Our Story: How it all began . . .

Our story began years ago. As a young mother, counselor, and educator, Brenda saw the “theory” of Scripture doesn’t necessarily change a person’s real-life experience. That bothered her. So, she began exploring what it means to live by God’s Word – for real.

She asked God lots of questions, and life became a learning curve. How does Scripture change your life? That was her personal launch question.


The Discovery

The power of Scripture is engaged by accepting the invitation to “Partner With God.” This happens after trusting Jesus for salvation and forgiveness of sins. A partnership with God happens when you decide to be a living sacrifice – living to please God above self.

The result? Incredible transformation! Instead of losing yourself, you find yourself! Jesus said, “. . . Whoever loses their life for My sake will find it.” (Mt. 10:38-40)

So the discovery is – you begin to figure out who you are in Christ.


Exercise Your Free Will

Instead of giving up your free will, it’s quite the opposite! The privilege of exercising your will in agreement with God forms the partnership that taps into the power of God.

This fresh, more accurate understanding of Scripture opens doors in every circumstance, even when life gets hard.

And then you realize You Can Do This! You can have an Alive and Active Life.

That’s how our story began. What about your story?


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