Alive and Active Life is a reservoir of inspiration and practical help for the Jesus follower who wants more in life …

You can do this

You want more in life, but don’t know how to get there. Let us be your hand to hold, a voice to encourage you, and a practical guide to take you farther on your journey with Jesus.

What Does God Say About an Alive and Active Life?

God wants you to have an alive and active life of purpose. That’s His original design.

God’s Word is alive and active. (Heb. 4:12) In Scripture are the tools, resources, and action steps you need. The principles are current, relevant, and practical.

You want an alive and active life. So, partner with God and His Word for direction, encouragement, and power.

Why Is Scripture So Important In Your Life?

Your time and energy are in great demand. Plus, you may be disappointed over losses, struggling to focus, feeling off-balance, or needing a sense of direction. Perhaps you feel alone. Holding everything together has become a drain you never imagined. You need help.

Jesus is The Living Word. Scripture is God’s written Word – like “Jesus on paper.” So, when you take Scripture into your life by faith, you take God’s life off the pages into your soul. It gives you power in several ways. First, knowing how to use God’s Word helps you manage your realities, responsibilities, and relationships. Second, Jesus said that everything will pass away – but His words will never pass away. (Mt.24:35; Mk.13:31; Lk.21:33)

That’s why Scripture is so important in your life. And – it works!

Alive and Active Life Wants to Help.

You can become all God created you to be and accomplish all He has in mind for your life – if you choose an Alive and Active Life. You can have wisdom, quality character, and a close, daily relationship with Jesus. Why not live inside HOPE by learning how to use God’s Word?

Your Personal "Alive and Active Life Toolbox"

Alive and Active Life offers you a personal toolbox. It contains books, e-books, articles, podcasts, shareable images, audio books, on-line courses, and specialized tools with personal development content. These tools enable you to live with purpose and passion. When you partner with God using these resources, you have action steps, how-to’s, and help lists. To say it another way –

Why not let Alive and Active Life be your life toolbox?

The Author's Heart...

Brenda is the Founder and Director of Alive and Active Life. With creative, practical insight, she unpacks principles from God’s Word to help you enjoy an Alive and Active Life each day in this difficult world.

Yes, You Can Do This! Partner With God!

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Have you noticed a lot of unrest all over the world recently? It’s sobering. And it affects people. Even folks who feel pretty stable are wondering – “What is going on these days?” There’s a complete lack of contentment, and people want to know how to respond to all this unrest. In a world of upheaval, what hope is there to regain a life of contentment? Jesus gives really great advice about contentment, and I think it’s super relevant right now.

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I bet your life is like mine. We are different as individuals, yet surely there are similarities! Let’s start here. Is your life ever filled with challenges and difficulties, losses and disappointments? Have you ever been pierced with tragedy? Have you experienced health issues? If you’ve lived several decades, you likely have more questions now than when you were younger, right? You might have had seasons of unexpected, undeserved poundings! Your sufferings may be from someone else’s terrible choices. So – what do you think? Any of this sound familiar? Is your life like mine?   Set The Pace For

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I love autumn colors! I wait for them every year. In fact, autumn is my favorite time of year (next to Christmas celebrations). Incredible displays of color, the crisp, magical feel in the air, the cheer that rises. Gorgeous skies. Backyard firepits, s’mores, and hotdogs. Pulling out the warm, cozy sweaters. Yet, even as I enjoy the splashes of color that cheer the world, and as I indulge in the entire experience, the colors remind me of something else. It’s something that helps me, but it’s also rather sobering. It challenges me, too. And it all has to do with

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Deceptive Cycles: Steps To Break Free

Deceptive Cycles Deceptive cycles have trapped most people at one time or other. You, me, pretty much everyone. These cycles are key enemy strategies to get God’s people to fail, live defeated, be burdened, and struggle with discouragement. Deception formed the original temptation of Adam and Eve. So, we are not alone. Still, this was never God’s plan. He wants you free to have an Alive and Active Life.

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