Behind The Scenes – An Interview With The Producers


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Alive and Active Life
Behind The Scenes - An Interview With The Producers

We’re going to do something different this week – an interview with the producers to explore behind the scenes of Alive and Active Life articles and podcast. Actually, we’ve been publishing for 14 years and broadcasting for 5 years. But we’ll specifically cover podcast information. WHY do we do this?

People Grow Uniquely

Image links to our articles/podcast page and to a podcast help button.

People grow in their relationship with God in different ways. Consequently, we publish weekly articles for those who like to read. Plus, we broadcast weekly podcast episodes for those who like to listen. Some of our followers both listen and read.

But first – some data. A growing number of people tune into our podcast and read our articles. Some reasons why:

  • To receive quality content that nurtures their relationship with Jesus.
  • We feature Scriptures that provide direction and hope in difficulties.
  • Some readers/listeners send feedback. They like specific action steps and practical application for daily issues.
  • Our multi-taskers like condensed, quality content while addressing other responsibilities.
  • Some folks simply want encouragement and positive conversation about life.
  • Still others enjoy fresh ideas about applying Scripture.


Behind The Scenes

So now, let’s look behind-the-scenes at the creation of our podcast. Incidentally, today as we give you podcast information, we feature an interview with our podcast sound engineer. Conveniently, we’re both behind the microphone – right now!

Andrew has excellent studio skills. Plus, he loves Alive and Active Life. Additionally, he really loves recording. I’m grateful he invites me into his studio. FYI, he works for hours to sculpt the best podcast experience for you.

An Interview – Behind The Scenes

Brenda: Welcome, Andrew! Thanks for talking with me today. Also, I appreciate the many hours you contribute.

Andrew: I’m excited to be involved in the recording aspect of this ministry. It’s been a blessing to me, personally.

Brenda: Andrew, I have some questions for you. I’d like to chat about “behind the scenes.” Incidentally, since you’re the guy with hands on dials and knobs in the recording studio, I’m especially looking to hear what you have to say about recording for our readers/listeners.

Let’s start with your portion in our podcasts.

Andrew’s Portion – Behind The Scenes

Andrew: Well, I get to be the one listening with headphones and a critical ear. Adjusting levels of voices, music, and then stepping back when an episode is done to decide – “Does this work? Are there any problems for listeners? Will anything in the recording process get in the way of the message?”

I tackle technical aspects, like:

  • maximizing volume,
  • getting equalization right for a pleasing sound,
  • making sure music sounds balanced – not overpowering voices.
  • mastering all levels so people feel comfortable as they listen.


I really enjoy this process, and gladly use those skills in ministry for God.

Brenda: Well, your expertise is critical and so appreciated. Every week, I get to hear the professional finished product you produce after we record. The podcast information starts right here. I see your dials and buttons, multiple screens, and computer tools. Interestingly, it’s like watching art being made.

So, that’s your portion. Now, I’d like to share my portion.

Brenda’s Portion – Behind The Scenes

I‘ve been writing for Alive and Active Life about 14 years. God gave me a passion to present fresh, practical ways to apply God’s Word in daily life. I’m especially excited about what we offer as we explore behind the scenes.

As I’ve grown to love God’s Word, I’ve realized some things about Scripture:

  1. That’s where the help is.
  2. That’s where life secrets are discovered.
  3. You can learn about God, Himself.
  4. The Scriptures are the training manual God uses. So, we should, too.
  5. It’s where God’s heart is revealed to His friends. That’s us!


Besides writing and developing relevant, practical content, I’ve worked to build a library of materials to help readers/listeners live a healthy life in Christ.

Let’s face it. Life can be challenging. Yet, it can also be wonderful, too. Somehow, we need to marry these realities as we navigate problems and troubles – while enjoying the good still present in life.

Connecting daily with God helps us do that. Time in Scripture and prayer helps us know Jesus better. Consequently, we know how to live better.

What Alive and Active Life Means To Readers/Listeners

So, Andrew, what has Alive and Active Life meant in your life. You told me you’ve been reading our books for years, and using our tools and resources.

Image links to Courses page.

Andrew: Alive and Active Life is a powerful ministry with multiple avenues to interface with –

  • well-written devotional study books that add quality to your daily quiet time.
  • e-books to help you be who God designed.
  • excellent online materials with articles, podcast episodes, and free courses.
  • emails to keep you connected.


Incidentally, I like being on the email list because it comes to me. It just “shows up” in my in-box – a reminder to jump in when I have a moment.

But it also doesn’t contribute to the bombardment of junk email. So, I like that it’s available – but doesn’t add to life’s noise.

Even more, I find encouragement and challenge to get into God’s Word for fresh perspectives. Alive and Active Life has challenged me in ways I hadn’t’ thought about before.

How To Use Our Tools

Brenda: So, how do you use our tools in your life? (books, ebooks, online resources, articles, podcast, emails)

Andrew: As I mentioned previously, I like that articles/episodes come to me with a weekly email. I’m a very busy professional in the community. When reminder emails pop up, it’s a welcome note to take advantage of great content.

