When you get up in the morning and look in the mirror, who do you see? Do you value that person? Are your next thoughts full of purpose as you consider the day ahead? Who are you?

You are a very special person, loved with everlasting love by God. On your birthdate, an amazing event took place years ago: you were born! If you don’t think that’s special, you are missing important things about your life. Scripture says God loves you very much. In fact, it says God delights in you. (Zeph. 3:17) To love Him back and to love others well, you need to learn how to love yourself. (Mk. 12:31) Loving yourself correctly starts by opening your heart to God’s love for you. Then, as you love God back, you find yourself increasingly valuing yourself like He values you.

God created you in His image with eternity in mind. He designed you with beauty, grace, intelligence, and strength. He made you upright – like Himself. God also gave you unique abilities, special skills, and amazing talents. And your heart? It is designed to express precious things only you can. Those precious things are certain passions He has planted inside you. God wants your heart to exist safely inside His own. He gives you a special position from which you can serve Him and others. Your life has an important purpose. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t have been born. In other words, you are not a mistake, and your life has value to God.

You were also created to think carefully, strategically, and healthily about life. Not only does God want you for Himself, He wants your life to matter. Your space on the human time line is an opportunity to partner with Him and have eternal impact in other lives. After all, you are a reflection of Him. God also wants you to enjoy Him. He enjoys you very much. Even though life on this earth is broken, it was intended to be rich and meaningful.

In order to live with meaning, you need to know the truth, which is found in God’s Word. As you spend time in His Word, you are transformed because your mind is renewed. (Rom. 12:2) The Scriptures help you identify ideas you have about yourself, God, and others – and align your ideas with God’s thoughts. Make a good move and get in His Word. Agree with God. He will share His secrets with you.

After you contemplate who God made you to be, what your position in life is, and what your purpose is, apply your heart to daily living. Engage your strengths and abilities. Identify underlying motives, interests, and goals. Explore the hopes and dreams God planted in you to affect this world.

You might be going through a terrible time right now. Or – it could be you are just coasting through life. An exercise in strategic thinking like this might be a stretch for you. Please don’t let your situation, your losses, or your choices stand in the way of spending time with God’s truth about Himself and about you. You need to explore these strategies to make a good next move on the chess board of your life. This always starts by answering the question – who are you . . . in Christ?

This is not about how you want to spend your life. It’s about being destined for greatness God’s way – to be a stately representative and servant of the God who made all things. Unbelievably, He lifts you up to be His dear friend. So, your life has great value – and you have a position, a purpose, and a Friend.

Paul went through the thinking exercises in today’s Scripture (Rom. 1:1-7). Apparently, the Son of God also engaged these kinds of thoughts. He clearly identified His own value, position, and purpose. Do you believe Jesus’ claims? How are they impacting your life purpose? Why have you been given grace? (vs. 5) You are born into privilege and partnership with the living God.

According to this first passage of Romans, the only way to gain grace and peace in your life is to agree with God. We could use a lot more grace and peace. So could the world. And I bet you could, too.

Do you agree with God’s statements about your value? Have you identified your position in life from God’s perspective? How are you living out your purpose? Are you ready for what comes next? Because –

– it’s your move.


It’s Your Move: Strategies in Thinking From Romans. It’s a fresh new resource to help you grow even more in your relationship with God. This article is STRATEGY #1 – “Who Are You,” developed from Rom. 1:1-7.


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