It’s Your Choice

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Alive and Active Life
It's Your Choice

Do you ever get tired of making choices? You make them all day long! If you had to keep track of all your choices, you’d have thousands to track. God gave choice to each individual. Yet choice also brings significant responsibility to make informed, good decisions.  Because choices can be overwhelming sometimes, you need support and assistance. Still, at the end of the day, it’s your choice. What will you do?

It’s Your Choice

“Choice” is an interesting word. Everyone seems to enjoy the ability to choose. Mostly, we think of the freedom to decide something. But it’s also a power and an opportunity. This content explores these three ideas surrounding choice.

To make a good choice, you look at options, gather information, then make a selection. Whether that be where to go on vacation, what to wear a certain day, what meals to make, what time to get up each day, where to shop, how to spend your free time, what career to pursue, how to vote – just to name a few.

Choice can reveal part of your personal uniqueness, too. Here are some examples:

  • Would you rather go for a walk – or get on exercise machines?
  • Watch a movie – or read a book?
  • How will you arrange your home, room, or desk?
  • Would you choose to speak at an event – or just attend?
  • Is your preference being in a crowd with lights and sound – or spending a quiet evening at home?
  • Do you like sunsets – or sunrises better?
  • Bold colors – or pastel?
  • A conversation with a friend about a topic – or contemplating the topic in your own mind?


Besides giving others a “peek” into your uniqueness, there are millions of “small personal choices” you make without thinking. Here are some examples:

  • Do you insist the toilet paper comes over the top of the roll – or hangs down the back from the bottom of the roll?
  • Is music best quiet-in-the-background – or LOUD?
  • Burgers – or pizza; pop – or water?
  • Do you like shirts folded in half – or in thirds?
  • Would you rather take a nap – or call a friend?
  • A night light – or dark when you sleep at night?
  • Do you like jelly beans – or chocolate?
  • Reading the news – or listening to it?
  • Grass cut short – or long?


So, you have freedom to make so many choices to express your unique person!

Two More Kinds Of Choice

So far, we’ve explored the freedom in our content. However, the word, “choice,” also means – “you have options.” As you select what you think is best, you solve your problem or address a need. To look at alternatives and pick one that seems best suited for a situation, an event, a relationship, or a responsibility – gives you power to make a difference. When you run out of options, you run out of power. Then, you simply hope for a “miracle,” or accept what happens outside your choice.

Choice can also mean “excellent, superior, top-notch, of highest caliber” – the very best you have. To know you have opportunity to bring excellence into a situation enables you to be a pioneer of good things. Some people learn how to turn “regular” into “top-notch.” This means they have explored and found more, better choices to optimize their influence in a situation.

Your Choice Matters

What if we were to weave all three of these meanings together? Freedom. Power. Opportunity. Afterall, Scripture says, ” A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” (Eccl. 4:12)

These three ideas can be woven into a helpful cord to run through your life when it’s your choice.

God wants your life to make a difference. So, that also means – your choice matters! People through history have made choices that brought much good. Of course, many have also made choices that brought much evil. Yet, thankfully, enough made choices (often rather difficult) that made life better for others, for the world, and for themselves.

Often choices are unrecorded, so they are anonymous. Still, choices make a difference. Some become famous for their choices – good or bad.

The point remains – making a choice for the right reasons makes a difference. Therefore, every person can make life a bit better by using their freedom, power, and opportunities. God sees every small thing, and He will reward every good choice you make.


  1. A pause helps evaluate the landscape of your decision.
  2. Further, it reveals there may be options you haven’t thought of previously.
  3. Also, a pause may alert you to the dangers or negative impacts of a choice.
  4. And finally, a pause lets you evaluate what you are about to do – and why!


A pause makes a difference. Let’s explore the above four points.


Evaluate The Landscape

To simply launch into a direction when it’s your choice is uninformed, at best,- and reckless, at worst. Yet, we’ve all done this at some point. So, it’s wise to learn how to evaluate the landscape around your choice. What is actually needed is more important than what will make you feel good or make something go away. This valuable gem is learned in a pause as you look at the whole scenario impacting your decision.

After evaluating the landscape, some of the most difficult decisions must be made. Often it’s for the best of the majority or another person. And sometimes it’s for the best of YOU! God will give you wisdom as you evaluate the landscape when it’s your choice.

Options You Haven’t Thought Of Previously

When you take time to pensively consider all the options, you often discover an option you haven’t thought of previously. This ability to see further down the road is learned in a pensive pause.

Consequently, it’s often these kinds of options that change the very trajectory of a situation. And often a change of direction is needed. Thinking new thoughts while developing and applying fresh approaches brings so much hope to life. God will give you wisdom as you entertain options you haven’t thought of previously when it’s your choice.

Alert To Dangers Or Negative Impacts

Only when you pause do you become alert to dangers or negative impacts hiding in the shadows of a decision. When it’s your choice, you need to be aware of what you can’t always see. I suggest prayer is critical to avoid pitfalls.

Even when you become an experienced decision-maker, the dangers and negative impacts tend to be like hidden explosive mines placed where you least expect it. So, it’s critical to trust God’s Spirit. God will give you wisdom as you work to grow increasingly alert to dangers or negative impacts when it’s your choice.

Evaluate What You Are About To Do – And Why

Unfortunately, too many people don’t stop long enough in the busy-ness and demands of life to evaluate what they are about to do. And even fewer pensively consider why they do something! But as any good thinker will tell you – it’s critical to know the “what” and “why.” So, always explore the “what” and “why.”

Subsequently, as you consider what you are about to do, you can side-step mistakes or even a simple mis-step. That’s part of being a wise person. And the person who knows “why” they are doing something good has power that comes from God, who is good. Mk. 10:18 and Lk. 18:19 both say, “Why do you call Me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good—except God alone.”

So, teaming-up with the Lord about “why” provides exceptional understanding! God will give you wisdom as you evaluate what you are about to do – and why – when it’s your choice.

The Joy Of Choice

When you experience the freedom, power, and opportunity of making good choices, you notice a certain joy rising in your heart. And you also sense – even when stakes are high – you feel more comfortable when it’s your choice. Did you notice those two terms? Comfort and Joy! What a lovely development! The Scriptures say, “I will turn their mourning into gladness. I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.” (Jer. 31:13)

Incidentally, Jer. 31:3 says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” So, even as you face all kinds of challenges when it’s your choice, you can have joy. You’re not alone! God loves you and wants to help.

Application Thoughts And Questions

  1. When it’s your choice, do you remember God loves you and wants to help?
  2. Have you been approaching your decisions with freedom, power, and opportunity?
  3. Do you take time to evaluate the landscape?
  4. Are you open to options you haven’t thought of previously?
  5. Are you alert to dangers or negative impacts?
  6. Do you pause to evaluate what you are about to do – and why?
  7. Have you discovered comfort and joy when it’s your choice?


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