Meet Brenda

Brenda is the Founder and Director of Alive and Active Life. As a trained Marriage / Family / Individual Counselor and skilled educator, she comes alongside to help you apply Scriptural principles in practical, creative ways so you can have an Alive and Active Life every day. 

Brenda’s many life experiences have included challenging growth seasons and adventure. She has also endured sufferings, losses, and trials. Her discovery? Jesus makes life deeply meaningful when you accept His invitation to live an Alive and Active Life.

Brenda develops, publishes, and circulates resources and tools that help you walk with God. All resources and tools – articles, books, e-books, podcasts, shareable images, courses, audio books, and specialized tools – have been designed prayerfully to help you navigate life’s challenges using God’s Word.


So What Exactly Does Brenda Do?

Because she knows how hard life can be and how precious time is, Brenda’s focus in her writing and resource development is to:

  • Come alongside to help you live successfully as a follower of Jesus Christ.
  • Bring encouragement, inspiration, and practical action steps to you every time you use one of our resources and tools.
  • Assist your application of God’s Word in practical, effective ways to daily life.
  • Affirm Scripture is “for real” and extremely relevant.
  • Bring comfort of Scripture into life’s sorrows.
  • Remind that God’s power is literally downloaded into Scripture, ready for you to “plug into.”


What Does Brenda Want?

Brenda wants you to grow in God’s grace and strength each day and know Him better. Scripture is Alive and Active! It is extremely current and very practical. Because of this, she invites you to Partner with God, and she is confident You Can Do This!

For herself, she says it like this: “Jesus, You are my First, my Best, and my Most!”

And she is always saying – “God loves you – so much!


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