How To Enroll in Alive and Active Life Courses on Teachable

This “How To” page uses our Easter Course to demonstrate how to enroll in Alive and Active Life Courses. Our online platform is Teachable. Click each step to expand for pictures and directions. These instructions will also apply to all other A.A.L. Courses.

Step 1 – Enroll in class
From the class advertisement page, click the Enroll link to register for the class on Alive and Active Life’s Teachable site.  If you are already registered and are ready to join the class, click the Participate link.
Step 2 – Begin Teachable Enrollment
From the Teachable class registration page, click the Enroll in Course button.
Step 3 – Create Username or Use Previous Login

First-Time Teachable Users

For first-time Teachable users, create your a new account and proceed to Step 8.  If you have already participated in an Alive and Active Life Course on Teachable, click the login link instead and proceed to Step 4.
Step 4 – Register with Existing Login or Reset Password

Returning Teachable Participants

For returning participants, enter your login credentials to register and proceed to Step 8.  If you forgot your password, use the Forgot Password link and follow Steps 5-7.
Step 5 – Send Password Rest Instructions to Your Email
From the Reset Password page, enter the email address you used previously with Teachable.  Check your email to complete the password reset process.
Step 6 – Password Reset Email Instructions
To complete the password reset process, open the email from Teachable and click the Change My Password link.
Step 7 – Change Your Password
Complete the password reset process by entering and confirming your new password.
Step 8 – Select Class to Finalize Enrollment

Finalize Enrollment in Your Course

To finalize enrollment in the course, click on the class from the Alive and Active Life Course page in Teachable.  After enrolling you can get to this page from the Alive and Active Life website or by clicking on the link in your registration email to participate in the class.
With additional questions, email Brenda at