I Am “They”

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I Am "They"

Many people feel invisible today. Some work hard and long to do the right thing – often behind-the-scenes – not for recognition or glory, but because it must be done. As a result, many folks with noble commitment go unnoticed. You’ve likely felt invisible in your hard work, faithfully doing what God asks each day. And “they” don’t seem to notice. But God notices. In fact, He says – “I Am They.”

I Am “They

What does “I Am They” mean? It’s an odd expression I found in an interview recently and thought it accurately represents support for invisible people. Let’s look.

Think about a time you’ve identified priorities and gone after what needed to be done. Still, as you were doing that special thing (which sometimes took years, even decades) there was an empty feeling . . . like your life had no visible purpose, even though you knew you did. Perhaps you even wondered why you were throwing your best at a situation that seemed unmeasurable, even though you knew it mattered.

It’s Tempting To Wonder

So, we’ve stated – even when you do the right thing for the right reasons for a long time, when no one else seems to see or care, it’s tempting to wonder if your efforts matter. You wonder if “they” simply don’t care.

When you are tempted to wonder that, Jesus says something important. “Look at Me. Hear Me. You feel invisible – like “they” don’t care about your message and work on My behalf. But – I Am they.” * (A. Stanley)

Jesus speaks into your every scenario to assure you He sees. It matters to Him. Because you are being faithful to what He’s put before you and in your heart, you are accomplishing purposes greater than what’s visible this moment. You are partnering with God as He quietly – invisibly – does His faithful work.

Subsequently, consider God. He moves in hearts, helps needy people, provides resources, heals and encourages, and even convicts of wrong-doing. He performs daily miracles most people have no eyes to see.

What Else Does Jesus Say?

I’d like to take liberties to imagine what else Jesus says. If you are faithfully obeying and carrying out practical actions that seem invisible to others – things “they” don’t see – hear His amazing heart –

“I see what you are doing on My behalf. Your efforts and energy are a sweet aroma to Me, a treasured, ‘poured-out offering.’ And I thank you for loving Me so much by tirelessly, creatively sharing My message with people in your world. No one cares more about what you are doing than Me.”

Jesus is saying – “I Am They.” I see. I hear. And I care about your efforts with deep gratitude.”

I Am They = partners: Jesus and you.

Live For “I Am They

I often ask myself questions. Here’s one I ask more often. Who are you living for? Perhaps it’s for family, community, or dear friends. Incidentally, you may be providing kindness, provisions, or ministries that don’t get on anyone’s radar . . . except God’s.

So, questions I often ask start with these words:  who, what, when, where, why, and how. These are excellent measuring tools. Here are some “made-up” examples:

  • Who should you focus efforts on?
  • What difference, specifically, is your time and passion making in other lives?
  • When is the right time to quit this high-energy commitment?
  • Where should you loosen your approach or tighten your focus?
  • Why do you keep doing this daily?
  • How can you more effectively accomplish your purpose and please God?


There are many more good questions to ask yourself.

Audience Of One (Who Says) “I Am They

Here’s another question. Whose head do you want to turn by your efforts?

Because God –

  1. made everything,
  2. made you,
  3. has a good plan,
  4. knows what’s going to happen, and
  5. knows how to get you fully into your purpose . . .


. . . you have at least some responsibility to turn God’s head by your efforts. I suppose best answers to questions come from God’s Word. Still, God’s answers may not be exactly what you are looking for – but, really? THEY STILL COUNT! And they’re pretty decent answers.

Let’s look at each of the phrases we just mentioned, using God’s Word for context and perspective.

1. God Made Everything

Acts 7:50 says, “Has not My hand made all these things?”

Jn. 1:3 says, “Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made.”

Since God made all things, He carries responsibility to oversee and manage things. Interestingly, however, He also made people with free will. It’s incredible how God keeps His every word and timing – while all individuals also carry out their own free will (often not in cooperation with God). Yet, God confidently has everything on His radar.

Even with sin, war, rebellion, sarcasm, and smart-aleck attitudes back to God – He still loves each individual deeply. God is never surprised by anything. Amazingly, He has it all in-hand, including messes people make across the earth. I could never manage all that, and neither could you.

So, for any person who points a finger at God, first ask how you would accomplish what needs to be done in His place – everywhere. All at the same time. He’s doing that even if you don’t see. So often, God is invisible to men’s eyes. They just don’t see who He is and what He’s doing.

In this capacity, would you say of yourself – “I Am They?” I DO see what He’s doing?

2. God Made You

Jer. 1:5 says, ““Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart . . .”

Read that Scripture again. Ponder it. As it lands, ponder –

  • God had you in His mind and heart before you even entered your mother’s womb.
  • God knew you then – and knows you now!
  • You are precious to God. So very special!


God is for you. Even while others are against you. In that case, He clearly says, “I Am Not They.” I Am for you.

3. He Has A Good Plan

Jer. 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

God cuts right to the chase.

  1. He knows you.
  2. And He knows the plans He has for you.
  3. God desires that you prosper in life.
  4. There’s no way God wants to harm you.
  5. His plans include hope and a future for you!


Has anyone ever cared this deeply and intimately for you? God does. You may have wanted others to care more for you, but “they” didn’t. Nevertheless, God does. He says, “I Am They.”

4. God Knows What’s Going To Happen

Since God knows everything, He also knows what’s going to happen – to the detail and the minute.

Do you remember the phrase often used in Scripture when a specific thing is supposed to happen. “When the time had come.” (Sometimes – “When it was time.”)

Conclusively, God is so involved in human events – in your life events – He knows the timing of all things. He knows when you’re born, when you do superbly, when you suffer, when you choose to disobey, and when your heart bursts with joy. And He commits Himself to walk closely with you to help in each scenario, as well as to share heart-to-heart with you as you encounter each event.

Subsequently, you can say . . . Even in all events of my life, God says, “I Am They.”

5. God Knows How To Get You Fully Into Your Purpose

God knows how to get you fully into your purpose. He made you and designed your purpose. So, each individual needs to choose how to respond back to God.

So many competitors fight for allegiance of the human heart. Sometimes, you may feel torn. Even good things can compete for your heart – like family, friends, church, providing a living, and ministry. Believe it or not, even incorrect use of Scripture can compete for the human heart. Here’s an interesting quote from the interview I mentioned earlier.

“We have married people to the Bible. We have not married people to following Jesus . . . “ (A. Stanley)

So, wow! We are back to something I’ve shared repeatedly in previous articles. Jesus needs to be your First, Most, Best, and Only! This is critical. It’s a game-changer.

God will get you where He wants you. Trust and obey Him. Follow Jesus.

Application Thoughts And Questions

  1. Do you wonder if God cares enough to be significantly involved in your life?
  2. Who are “they” in your life?
  3. Do you believe Jesus says, “I Am They for you?
  4. Do you believe God made everything, including you?
  5. And do you believe He has a good plan and knows what will happen?
  6. Will you trust Him to get you fully into your purpose?


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* Andy Stanley – May 11, 2022: Video Interview.

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