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Alive and Active Life inspires and equips Jesus followers to live in power, passion, and purpose by applying God’s Word in practical ways each day.

Be doers of the Word, and not hearers only.

James 1:22

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Brenda is the Founder and Director of Intentional Living. She is an author, blogger, and counselor in Marriage, Family, and Individual Therapy. For over 30 years, she has been helping sincere believers in Jesus apply Scripture in effective ways that enable growth and empower meaningful, daily living…

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Why Don’t I Change?

Someone once told me being a follower of Jesus is exclusive of behaviors, and it’s only about God’s love and their heart. “Behaviorism” is a term that was used. I’ve prayerfully and extensively thought about this perspective. God has blessed this pensive exploration with some interesting ideas. It has to do with “why don’t I change?”

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The Magic Of Being Alive And Active

It’s challenging to be alive and active each day. Global situations bring concerns, fears, and insecurities. Losses and deep disappointments get in the way of living free. This world is writhing with threats against peace. Even so, you can discover the magic of being alive and active.

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What’s In Your Hand?

God always has a plan that includes the entire world. Without question, it also includes you! His big picture plan for the world and His individual plan for your life come together when we ask a question – “What’s in your hand?”

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True Story of Faith

  Today’s content is an inspiring, modern-day testimony of ordinary folks like you and me. It shows that responses to disappointments and unknowns in life can be a true story of faith. While struggling to find good answers, hoping for best outcomes, accepting developments that alter one’s path – faith still matters and steadies your steps. (This is Part 7, the final article, in a series on faith. See below for the entire Faith Series articles/podcasts links.)

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Who Can You Trust These Days?

Have you noticed people don’t easily trust these days? On the other hand, I’ve noticed sometimes people trust too quickly or naively. There are times, if we are deep-down honest, we can’t even fully trust ourselves. We know our perspective may be skewed, our character isn’t always noble, and our judgment can be flawed. So, who can you trust these days, especially with increasing global uncertainty? (This is Part 6 in a series on faith. See below for the entire Faith Series articles/podcasts links.)

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Faith And Family

There are two concepts people all over the world cling to: Faith and Family. These ideas mean different things to each person. Yet they are a bedrock for people of any culture. Interestingly, the ideas of Faith and Family are interwoven, and it all starts in the heart of God. (This is Part 5 in a series on faith. See below for the entire Faith Series articles/podcasts links.)

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