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Faith And Family

There are two concepts people all over the world cling to: Faith and Family. These ideas mean different things to each person. Yet they are a bedrock for people of any culture. Interestingly, the ideas of Faith and Family are interwoven, and it all starts in the heart of God.

(This is Part 5 in a series on faith. See below for the entire Faith Series articles/podcasts links.)

Faith And Family

There are two basic ideas under faith and family. Let’s start with them.

1. “Belonging” is one of the greatest human needs God created. To meet this need, He created family. Belonging is part of His original design – a key for every person: single, married, divorced, adult, child, prodigal, famous, not-so-famous, royalty, ordinary, rich, poor. “God sets the lonely in families.” (Ps. 68:6) 

2. “Belief” is another part of God’s original design and is deeply rooted in each individual. God created humanity to function by faith. This goes beyond intellect, feelings, discovery, and perception. Belief is a dare to jump into open skies of God’s grace and mysteries – like a paratrooper (See Faith Jump).

So there you have it. God designed humanity for both faith and family.

First Things First

I think we need to look at first things first. We’ve said God created faith and family.

What if you are a person who has struggled deeply with faith? Perhaps doubts have plagued your faith decisions.

What if you don’t enjoy the blessing of a family? Maybe you have a dysfunctional family. Death may have robbed you. Some cultures have a sad label for non-compliant individuals: outcast.

In this broken world, “first things first” means this: God made you for Himself. He loves you deeply. You have eternal value simply because He says so. No matter how you’ve struggled with faith, no matter what your family losses – God’s love for you is forever!

And there’s more. God not only forgives and provides a way to live forever. He gave an invitation into His family. This takes a step of faith.

Royal Family

People around the world have an interest in Royal Families of various countries. I suppose it’s a blending of history and current culture of that country. The strength, glory, and finery of these royals are a nod to the kind of lives all people were created to have. Guess what! This is also a nod to our future in Heaven.

God’s Royal Family

Since it’s impossible for fallen people to connect with holy God, He sent Jesus to be our Brother and to set things right at His cross. 1 Jn. 3:1 calls anyone who believes on Jesus “children of God.” Ps. 68:5 says God is a “Father to the fatherless and a Defender of widows . . . “ Those Scriptures (and many more) address “belonging.” 

Heb. 12:2 says, ” . . . fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Pioneer and Perfecter of faith.” That addresses “belief.” It was so important that Jesus went first and did it perfectly.

So, if you have faith in Jesus, He is your Brother. You also share His Father – your dad – a King! This is where the blend of faith and family nests in God’s heart. It’s not an accident God uses family terms.

You may not have a family. Perhaps you have an unhealthy family. If you’ve trusted Jesus for salvation, you are part of God’s Royal Family by faith – with perks and privileges as God’s heir. You also have royal responsibilities and influence. Let’s look at these 4 concepts.

Perks and Privileges

As a member of God’s Royal Family, here are some of your perks and privileges:

  1. You are adopted into God’s family forever.
  2. Jesus is your big Brother, Redeemer, best Friend.
  3. You have a Father! A wonderful Dad.
  4. You can live free from the guilt and bondage of sin.
  5. With unlimited access to God’s promises, you have God’s “yes” – if you claim them by faith. (2 Cor. 1:20)
  6. Eternal life starts now. Death can’t threaten your eternal existence, even when it stares you in the face!
  7. You have influence over people who need Jesus.
  8. Your prayers get heard and answered as you turn to your Father in faith.
  9. Scripture says you have a certain influence in the timing of Jesus’ return. (2 Pet. 3:12)


Royal Responsibilities And Influence

Being in God’s Royal Family means you join Jesus in His responsibilities and influence. Here’s what He does – and how you can follow His example each day.

  • He is your Intervener. You can begin now to intervene for others.
  • He Infuses you with power. He promised. Why not help others plug into God and be infused with His power?
  • Jesus Invites you into God’s wisdom and love. You can also invite individuals into His family and love.
  • He is Intercessor. He prays for you. You can intercede for others’ needs.
  • He is faithful in all His roles. Why not determine to be faithful back to the Lord and to others?


Family Member – Living Stone

Christ holds all things together – including your life, His royal family, and all things of faith .

1 Pet. 2:5 says you are a “living stone” in the house of God’s royal family. You could say – “you are the house” joined with believers all over the world. It’s a “living house.”

As a “living stone,” you have blueprint plans and design diagrams given to you in God’s Word. As you train in His principles, God transforms you. So, He works. You work. It’s a partnership.

God’s Plan

Let’s drill down into God’s ingenious plan. When the time was right, He slipped into the human race in a manger one dark night. The God-Man: Jesus. Very much like a super hero. But also very regular – like you and me.

The Lamb slain from the creation of the world, came to meet the needs of belief and belonging through faith and family. (Rev. 13:8)

Why would He do that?

Well – you needed a family. You also needed an Anchor for this challenging life – a strong faith in a strong God. This plan was put into motion when a baby was born – into a family!

How did we say it before? God loves you deeply. You have value because He says so.

How The God-Man Carried Out God’s Plan

So, we have a human Savior who carried out God’s plan through the cross . . . and then did something so rich. Jesus totally stood up for you before God the Father. Here’s how that happened:

Jesus entered the real temple in the invisible realm. He walked into the inner sanctuary, went right up to the altar boldly. Like the high priests of the Old Testament, He was carrying a blood sacrifice – His own life blood – the traditional sacrifice for God’s people. The blood of a perfect Lamb (capital “L”) was offered on the holy, sacred altar.

In essence, Jesus was saying, “Father – it is finished! This takes care of the sin problem. I paid the ransom for My brothers and sisters. Please cancel the debt against them. Our children are free again to come back into faith and our family. This was a productive day! Now, for each one who believes on Me for forgiveness and eternal life – cover them with My blood. Make them holy.”

Check out Heb. 9 to see this really happened.

No matter who you are or what you’ve done, Jesus is not ashamed to be identified with you. He will remain human forever as Emmanuel – “God With Us.” Remember that when you feel lonely.

Faith And Family Changes You

When you engage faith in God and take your place in His family, good things happen:

  1. You begin to know Father’s heart more.
  2. Things happen (in you and others) that couldn’t before.
  3. God’s promises are fulfilled, often in ways that look differently than you pictured.
  4. You see strength in weakness. Help in trouble. Comfort in sorrow. Direction in confusion.
  5. Your life comes alive as you become who you were created to be.
  6. Your situation may or may not change. But when you surrender to God completely, He does one more thing . . .
  7. He will amaze you with surprises and blessings as you life by faith. Here are some examples:
    • Pure motives.
    • Peace that passes understanding.
    • Joy that bubbles over.
    • Intimacy with God.
    • Integrity you and others can trust.
    • Christ-like character and responses.
    • Specific surprises and blessings unique to your individual life.


Application: Your Response to Faith and Family:

God really wants you in His family. He really wants you to live by faith.

  1. Do you want to be identified as a member of God’s family?
  2. Do you live by faith each day in the details of your issues?
  3. If you haven’t already, why not confess your sins and invite Jesus to be your Savior and Lord?


Faith Series

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