Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life

Everything has changed during COVID-19. People have lost income. Parents have suddenly become point person for their child’s education. Shopping safely is a big deal and many items are in short supply. Businesses have shut down or turned solely to the internet. Education has flipped to online classrooms. Even Dr. appointments are by phone or video. And facial masks are the new fashion! All of this while under lock-down stress. You need resources of the heart.

No one could have guessed the challenges COVID-19 has forced upon families and individuals. With good reason, some people are discouraged.

Here are some resources to help navigate tough times, starting with highest priorities and focused on truth and perspective.

7 Resources of the Heart For COVID-19


First Resource

I know it may seem a bit “knee-jerk,” but there is no good place to start than at the foundation. Your first and most important resource is God. Your personal relationship with God is utterly essential, especially during this lock-down crisis. God loves you – so much! He has sleeves rolled up to help as soon as you turn to Him in faith. Why not form a partnership with Him? Ps. 118: 7 says, “The Lord is with me. He is my helper.” God is aware of every difficult detail. He engages His power for those who trust Him. Is. 64:4 says God “acts on behalf of those who wait for Him.” If you don’t know what to do, Jas. 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, ask God who gives generously. . .“

Second Resource

God’s Word helps you address challenges of COVID-19 days. Scripture gives hope. You can remain calm while making difficult decisions. Scripture is eternally stable. 2 Peter 1: 3 – 8 says, “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness . . . His very great and precious promises . . . will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive . . .” even in a locked down scenario. Knowing and believing God’s Word helps you draw close to Him. “Come near to God, and He will come near to you.” (Jas. 4:8)

God’s Word is your:

  • Light – so you can see.
  • Plumb line – so you know what to do.
  • Virtual library of resources – so you know what you have to work with.
  • Place of comfort – so your heart can heal.
  • Supply of needs – so you never go without.
  • Source of wisdom and discernment – so you live your best.

Those who step into Scripture by faith activate its power. So, faith is the key.

Third Resource

Prayer literally connects your heart to God’s heart, and He can do anything. (Mt. 19: 26) Prayer is listening to God and sharing your heart back. It brings peace, joy, and confidence. Sincere prayer helps you navigate concerns, problems, and anxieties. Prayer opens doors. “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (Jas. 5:16)

Fourth Resource

Being real and authentic. God wants you to be real with Him. He doesn’t want you to be anyone other than who He created you to be. Look at yourself honestly. You have needs, weaknesses, hopes, dreams, ideas for the future, and possibly a broken heart. Bring these to God sincerely. As you release everything to His over care, He helps you live effectively in a ravaged world. What does it look like to be real and authentic? Look to Jesus – the most winsome person that lived. His life is well-documented in the New Testament gospels. In our broken, diseased world, refuse to live in the fear of man or coronavirus. Instead, live transparently in the fear of God who loves you deeply.

Fifth Resource

Humility. Some Jesus followers think they are a “cut above” the rest. Pride is really sneaky. So, to avoid this, ask yourself reality questions – like: when you are wronged, how do you respond? Do you suffer with integrity? How do you grieve? When you interact with others, how do you carry yourself, even under stress and pressure? Humility is knowing exactly who you are in Christ, being that person, and giving credit to God.

Sixth Resource

Being organized and disciplined. Do your best in this pandemic to organize your personal domain. Keep supplies stocked, plan meals, keep laundry going, pick things up, mow the lawn, change the oil. Those tasks keep things a bit more normal. You may be locked-down, but your environment is still in your control. Why not make it special? Play some games, read a book, plant a flower, light some candles.

      Discipline reaches into specific areas for progress. Are you reading God’s Word daily? Exercising? Do you control your temper and words? Are there dishes in the sink? Now’s the time to look at your list of piled-up projects. Are you controlling indulgences – caffeine, chocolate, over-eating, watching too much TV? Instead of letting stress drive you into a corner, be pro-active and give your best responses each day. Aim for personal excellence, even during lock-down.

Seventh Resource

Practice joy. While you are in a “forced” situation outside your control, you can still choose your character. No one can force character on you or take it away from you. Joy is a conduit that enhances other good character qualities. It lifts you up as you practice it.

 Engaging these heart resources will maximize this global down time. Coming out on the other side, you will have gained some things. Small as it may seem, you will even have impacted others.


Helpful Questions and Thoughts to Explore Heart Resources

  1. What will you do today to implement these resources during COVID-19?
  2. Will you regularly engage them? Make a commitment.
  3. What simple plan will you develop to implement your heart resources?
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10 Days of Prayers During COVID-19


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