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Welcome to “Prepare For Easter!”

COUNTDOWN: 7 days to Easter! 

GOOD NEWS: 7 focus days to prepare your heart.

You’ll be glad you decided to participate in “Prepare For Easter” Devotional Focus/Activities.

Meaningful!   Brief!   Fun!   Refreshing!   Read or Listen!    FREE!

Starts Monday through Easter Sunday.

(However, if you happen to join us a couple days late, you’re not behind. Sessions are short enough – you can catch up!)

Because this content is concise, quality material – busy people with full schedules can easily participate. So, simply click on the navigation bar above to enter each day’s content.

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Quick Overview.

  1. Brief Daily Focus – Using a short reflective thought to focus your heart for Easter, each day explores a special role Jesus has in your life. It’s very encouraging!
  2. Fun Activity – Additionally, engage a fun activity each day – by yourself, as a family, with a friend, or with a group.
  3. Teaching Point – By combining the Daily Focus and Fun Activity, each day’s content becomes deeply meaningful.


The reason this Easter resource is so meaningful is . . . 

Because each session explores how Jesus provides for you!

Here’s a list of topics we will cover, one each day:

  • Sacrifice
  • High Priest
  • Lover of Your Soul
  • Intervener
  • Intercessor
  • Interconnector

As you explore these special roles, you can know without a doubt that God’s love for you is sincere!



“When You Run Out of Ideas of Where to Hide An Easter Basket.” (To access this post, click the drop down box in addition to Saturday focus content. If you receive our podcast, you will receive this episode in your podcast feed.)

IMPORTANT and TIMELY Heads-Up . . .

Day #3 Fun Activity uses Resurrection Eggs to tell the Easter story (with a little reminder token in each egg). Subsequently, to participate:

  1. Order NOW (amazon – or another online vendor) OR
  2. Visit/call your local Christian Bookstores to inquire about a set OR
  3. Make your own.


To make your own:

Incidentally, it’s really fun to make your own set! But it’s also simple. By filling empty plastic eggs with little items, each part of the Easter story can be told. Since the online set (above link) shows detailed pictures of items needed, use that example. And not only kids love this set, but every age!

However, if you decide not to make or order this tool, our content gives additional options for an activity.


God bless you this Easter holy week as you participate in “Prepare For Easter!”


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