Today I was reminded why I do what I do with Intentional Living.

My life is super full! Lots of responsibilities – like your life. People depend on me to do my bit – like people depend on you. I have some wonderful experiences and memories – I’m sure you have some. And I have my share of extremely hard times. Challenges, losses, hurts. I bet you’ve had your share, as well.

Yet, something has strongly impacted me. I can’t stop thinking about it. It changes the way I look at life. In fact – it changes my life! This resource helps me “live forward.” It provides what I need to pursue godliness. The godliness part I’m still working hard on, daily! – probably like you? (Phil. 2:12)

As time has passed, I’ve discovered some things about my “go-to” resource. Turns out it’s filled with immediate power, practical application, and loving intimacy. I admit – hands down – without this resource, I’d be lost. Overwhelmed. Totally discouraged.

When I use it every day, I do better in my life. When I don’t, I get off balance. So, for energy and perspective – like a good breakfast, lunch, dinner (and healthy snacks between), I take this resource into my heart through the day.

You’ve likely figured out I am talking about the Scriptures. I haven’t found anything better – anywhere. No resource in the world makes the claims God’s Word does. This book helps me aim high each day. It claims to be “alive and active.” (Heb. 4:12) That’s what I need. That’s what you need.

Intentional hard work practicing Scripture brings results. I’ve also noticed a compelling desire to share secrets from Scriptures with others. With you. The Word of God is comforting. Effective. Relevant. Contemporary. God’s Word gives answers and purpose. It’s a plumb line (keeps you straight up). Gives guidance. Protection. Warning. Peace.

Devotionals are OK, but to be in the Word . . . that’s where the real stuff is. Once you cultivate a taste for it, you get increasingly hungry for it. And it always fills you up! Until you hunger for it, just get into it by raw discipline. Then ask God to nurture love for His Word in your heart. If you mean it, He will.

God’s Word is the very life of God on paper! It’s Jesus’ powerful life in a book! Getting the words of Scripture into your life is literally “getting God” into your life. He wants to be in your life. God loves you so much!

God has a definite opinion about His Scriptures. He calls His promises “very great and precious.” (2 Pet. 1:3-4) He says His thoughts and ways are above all other thoughts and ways. (Is. 55:9) He predicts everything will pass away – everything except His words. (Mt. 24:35)

This is why I write the way I do. Most of my blogs simply develop Scripture into life tools. Practical tips. How to’s.

And my books? The main feature is always Scripture. I include a short, practical development to help digest the passage. Then some good questions to challenge my reader to implement what they learned that very day.

So, as an author, what do I want for you? In a nutshell?

  1. Plug into God’s Word to connect to God’s power and love by faith.
  2. Turn on your switch of application to make it work in your life.

What are you plugged into? Have you flipped your switch on?

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