So, how’s Alive and Active Life working out for folks?

It always helps to hear from others’ experiences. Testimonials provide valuable information. Enjoy these comments from many Alive and Active Life followers and subscribers.

Even teens weigh-in on how Alive and Active Life is helping them approach their growth into adulthood.

KATIE: I appreciate your posts! They are encouraging to me, so I am happy to share them with others.

Testimonial - JimDEAN: (Sales Manager/Business Partner) Alive and Active Life has had a huge impact on me and my family’s life for several years!  I subscribe to the blog articles and really enjoy reading them because they are practical and genuinely written to impact someone’s life.  You can sense God’s power and presence in Alive and Active Life’s blogs, books, and podcast. There is a tremendous amount of wisdom that is being passed on to the readers.   I HIGHLY recommend Alive and Active Life’s books and blogs to anyone that wants to build a deeper relationship with God and wants some practical steps to growth.

THERESA: (Research Specialist) I love your inspirational Alive and Active Life blog articles! Thank you. I’ve had a rough time lately with some things – and I need to move on. Your blogs inspire me!

Testimonial - FamilyLARRY and WENDY: (Great Folks!) A recent blog article you wrote meant so much to my whole family. Thank you for sharing it. I really enjoy your articles and have started reading them regularly. I will continue to look for them and share them with others. Thank you for touching my heart and the hearts of so many others. God Bless.

ANONYMOUS READER: I found a blog post from Alive and Active Life in my Facebook feed line this morning, and it calmed me down. I know others would also find posted articles helpful. I’m thankful I was introduced to Alive and Active Life blog.

Testimonial - StrengthROBIN: (Office Administration) I read an article today with very practical steps when you are feeling anxious and stressed about life. I’ve been feeling especially down and needed encouragement, I wasn’t expecting this blessing! You gave me words of strength from the Lord to push through, pray, and trust Him. God answered my prayers quickly and came in to encourage me! I praise the Lord. Thank you.

JILL: This lovely lady is a friend of mine, and I can attest to her good heart and wisdom. Check out her website, aliveandactivelife.org, if you’re a Christian interested in some good reading.

T: I’m passing on this blog article to you, my family and friends. I thought you would enjoy Brenda’s blog. I know I do!

Testimonial - EncouragedHEATHER: (NP,CV) I encourage you to check out Alive and Active Life articles, podcasts, and resources under “Books.” I have been encouraged, challenged, and inspired to pursue living in a healthy, balanced way. The topics Brenda explores are current and applicable. Read one you like? Share with your friends! You can sign up on Alive and Active Life’s email list like I did. An email will come right to you when a new article is posted. 

Testimonial - BlessedMIKE: (Sales/Business Development) I have been blessed to have my life journey intersect with Brenda through Alive and Active Life. It has been both inspiring and authentic. In my work career, I have had the opportunity to interact with thousands of people. With that as a backdrop, I can honestly say there have been few people who have as sincere a desire to truly provide help for me and others. She has helped me draw out the skill sets God has given me. While being very intentional about looking at root motivations that make each person tick, she does not think there is only one answer for every problem and sees each person as an individual. She asks good questions and gives thoughtful ideas to help you pursue true desires of your heart. Then through knowledge and wisdom, she offers relevant and realistic guidance. She desires that you draw closer to the Lord. I know my life has been blessed because of Alive and Active Life.

Testimonial - Helpful ResourcesDANEILLE: (Missionary) Alive and Active Life has impacted my family and my personal life with the blog posts, books and courses. These resources are all helpful in equipping a person for daily living in this world. What I like about them is that every morsel of God’s Word is served up in practical, relevant portions! As a missionary, keeping ministry communication, website, and resources current and relevant, I am always looking for excellent materials. I encourage you to join me in reading books and posts by author, Brenda Wolfe.

RON: (Business Owner/President) All I have ever heard about Alive and Active Life has been that it brings encouragement and counsel to all. We need that. Thank you, Brenda.

Testimonial - PrayerKATHRYN: (Student) I didn’t know where my life was going. God opened a door to connect with Brenda. I saw Jesus through that door. His patience, grace, and faith was something she practiced, claiming she learned those things. That said a lot to me. In other words, there is not a group of select people who automatically have those abilities People all have to learn and practice them. That meant I could learn and practice them, too. I was not exempt. I began to see I must be alive and active as I live. So much has been out of my control. Alive and Active Life taught me to pray, leave things in God’s hands, and deliberately do what He put in front of me. This is simple and powerful. Jesus used these simple practices to free me! My faith in God has been restored.

ANDREW: (Medical Dr.) Alive and Active Life is a powerful ministry with multiple tools I regularly use: printed books, online blog articles, e-books, podcasts, emails. I like the email reminders because they aren’t the typical bombardment of “noise” that fills every day. Alive and Active Life tools get me into God’s Word for perspective and challenge me to think deeper.Testimonial - Perspective I especially like the books for my quiet time and in small group settings. After reading one of these books, you also read through a book of the Bible. The sessions are so practical! That is rare and powerful. I am blessed as I use the tools. Being a busy medical professional, schedule management is critical. The turn of the year, I set effective goals for my continually demanding schedule using a One Page Goals Sheet. I’m reviewing it daily with great success. The audio tools I.L. is now launching are precisely what I seek out for my commute to and from work. I recommend Alive and Active Life to other busy professionals.

