The Christmas holiday season is almost here! Many people are starting to get excited. Are you?

Have you wondered what the Advent season is about? What is the goal? Why do people participate? What value does it bring to your modern, extremely busy life – especially during a hectic month?

I’d like to tell you a bit more about Advent and why people still participate. Advent starts soon. It’s only days away.

The Advent Season has been celebrated for many years with rich meaning. Historically, an advent marks the arrival of a notable person or event. The notable person celebrated at Christmas is Jesus, and the event is the birth of God – becoming a human being! What a striking event!

God became a baby, born into the human tree. Wow. This requires a response! So much more than just traditions, gifts and wrappings, special foods and decorations, fabulous music – Christmas gives you a lovely opportunity to respond to this amazing event. Advent helps you celebrate joyfully with a time frame and a bit of structure to help you prepare your heart.

Often, a wreath with candles is used during Advent, lighting a new candle on each of the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day. (This pix shows a portion of my own Advent wreath.) There are various tools, books, and devotionals that can add meaning to your traditional Advent celebration. I’d like to tell you about a wonderful tool.

This Tool is Great!

Celebrate Advent: A Life Response to Emmanuel is a little book I wrote to help people participate in Christmas Advent. It is my most popular book. The cover is festive, colorful, and inviting. When you open it, you see a layout that is easy to use. Attractive scroll artwork graces the pages of this book. Even with a full Christmas schedule, you can intentionally prepare your heart to welcome Christ in a few minutes each day. This tool is a fantastic, easy “add in” to help you remain focused in your Christmas preparations.

Here’s How It Works

This book is compact: short and sweet. It focuses on very short passages from Isaiah which are printed on the left page of the book so you don’t have to look them up. The book of Isaiah is filled with encouragement and truth. Then there is a brief thought on the right page for you to read followed by a few lines where you can record anything the Lord impresses on your heart as you read. Days 1-25 of Celebrate Advent are designed to inspire a response at Christmas that will affect your life all year.

Days 26-31 are designed to help you think about how you will live in the coming New Year. Use these days to set a fresh perspective by bringing elements you learn during the Advent month forward into the New Year. Ask the Lord to give you new understanding of His plan to become a baby in the human family tree.

Open your heart to simply receive Emmanuel just as the manger received the innocent, pure Baby Jesus. Let your life be the welcoming dwelling place of the infant King as the stable welcomed His birth. Let Him grow up in you as you determine that “He must become greater; I must become less.” (Jn. 3:30)

What is the Goal of Advent?

God loves you so much! That is why He became a human – Jesus, born in a manger. His life purpose was to be the sacrifice, our Savior, for all sins against God. He also is a model of how to live in close relationship with God. Now, you and I have hope of forgiveness and eternal life by a simple life response of trusting Jesus. We can live in God’s holiness. God’s love for you is fleshed out through Jesus. The goal of Christmas Advent is to focus on Jesus. To draw close to God by faith. To know His joy and love. And once you live inside God’s love and joy, you realize it is your privilege to respond with your life to Emmanuel. (How to become a Christian)

Order your copy of Celebrate Advent: A Life Response to Emmanuel. It’s a resource to help you draw close to the Lord this Christmas! December is right around the corner, so order now! You won’t regret your decision to use this wonderful tool this December.

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