Prepare For Easter - Day 4 (Thursday): Intervener

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1. Brief Daily Focus – Intervener

Consequently, what does it mean to be an Intervener? Most dictionaries say:

  • To come between disputing parties.
  • To mediate, facilitate, or intermediate.

You have an Intervener – someone ready to do all those things for you. For starters, Jesus did the most amazing thing. He stood for you – between you and holy God. Interestingly, He took your side as He became your “stand-in.” In a skillful, creative, never-been-done-before strategy, Jesus bore God’s wrath and punishment so justice would be carried out and so you would be free from condemnation. (Is.53: 4-10)

Yet, Jesus accomplished something even more precious! He also demonstrated God’s deep, abiding love for you.  Because He solved the sin problem with both God’s and your best interests in mind, you can be reconciled to God.

So, we say with confidence Jesus is the great Intervener. In addition to saving you from sin and eternal death, Jesus is eager to intervene for you each day.

Things To Consider:

  • How awful would it be to be lost forever?
  • Do you ever feel lost in your daily issues?
  • Have you accepted Jesus as your Intervener in your problems and struggles?
  • Consequently, have you considered God has called you to be an intervener for others?
  • How can you intervene for someone today?
  • Do you love God back? Is He your First, Most, Best, and Only?


Intervener Scriptures:

  • “He saw that there was no one, He was appalled that there was no one to intervene; so His own arm achieved salvation for him, and His own righteousness sustained him. He put on righteousness as His breastplate, and the helmet of salvation on His head; He put on the garments of vengeance and wrapped Himself in zeal as in a cloak.” (Is. 59:16-17)
  • ”Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 2:3-5)


2. Fun Activity

Coloring Easter eggs

Decorate cooled, hard-boiled eggs to show the joy of new life in Christ:

  • Since white or clear wax crayon doesn’t show on white eggs, write secret messages that show up only after dying the egg. Press firmly without breaking the shell as you write.
  • Use stickers or stencils to creatively design colored eggs.
  • Write a loved-one’s name on a special egg – maybe use their favorite color.
  • Put your finished eggs in a pretty basket to display on your table.

If you don’t have eggs and supplies to do this activity, why not draw/sketch or paint beautiful eggs on paper? Or you can sculpt with clay or play-do. You can also decorate small balloons. Set them out around your home or room to add to this week’s celebration.

If you don’t have children, do this activity with a friend or group. See the variety of beautiful egg designs each person creates. As you see them this week, remember your Intervener.

3. Teaching Point

God has secret messages written in the most unsuspecting places of our lives. As situations color life, we see messages of His faithfulness showing up.

Incidentally, God also colors your life with His deep love. Similarly, the bright colors of Easter help remind you of the joyous love of your Intervener.

After dying your eggs, use the remaining dye for an object lesson. First, talk about the many ways we sin against God.

  • Inner sins that others can’t see.
  • Outer things we do and say.
  • Un-Christlike attitudes.
  • Exalting self.
  • Putting others (or self) down.
  • Being fearful.
  • Being prideful.
  • Making rebellion look acceptable.
  • Having a lazy approach to living each day.

Then focus on your Intervener. Whatever the color of sin, Jesus’ blood washes it clean and pure. This is His intervention for you and for all people.

Then to illustrate this, use a dropper to drop bleach into each dye color until it’s made “clean” or pure. (Test This First! Since not all current dye kits respond when bleach is added.)

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