DEBBIE: (Stay Home Mom) Brenda’s thoughts have been life changing for me. Her sincerity and genuine concern enable her to “listen” to issues that fill many people’s lives. She uses Alive and Active Life to provide a safe environment in which to work through life’s challenges. Her thoughts and questions helped me think through conflict, transitions, and relationships by using God’s Word; her insights gently guided me toward discovering God’s best for me, not just giving me “answers.” Testimonial - PerspectiveShe challenged me to be alive and active with wise questions, consistent encouragement, and earnest support, which helped me sort through tough decisions and enabled me to set goals in my life. In addition, Alive and Active Life gave me a healthy and fresh perspective about raising children, strengthening my marriage, setting boundaries with family and friends, and pursuing my relationship with Christ. I am a better Christian, wife, mother, and friend because of rich time learning to be alive and active.

JIM: (Business Marketing/Development) Brenda has shown me that life is an adventure when you live a fully Alive and Active Life – and not just superficially when there is new discovery and excitement, but also in the times when I’ve had to persevere through a less than ideal situation or in the pain of working through loss. What has meant the most to me is learning to be alive and active with fulfillment and success regardless of the presence or absence of trials. This is more valuable than any canned “success strategy” I could find from so many other sources. Connecting with Brenda is to witness authentic joy…joy that’s contagious and a true motivator of positive change.

Testimonial - Spiritual WisdomKEN: (Farmer/Agriculture Specialist) The Lord has blessed Brenda with great ability to understand truths from the Word of God, and then communicate the spiritual wisdom very effectively so it’s easy to understand. I have enjoyed the thoughts and insights the Holy Spirit has inspired her with as she writes for Alive and Active Life ministry efforts.

RENEE: (Student) The best way to describe the change in my life after spending time exploring and digesting Brenda’s thoughts is living in peace – peace with God and peace with myself. By applying the strategies I’ve learned from Alive and Active Life to my daily life, I have become a different person. Testimonial - HopeBefore I started connecting with Alive and Active Life, I felt insecure and lonely. I compensated for my weaknesses in ways that only increased the distance in my relationship with God. I was concerned with what other people thought about me; I wanted to be seen as someone special. Brenda’s writing took me to the Word. She helped me through my struggles, and I found hope. There was no magic formula or checklist I had to follow. I have learned what it means to be alive and active in Jesus, to be a committed follower of Christ, and to live in true relationship with God. Her life and writings give me an example to follow: authentic, transparent, joyful. I am grateful for Alive and Active Life.

SUSAN: (Teacher) It is amazing how I can look back and clearly see a point in time when I stopped “just quoting” Scripture in my head and began to actually trust the Lord who spoke those words. Testimonial - Managing LifeThrough patience, kindness, prayer, and sometimes hard experiences, Brenda teaches how to believe the words of the living God. It has never before been clear to me how the human heart is a very real thing with real processes going on inside it. As I began to understand my own heart issues, I also realized every decision I make in my daily life must align with the Word of God if I am going to be a person of integrity and faith. I choose Christ. By that choice I also must bring every thought, word and deed into congruency with Scripture. I’m thankful for Brenda’s work with Alive and Active Life. This ministry has walked me through managing my life processes successfully.

TRISH: (Teacher) Brenda’s materials and thoughts have been used to change my life. They have encouraged me to keep pressing on in the areas where God has gifted me. Brenda has amazing insight into how people think, act, and feel. I believe this insight is God-given, and has been given to her in abundance. Her questions are pointed, her observations are brilliant, her challenges are engaging. I can truly say I am a better woman, a better wife, a better friend, a better pastor’s wife, and a better mom because I decided to apply the principles she shares.



BUDDY: As a teen, there are lots of things I need to focus on to become an adult. Alive and Active Life has helped me grow in mind and spirit three ways. First, the devotional books have been extremely helpful, richly based on Scripture with lots of practical application points. I found Despicable We especially helpful with hard sections of Ezekiel. The second helpful tool is the One-Page Goals Sheet. I’ve used it three years now. Each year, I grow closer to God and am more balanced and organized. The third resource is podcasts. I can do other things while I listen to practical ideas that lift me up. I highly recommend these resources.

LANI: Thank you for making this website. I appreciate four of your tools. The Goals Sheet, The Response Chart, your Books, and your Podcasts. These tools have changed my way of seeing life and taught me life is about God – not just me. I use all the tools I mentioned. They help me learn to pray and be humble, to praise God, and to focus. I am still learning. Thank you for helping me personally.

ANNA-MAY: Alive and Active Life has impacted my life in many ways. I have three of your books. The first is Celebrate Advent, perfect for Christmas season. It helped me realize how much God loves me and how unthinkable that He gave His Son. This book made me feel cozy in His love. SharpShooting has detailed, short, practical tips from Matthew to help me purposefully change. E-pistles for an i-Generation helped me understand harder passages. Now I think I can do what God wants without feeling burdens. The Goals Sheet is a nifty tool that helped me make a flexible plan for my year goals. I had to really use my mind, but now I have a wonderful plan that is helping me succeed. God’s Spirit gives an Alive and Active Life.

How is Alive and Active Life Working Out for Folks

Alive and Active Life can propel your life in Jesus Christ to the next level. You will never regret following this ministry of insight, encouragement, and practical help. Life is hard! Why not engage an Alive and Active Life? Why not build your own Life Tool Box with resources and tools from Alive and Active Life?


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