The pace is faster than ever. Expectations on individuals, families, businesses, and communities are intense. Time and energy are in great demand. People are spread thin like a frayed cord and they lack –

  • Focus
  • Balance
  • Direction

Fluid, confusing roles and responsibilities often feed into –

  • Ineffective individuals
  • Plummeting self-worth
  • Visits from discouragement
  • Mounting stress

More About Intentional Living - Water running through rocksYes – Measuring up. Staying on top of your game. Living the dream. It’s all intimidating. The effort to hold everything together becomes a drain never imagined. To make matters worse, life often unfolds in disappointing ways.

How tragic for a person to end up at the close of a life season, saying, “I never intended it to turn out like this.”

Life is hard! You need:

  • Perspective
  • Renewed hope
  • Priorities
  • Boundaries
  • Constructive relationships
  • Strategy
  • Creative ideas
  • Action steps
  • Goals and objectives
  • Practical resources
  • Encouragement
  • Fresh options
  • Time management
  • Solutions

These things help you live a healthy, balanced life and enable you to navigate life’s challenges and storms effectively. BUT – what a list! How can you tap into that list?

More About Intentional Living - Leaves and running waterIntentional Living can help. The above list is what I.L. uses to develop books, resources, tools, action steps, and help lists so you can connect to the power that gives you purpose and passion.

God loves you and wants you to be a balanced, healthy person in your career, your family, your personal responsibilities, even in your free time. This starts by knowing God better, which helps you know yourself better. With that knowledge, you begin to live with more purpose and passion in everything you do.

Intentional Living wants to help you have a close, daily relationship with God, putting His Word into action where the rubber meets the road of your life. “How can I be a better friend, spouse, parent, professional, believer? How can I live with more purpose and passion? I need power outside myself.”  The list above is totally within your reach if you partner with God.

You can become all God created you to be and accomplish all He has in mind for your life – if you choose Intentional Living.