Prepare For Easter – Day 6 (Saturday) BONUS: Hiding Easter Baskets

When You Run Out Of Ideas Of Where To Hide An Easter Basket:

In the dryer?!

So, have you ever wondered where else you can hide an Easter basket? Sometimes you run out of ideas. 

Here’s a list that gives lots of places to hide your Easter baskets this year!

  • In a cupboard
  • In the dryer
  • In the washer
  • In the dishwasher
  • Behind a couch or other big furniture item
  • Behind a large corner hutch (lower basket down with a string attached for retrieval – for teenage child)
  • In a closet
  • In a HUGE pot
  • Hanging on a coat hanger with a coat or shirt around it to make it harder to see (for older child)
  • In the bathtub or shower
  • Under a bed
  • In a walk-in attic
  • In a child’s top bunk after they’re already down
  • Under the skirt of a round table cloth
  • In a lift-up lid sitting bench
  • Inside a large CLEAN trashcan (or wrap it in clear plastic to keep it clean)
  • Behind your big screen Tv
  • Under an afghan in an obvious place
  • In the chair cubby (where your feet go) at your desk
  • On a shelf in a storage closet
  • In a clothes hamper
  • In the oven (don’t turn it on!)
  • In your pantry
  • In an “under stairs” closet storage area
  • Hidden in the foliage of a large fake plant
  • In the fireplace (make sure it’s clean)


Then you could move into the garage and outside!

  • In a car (for teenage child)
  • In the trunk of a car (for teenage child)
  • In the water softener storage tank (for teenage child)
  • In an extra, mostly empty fridge in the garage
  • Under the garage work bench
  • Hanging from a bike rack with the bikes
  • Inside a grill door
  • On a hanging swing
  • In a garden behind a bush
  • Hanging from a tree limb
  • Under a planter table on your porch
  • In a child’s plastic outdoor small pool or covered sand pit


Surely, after all those ideas, you will find good hiding spots to hide an Easter basket. Plus, you can come up with your own great ideas, too! As a result of your excellent detective methods, your hunters will have another great memory to tell about. 

And you’ll have as much fun hiding Easter baskets as they will, hunting for them!