Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
Dot To Dot

Have you ever done one of those dot to dot pictures? You know, the ones where you take a pencil and connect all the dots in numerical order? When you are done connecting all the dots, you see a picture you created. It’s always a fun surprise to view the final image. This is an important consideration going into each new year. What dots will you be connecting this next year? What picture will you create?

Dot To Dot

Dot to dot is a fun activity, especially for kids. But, dots connect a lot more than numbered dots on a page. Life dot to dot forms a fascinating picture – really, a movie of your life. This kind of connect exercise involves every moment, projecting forward and backwards, to reveal portions of your life picture. But since your story is unfinished, your dot to dot is an in-process virtual life story.

Now I have a question for you. How long do you plan to live? 85? 96? Maybe you are aiming for 100 – or more! But have you considered the line that joins all your dots? When a person figures out how to live for the line, not the dot, they keep their life purpose in view because they see a bigger picture. They triage their dots strategically, deciding if every dot is critical to connect to. They also consider how and in what order to connect available dots. Real life doesn’t nicely number your dots. You have to make decisions. And this is where you need God’s help.

How is your life dot to dot turning out? Are you pleased with your picture so far? Is your virtual story – your “real motion picture” – something you are satisfied with?

When looking back, most people wish some dots could have been connected differently.  Still, it’s good to review where you’ve been to better navigate which dots to connect in the future. Some dots are irrelevant to the picture God has in mind for you. So, maybe another question is – are you consulting God about connecting the dots of your life?

A Year Is A Line That Joins Dots

Having a pensive approach to your life for another year helps you navigate the unknown. It also gives you insight to connect dots in your unfinished, future picture. Your life is a line, not just a dot. However, a line is a very long collection of dots together. So each dot matters as it helps determine your line and life picture. It only takes two dots to establish a line, so carefully choose each next dot. Why not make the most of every “dot” – every moment, hour, and day.

Segments you connect by dots in your line are choices you make in these space of time:

  • Seasons
  • Months
  • Weeks
  • Days
  • Minutes
  • Seconds/moments.



We just slipped from one year into another. The end of one year morphs into a new one by the simple passing of time. Days slip by all year, but when the passing of days ends one thing and begins another, it is noteworthy.

You are living between 2 dots right now. How will you connect them? That’s a significant decision.




Be thoughtful about 7 things:
  1. Go into the New Year . . . not with resolutions, but rather with resolve. Connect your dots well this year.
  2. Make a “life response” to Jesus. Dedicate yourself to God’s purposes. This will shape this next year, and your dots will show His line in your life story.
  3. Implement the concept of “your right hand.” Your right hand symbolizes your abilities, strengths, and power. God promises to put His right hand on your right hand, giving you the protection and resources you lack on your own – so you can live well all year. Picture God putting His right hand on yours. This is your best strategy as you leap from dot to dot. (Read Is. 41: 9-11 and 13-14 about the right hand.)
  4. Keep identifying your life purpose and design. As you learn, live your special, one-and-only life with passion. Enjoy each dot that extends more of your line.
  5. Your Prince, the Baby Jesus, promises to bring 2 “P’s” into every day: peace and power. (A prince is someone who is the leading figure in something. Jesus is the leading figure – an expert in peace and power.) Ask Jesus to make His peace and power 2 stabilizing dots in your line.
  6. The title “Extraordinary Strategist” describes God. He is able to do anything and has no limits. Stay hidden with Christ in God by faith, alone. (Col. 3:3) God strategically helps you connect your dots.
  7. The entire year gives only 365 short strokes. You often do many more than 365 steps in a day. With 365 dots this next year, live them intentionally, with passion, with purpose.


Infinite Dots

A line is a progression of an infinite number of dots. Side by side, those dots form your life. Yes, live for the line, not the dots. But without the dots, you have no line! The only way to have an intentional line is to have intentional dots. Live each dot with purpose – with fullness and passion under the guidance of Jesus.

God wants to bless you as you resolve to live a life that honors Jesus Christ. He will lead you through every issue you encounter in this new year. He has promised to provide everything you need to live well. 2 Pet. 1:3-4 says, His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness. Through these He has given us His very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the Divine Nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.”

You can have a godly dot to dot life. Why not work to know God better this year? He has so much He wants to share with you, starting with His “very great and precious promises!” Did you notice those word He chose to describe His gifts, His promises? “Very great and precious!” I love that!

And did you notice in that verse from 2 Peter that you can “participate in the Divine Nature?” God invites you into this adventure of knowing Him, becoming familiar with His very essence! What an incredible privilege.

Let God help you with your life dot to dot. Turn to Him for wisdom and power to connect your dots.

Application Thoughts And Questions

You can see the opportunity and adventure in front of you. So many possibilities, and you can create a beautiful virtual life story that honors God. Why not let your life turn others’ eyes to Jesus?

Stubbornness isn’t wrong IF you get stubborn about things that matter forever:

  • Determine to trust God.
  • Resolve to obey Him.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Stretch yourself to become all He created you to be (tapping into your potential).
  • Hope in Jesus and His promises.
  • Share His very nature – like friends should.


What is standing in the way, keeping you from connecting dots that will project your line forward into God’s goodness? You can change those things. God will help you – if you ask Him. Why not ask Him to open your eyes, to train you in His ways, and to give you power to make changes.

You see, God is faithful. He is in the habit of connecting dots in the most spectacular manner – from the beginning of time of creation – all the way through to your precious line of life. Your life story means a lot to God. And there is nothing better, nothing more comforting, than having a wise, loving, and strong Companion to journey with you from dot to dot.


You can do this! Partner With God! Live an Alive and Active Life!


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