Do you have a problem comparing yourself to others? Most people do. Why do we do this? It’s such a global thing.

Why Do People Compare?

Comparing yourself to someone else is a loaded issue. If you do poorly in the comparison, you lose. Insecurity wins. If you do well, they lose. Pride wins. You may feel you have to compete, and then fear wins. It could be you mentally assess to make all parties equal. Yet, then the sharpening of excellence can be compromised, and your uniqueness is lost. Commending yourself (like boasting) diminishes your credibility. Comparing is a no-win scenario.

Insecurity, pride, fear, ingratitude, and lack of contentment all lurk in corners where comparing hangs out. And it’s a global pandemic! Everybody is doing it! Keeping up with what everybody is doing is not always a good choice. This world needs individuals to be themselves with joy – no matter what others are doing.

Comparing gives power to all those above guys that hide in the dark corners of your soul – insecurity, pride, fear, ingratitude, and lack of contentment. Those evil guys compete with the good guys: courage, humility, confidence, gratitude, and peace. Who do you listen to most? The good guys or the bad guys?

Comparing diminishes a much-needed spirit of partnership, discovery, cutting-edge technology, development, and research, solving problems that plague the human family. We are created to sharpen one another, spur each other on to greater things, encourage the best in one another’s uniqueness, expressing thankfulness for each person’s design and contributions.

Why not step out of the comparing trend? It’s over-rated, really. Be one of the forward-thinking risk-takers who sets new trends. Forge into territory God has designed for you. He has commended you already for special work on this globe. But you won’t engage it by comparing yourself to others. You need the differences of others, and others need your uniqueness. Why not be you?

The Human Design

The human design has been created to classify, compare, commend, measure, categorize, and systematize. The purpose is to help manage the earth and its resources, and to make life better for all people. This design is best employed by connecting spheres of influence to greatly expand God’s original principles. Partnership brings out the best in people. Comparing drops off dramatically as people pool skills, knowledge, experience, research, tools, resources, and teamwork for the blessing of all humanity.

Cures to diseases that threatened former generations, discoveries and innovations that make life easier and provide basic needs, training and education for under-privileged pockets of people. Machines, devices, medicines, and technology can link the globe in progress. This results when people build together.

The Church of Jesus

The Church of Jesus Christ is supposed to be engaging such tactics to impact the world on a global scale. These blessings should be made available to everyone through the efforts of Christians. What are you doing to help this effort? If believers would build together more effectively, not only would human needs be met. The Kingdom of God would expand. The message of forgiveness and salvation would have global impact. People would discover renewed purpose and hope. Humanity would be given the opportunity to once again connect intimately with the God who loves each individual.

Instead – people compare. Even churches compare.

You have unique and special skills, interests, passions, and expertise. How can you continue to develop and employ your God-given field for His global agenda? Maybe skip the part about commending yourself and go with the commendation God has already given you. Might be better to stop comparing in ways that pull down. Challenge yourself to aim higher, sharpen your skills, focus on problem-solving. Team up – for the fame of Jesus Christ.

If you are engaged in promoting Jesus wherever you are placed on the globe, you have something to boast about. It’s your opportunity. Your platform. Your tribe. Why not engage your skill sets and partner to promote God’s agenda? Boast about Jesus. He is the only One who keeps every promise globally and to each person.

One Valuable Kind of Comparing

There is one comparison that has value: measuring your life to God’s Word. You never lose because Christ paid for all shortages. You always win because Christ has filled your bank reserves with power and resources through His promises. God loves deeply, rescues, invests, saves, provides, and protects. He helps you measure your life to Scripture and give your best. Courage, humility, confidence, gratitude, and peace, the good guys, hang out on the pages of Scripture – and they are reaching for your hand.

Have you compared your life to standards in God’s Word today? What will you do to eliminate unhealthy comparing from your life? How can you partner to affect the global community in positive ways?

Article developed from 2 Cor. 10:12-18.


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