I’ll get right to the point. People need a great modern-day plan with options and action steps to build a solid Christian framework that helps manage their life. Believers need to make their faith practical. You need some directives that help you “work out your salvation.” (Phil. 2:12)

When you trusted Jesus for salvation, the great exchange took place: you received Christ’s holiness as God forgave you AND Jesus took your sins away from you and onto Himself. Then you started down the path God has for you – but you need directions. You need a daily new approach to life.

This new approach is the path you walk to become the person God created you to be. You find out who you really are and what God intends to accomplish through your life. You discover your life purpose. To do this consistently and effectively, you need to track the action steps of a good plan. But before you can carry out the steps, you need to do one critical thing: completely yield to God and agree with Him in all issues of life.

There are thirteen steps given in Rom.12:9-13 to help you carry out a good plan:

  1. Love sincerely. No empty pretty words.
  2. Hate evil in every modern and ancient form.
  3. Cling to everything good in your world.
  4. Be devoted to others and prove it by your actions.
  5. Honor each other by lifting one another up. Don’t worry about you. Jesus will care for you.
  6. Live with passion even if your feelings don’t match what you need to do. Your feelings are not dependable enough to use as your motive. Use your will and knowledge of God’s Word, instead.
  7. Keep your spiritual drive alive and engaged by making decisions that please God.
  8. Serve the Lord every day in all the details of your life and with all your heart.
  9. Practice hope with joy: hope is a well-informed decision, not a feeling. It renews your heart.
  10. Choose to be patient when you suffer. Those are hard words. Yet, if you practice this discipline with a spirit of cheer, you will literally become a different person.
  11. Pray without stopping. You can’t do life by yourself. You need a greater power every moment. So, call on God and invite His help. Praise Him as you talk to Him, recognizing who He is.
  12. Give in practical ways to people who have needs.
  13. Have an attitude and atmosphere of “welcoming” in your life and home.

This framework helps you build a stable and credible existence because it directly copies Christ’s character. If you match all your potential energy to these action steps – your thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions – you will become more like Jesus. Keep in mind that you can only do this successfully by faith. You need God’s power. All practical, constructive choices come from God and have His eternal power.

When you commit to trust God with all your life details, you will be delighted at the purpose that rises inside you. You will see His very intentional guidance and notice His intelligent strategy threading through even the most complicated and sticky issues.

If you resolve to pursue God first and most, and then carry out these action steps, you will literally work out your salvation. 

This plan has power. It also helps you rest in God even as you take action to obey Him. Get familiar with the list. Review it often and come up with practical ways to apply the ideas. God bless you as you become more like Jesus. Put legs to Scripture. Your legs.

And never forget – ” . . . it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. (Eph. 2:8-9)

Article developed from Rom.12:9-13.

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