Prepare For Easter – Day 7 (Sunday): Easter Angel

Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
Prepare For Easter – Day 7 (Sunday): Easter Angel

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1. Brief Daily Focus – Easter Angel

This is the only day in this Devotional Series that focuses on an Easter Angel rather than Christ’s roles and provisions. However, the Easter Angel is completely focused on Jesus. So, through the eyes and obedience of a mighty angel, we look at the wonder of Christ:

  • Sacrifice
  • High Priest
  • Lover of Your Soul
  • Intervener
  • Intercessor
  • Interconnector

That has been the content of this week’s material.

God sent the Easter Angel down to earth from Heaven after Jesus had already raised from the dead on Sunday morning. The angel was so electric, powerful, and pure, that he made superheroes look like children at play. But this actually happened. The angel’s landing on earth likely shook the planet.

The Easter Angel was given clear orders:

  1. Roll back the stone to the empty tomb.
  2. Sit on it. Let people see you.
  3. Assure My children to not be afraid.
  4. Assure them I AM alive as I said I’d be.
  5. Let them see the empty tomb.
  6. Tell them to pass the truth on to others.
  7. Tell them to meet up in Galilee with Me.

Why did the Easter Angel carry out those detailed orders with precision and zeal? Evidently, he knew Jesus is every provision we explored this week.

Additionally, the Easter Angel had to tell God’s children the “GOOD NEWS” . . . 

. . . Jesus is alive! 

Folded Grave Clothes


How he, and many other angels, must have pondered the deep, abiding love God has for His people! They likely saw Jesus pour sincere care into every individual when He lived as a man on earth. Consequently, they must have been filled with wonder – and perhaps horror – at the crucifixion. Additionally, they must have worshipped in awe at the resurrection. What a brilliant and strategic plan – carried out with precision and deep wisdom. God knows exactly how to defeat all His (and your) enemies!

How privileged you are to be called a “son” or “daughter” of the living God – because of all the provisions of Christ! We should all be as obedient and responsive as God’s mighty angels!

2. Fun Activity

This is the time to pull out all the stops! Celebrate Resurrection Day with all your heart! Engage every meaningful tradition you treasure. The hunt (if you do it today), special food, some treats, games, visits with dear friends and/or family, story time with children, adults reading the Scripture story, singing, expressing gratitude to God. All these activities are truly fun, and especially meaningful to celebrate JESUS!

In celebrating, remember some key points:

  • Keep your focus on the Risen Christ – like the Easter Angel did.
  • Be a messenger about what happened Easter Sunday – like the Easter Angel.
  • Stay within your budget.
  • Remember children are watching. So are other adults! There is an element of teaching going on (see Teaching point).

3. Teaching Point

The teaching point just mentioned is this. God wants you to find yourself – in Christ! He wants you to be the person He created. That means He wants you to find your life purpose and be a balanced Jesus follower. When you open your heart to all the provisions and roles Christ provides for you, your influence in this world – yes, in your own world – automatically begins to happen!

Why not point others to Jesus – like the Easter Angel did?

Because of Easter, your purpose is – rejoicing in unprecedented, unexplainable, undeserved GRACE from God! Live a balanced lifein the Risen Christ!

So as you celebrate – Keep the main thing, the main thing, and have a great time doing it!


A Very Happy Easter To You and Yours!

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*Incidentally, portions of this content are taken from SharpShooting: Your Bronze Bow, day 87 (A study in Matthew). So, check it out to use as a daily devotional tool.

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* Artwork: Andrew Wolfe