the ground level of your life blueprint.

The Spirit of God says you are free since the foundations of the earth. Don’t give it up for this or that. You are free – to walk away from faux. He says, “Come to Me, and I will identify and fulfill the dreams I planted in your heart. Make Me your first desire and I will fill you to overflow with the joys of freedom. Use your free will to surrender yourself to Me. I will show you how to truly help others. Don’t be wise in your own eyes. Ask Me, and I’ll give you wisdom. I will always tell you the truth, and the truth will set you free. (Jn. 8:32) I love you with everlasting love. (Jer. 31:3) I will help you succeed. Trust Me. Talk to Me about each thing in your life, and I will teach you. Train you. Let Me make you good to your very middle again.”

So, who are you going to listen to? That guy, or the Spirit of God? You choose which kind of freedom to live in. Free to be deceived and live in bondage. Or free to be who you were designed to be, living in joyful surrender to the loving God. He wants you to be free. “It is for freedom that Christ has set you free.” (Gal. 5:1)

What kind of free are you?

Article developed from Gal. 5:13-18.

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