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Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life - Our New Name


Alive and Active Life Our New Name!

We are excited to announce our name change! Intentional Living is now Alive and Active Life! You will notice changes on our website to reflect the new name. As we have been re-branding this past year, it’s been a process of new vision, excitement, challenge, and hard work. God started preparing our hearts last year about a name change. For half a year, there has been much prayer and exploration. Now He has laid a new path in front of our faith, and we are eager to see what God has planned. But – I want to tell you more about this change. I think you will find it interesting.

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What’s In A Name?

What is in a name? People research names and their meanings as they consider what to call their new baby – sometimes keeping the name secret till the birth. Often a woman willingly drops one name to pick up another name upon marriage. Executives ponder what to call their business, building, or products, identifying their brand by their purpose. Names bring a “taste” of what is being described or offered.

This is important. God intended a name to be meaningful. Every person, organization, and ministry should ask what’s in their name. What does it mean and communicate? After all, a name has power to define you. The old saying, “live up to your name” is an invitation to aspire to.

Why A New Name For Us?

As Intentional Living, we’ve brought encouragement, resources, and tools we develop to Jesus followers. We want to help you be intentional about your faith in God. Our strong launch pad has always been God’s Word. Everything we do and say flows from principles in Scripture and is aimed your direction for the boost you need as a person of faith, living in difficult times. We want you to succeed in your relationship with Jesus Christ. And we sincerely want you to live an intentional life of purpose and meaning. In other words, it is our desire for you to have an Alive and Active Life.

So, let’s get to the point of how our new name, Alive and Active Life, refines our focus. Since every resource and tool we develop – books, e-books, audio files, articles, podcasts, shareable images, pamphlets, courses – starts in principles of Scripture, our new name narrows our purpose to help you literally live inside this place where God’s life and power are contained. Scripture is “God on paper.” It’s the powerhouse for your life. The name Alive and Active Life is very intentional. Where does this name come from? The answer: Scripture.

What Does God Think About Alive and Active Life?

Heb. 4:12 says, “For the Word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”


God’s Word is the power center where you discover the meaning of your name and life. It’s your secret plan, your pivot point, your launch site, and your stable anchor. Scripture literally sets a path in front of you so you can “live forward.” It holds your hand as you walk beside Jesus. And Scripture guards your back. I think God really likes the idea of YOU having an Alive and Active Life fashioned after His Alive and Active Word.

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What Have We Learned By Serving You?

Here are seven things God has taught us as we have served you and as He has given us a new name:

  1. Things don’t stay the same. Life is always shifting and demands that we shift in response. Although this can feel uncomfortable and even threatening, this shifting reality requires us to be flexible every day. Shifting opens doors that would never otherwise open. To quote a friend – “change forces [us] to make . . . choices . . . Those choices . . . turn out to be good decisions and impact [our] future in positive ways [we] would not have experienced otherwise. (Thanks, Ron! This was exceptional insight!)
  2. God wants us to let Him lead, even when we can’t see more than a short distance. Sometimes we can’t see anything yet. God’s very Alive and Active Word literally pierces through ahead of you to create a life path in front of you. You follow in its wake.
  3. We are not our own master, despite what popular thought claims. We are “bought with a price.” This means we have a Lord who deserves priority focus in every life detail.
  4. God wants us to trust His love. His lordship is kind, generous, good, creative, compassionate.
  5. There is nothing more important to God in our personal development than our growth in faith.
  6. If we are to live fully alive and active despite what life hands out, we must comb through the one document on the globe that helps us do that. Scripture! Don’t you think? Let me just say – This takes buy-in.
  7. Courage. Moving forward without all the pieces in place or before getting answers – that takes courage. Obeying is the next step. And waiting. Listening for God’s voice. Intentionally “living forward” into God’s lead. Grabbing hold of an Alive and Active Life!


What Is God Saying to You About Your Name?

Now – let’s talk about you! God gives you a new name, known only to Him. (Is. 62:2; Rev. 2:17; 3:12) But He wants you to learn about who He created you to be and about your name. He doesn’t always tell you this name because He wants to teach it to you as you live. He treasures you and your name in His heart. You find out more about that name – and how to live up to it – by drawing closer to Jesus every day.

God designed your life and personality for Himself. This is a love statement, not a control scenario. The Lord loves you dearly. Consider this. Everything in creation, Jesus simply “spoke” into existence – except you. For you, He got into the earth with His own hands and formed you – for Himself – in His image – with a passionate heartbeat for you. God created you: His own child, His friend, His Bride. Then He spoke on your behalf in the form of His Word, a love letter for your life. It’s also a guide and instruction manual. God has a unique purpose for you to be alive and active! He wants you to live intentionally!


Application Thoughts and Questions

What does your name mean? Are you living up to your name? What “new name” could God be pressing into your life? Have you explored new things that give you clues about your new name? Why not make your life mission to have an Alive and Active Life as you live up to your new name?

How can our new name help you as you explore your new name from God?

  1. Follow us! Our purpose is to help you in every way we can.
  2. Check out our Resources and Tools. They were designed for you!
  3. Sign up on our email list for weekly encouragement – the boost that you need.


Just as Easter reminds us Jesus is Alive and Active in our world today, so our website is designed to help you live an Alive and Active Life! Why not develop your own personal Alive and Active Life Tool-Box filled with resources and tools that you need to help you live intentionally?

“Get fit. Be Alive and Active. To stay healthy – be committed. A non-static lifestyle helps you meet all of life’s challenges and opportunities. In Christ, an Alive and Active Life incorporates being intentional in purpose with a goal in mind, for mind, body, and spirit.” (Thank you, Angela, for this incredible statement when you heard of our name change!)



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