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Celebrate Advent: A Life-Response to Emmanuel

Celebrate Advent: A Life-Response to Emmanuel – The holiday bustle puts extra demands on your time and energy. Commercialism invades. Priorities are challenged. Celebrate Advent helps you focus on Jesus who became Emmanuel – “God With Us” – the God-man. Even with a full schedule, you can prepare your heart a few minutes daily to celebrate the season’s real meaning with encouragement from Isaiah. Days 1-25 are designed to inspire a response from your heart. Days 26-31 are designed to set a fresh perspective by bringing elements you learn during the Advent month forward into the New Year. The brief Scripture selections are printed in the book across the page from the short daily thought. There are lines to journal your thoughts. This is a great resource for December!  It makes a wonderful, affordable gift. And it helps you live an Alive and Active Life.

Available in paperback and eBook format.

Prepare for Christmas Without Missing It

$5.95 for either format

Prepare for Christmas Without Missing It – Christmas! Full of precious traditions, hopes for good will, excitement, and desires for fresh cheer. For some people, it brings painful memories. Still, this wonderful season is full of hope to be celebrated because of Jesus Christ, sent from God to be our Christmas Baby. To not miss meaningful moments while avoiding crowded commercialism takes a thoughtful approach. This beautiful holiday book contains tips, action steps, creative ideas, tools, and resources to help you maximize your time and efforts as you prepare for Christmas while keeping you on target with the true meaning. Learn how to develop a management plan that effectively helps you navigate the holidays. Apply the content all year for better management that automatically feeds into the holiday season. Material includes managing time, finances, energy, setting boundaries, fresh ideas, making good decisions using a Christmas Grid Tool and a Key Points Check List, managing difficult people, addressing depression in the holidays. This e-book will be a resource to you for years to come as you aim to have an Alive and Active Life.


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