Another Alive and Active Life tool is the One-Page Goal’s Sheet. I use it going into each new year. Actually, it’s very helpful to organize my goals. It significantly helps me stream-line my life and shapes my approach for the next 365 days.

Most meaningful to me are the devotional books. I use them in my personal quiet time. And have also in a few small-group settings. They are so “Scripture-centered.” At the end of reading one of these books, you’ve also read an entire book of the Bible.

Brenda: So it’s like getting two books done.

Andrew: Exactly. There’s power in God’s Word. Interestingly, the devotional books really capitalize on that. Although you share your thoughts, it’s not your thoughts that come through. It’s God’s Word. And that’s why there’s so much power in the study books.

As an author, you challenge readers to use their own head to ask –

  • What does this mean to me?
  • How does this impact my daily life?
  • How do I apply this content?”


It’s like talking to a good counselor (which you are) who provides helpful action steps and fresh ideas to know God better and live with purpose. This is important. Many people don’t know what to do with what they just read in Scripture. But after going through one of your books, I have action steps. That’s powerful, and it blesses me.

Would You Recommend Us?

Brenda: You’ve been involved for years and are a dependable supporter. Subsequently, I think you’ve caught the heart of this ministry. And we enjoy working with you. So – thank you for opening your studio and laboring to help us broadcast professional, applicable messages from God’s Word in this digital age. I like what you said about getting encouragement without all the noise of today’s world.

Andrew: Well it’s my privilege to be involved.

Brenda: So, would you recommend these books, episodes, articles, and tools to others?

Andrew: Oh absolutely! For all the reasons I just mentioned. All the tools, especially the books – I highly recommend.

Since we’re regularly dropping episode content, I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THE PODCAST EPISODES. Myself, I enjoy listening to a book or other content on my work commute. I look for ways to multiply my time with work responsibilities. So, to take this podcast information in audio form, it’s helpful and exciting. It opens more options for busy people.

Brenda: And that’s why we’re talking about this today.

Did You Know?

OK – now a few “Did You Know” questions:

  1. Did you know Alive and Active Life connects with people in over 25 countries around the world?
  2. Did you know Alive and Active Life connects weekly with ever-increasing numbers of people through articles/podcast episodes? We now have a large library.
  3. Further, did you know Alive and Active Life regularly develops/publishes resources to help people get into God’s Word – Bible study books and ebooks in our bookstore?
  4. Did you know we offer people free courses with excellent content to make life rich and fresh?
  5. Finally, did you know we’re a hand for people to hold, a voice to encourage people, and a practical guide to take people farther on their personal journey with Jesus?



Notice the common word? People. We want to stay in step with God’s purposes for readers/listeners around the world.

In fact, we want to inspire and equip people to walk through life with more power, passion, and purpose by applying God’s Word in practical ways each day. That’s our mission statement!

Andrew: Well, yes, I did know pretty much all that. Great mission statement, by the way! And that’s another reason I’m so involved in this ministry. Because of all those things you just mentioned, I encourage readers/listeners to sign up on the email list. Go to: You can have great content and encouragement come right to your email inbox every week.

Brenda: Well, I echo that call to action. Do sign up!

And tell others to subscribe to our podcast. We’re on all major apps. Plus, on our website, every article has a podcast player at the top with the content.

For help subscribing, our podcast page has a “Podcast Sign-Up Help” button.

Check our bookstore for materials to help you get into God’s Word and live an Alive and Active Life.

Closing Thoughts

Brenda: So, Andrew, do you have any closing thoughts?

Andrew: I agree with all you’ve said about Alive and Active Life and the tools it offers. Especially this podcast. I pray listeners/readers will know Jesus better. Remember, God loves you and wants to help you live with purpose. I’m happy to be part of this podcast ministry.

Brenda: Every time we record, we stop and pray for God’s blessing and help. And we pray for you – our listeners/readers. So that gives you a peek behind the scenes of what we do and why we do it.

But now . . . a final fun fact. Andrew is the musician behind all our podcast music. He’s a gifted guitarist and recording artist – outside his day job. All the music you hear on this pod comes out of personal work in his studio.

Andrew: It’s my pleasure.

Brenda: Before we close today, I have a special announcement. Easter is coming fast. So, to help prepare your heart for a meaningful celebration, we’re offering a FREE meaningful, encouraging devotional coursePrepare For Easter. You can jump in any time best for you. It’s already open, so sign up NOW by going to Click on the “Enroll Course” button on that page.

Andrew: Normally Brenda says this next part. But today, it’s my turn . . .

I invite you to follow us on your favorite social media. Do sign up on our email list to receive weekly articles. PLUS tune-in to our weekly podcast using your preferred podcast app or use our online player at the top of each article.

Brenda: Visit our website for resources to get into God’s Word and live an Alive and Active Life.

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