Alive and Active Life Courses are all free. They provide support, practical action steps, and relevant content. We focus on fresh ideas to promote a healthy, balanced life in Jesus Christ. You can know God better, and live with increasing purpose each day.

Pick up helpful tips and new ideas, even during busy times.  Easter Course

Some course are seasonal and only accessible during certain times of the year. For example, Christmas or Easter.

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Courses Catalog

Live by Faith


Faith is necessary to follow Jesus. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to live by faith.

Heb. 11:1 tells us, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Further, that chapter goes on to say a person who does this is commended. Remarkably, it’s only by faith we understand how to live a healthy life. 

So, what should you put your faith in? And how do you live by faith?

This course shows you how to live by faith. Here is a list of the sessions:

  • Session 1: Ever Run Out Of Heroes?
  • Session 2: Faith Jump
  • Session 3: Fresh Faith
  • Session 4: Grow Up In Faith
  • Session 5: Faith Plus Family
  • Session 6: Who Can You Trust These Days?
  • Session 7: True Story of Faith
  • Session 8: When Faith Hangs By A Thread
  • Session 9: LIVE BY FAITH: Closing Thoughts


Hope Does Not Disappoint


Often, life piles up with discouragement and responsibilities, taking the form of fatigue, disappointment, loss, challenges, unrealistic expectations, etc. To know “hope does not disappoint” means engaging an approach to life that’s both unusual and new to most people.

The title of this course comes straight from Scripture. Rom. 5:5 says, “. . . hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts . . .” 

When hope is lost, it’s tempting to give up – or slump into unhealthy responses. But hope is a kind of spiritual discipline that can be adopted, practiced, and mastered.

This course shows you how to live in hope. Here is a list of the sessions:

  1. We Have Hope!
  2. Steps to Renew HOPE!
  3. How to Live with Hope
  4. Choose Hope Even in Trials
  5. Plans For Hope And A Future In Last Days
  6. Hope for a New Year
  7. Like Lucy – See What Others Don’t
  8. Strategies of Rest – A New Start


Prepare for Easter

(Available Seasonally)

Prepare for Easter focuses on three areas to prepare your heart for meaningful celebration.

  1. Brief Daily Focus – Provides short reflections to focus your heart. Each day explores a special role Jesus has in your life. It’s very encouraging!
  2. Fun Activity – Engage in a fun activity each day – by yourself, as a family, with a friend, or with a group.
  3. Teaching Point – Each day’s teaching point combines the Daily Focus and Fun Activity to form a deeply meaningful life lesson.

Each session explores how Jesus provides for you! This content helps you respond to Christ.

Here are topics of each day:

  • Sacrifice
  • High Priest
  • Lover of Your Soul
  • Intervener
  • Intercessor
  • Interconnector
  • Resurrection

As you explore these special roles, you can know without a doubt God’s love for you is sincere!

There’s also a BONUS POST –

“When You Run Out of Ideas of Where to Hide An Easter Basket.”

Prepare for Christmas
Without Missing It

(Available Seasonally)

Prepare for Christmas provides a curriculum packed with ideas, tips, tools, resources, action steps, ideas, and 2 versions of a plan that will help you manage the Christmas season like a pro. Having a good plan protects your hard work. It also helps you prepare your heart and the hearts of your family. And finally, it gives very helpful ideas to navigate depression and sadness in the holidays.

When you go through each session, you build an understanding of Christmas preparation that helps you approach this beloved holiday with purpose and meaningful perspective.