How To Manage Worries and Concerns

Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
How To Manage Worries and Concerns

Life is filled with worries and concerns. Often circumstances beyond your control arise. There is so much to address and manage. Responsibilities. Relationships. Careers. Home and property. Events. Each day is packed. And now with the coronavirus, there is even more to be concerned about.

How do you handle such a load and not become a bundle of nerves? How do you live a healthy, balanced life with so much on your plate each day? Have you learned how to manage your load and your heart? Do you take regular inventory to better apply your resources with wisdom? And the best question – have you learned to listen to God, who has promised to never leave you, to give you wisdom, and to be your dearest Friend through it all?

Resources of the heart and mind are ever-as important as physical and medical resources.

Jesus’ Portion to Help You Manage Worries And Concerns

Jesus said the most intriguing thing when He lived on earth. In His now-famous comment, He gave His disciples the “inside scoop” and at the same time exposed His true identity. What He said has all kinds of secrets tucked inside. First secret: He is exactly who He claims to be. Second secret: He indicates He knows the future. Another secret: If you have eyes to see and ears to hear (a choice every individual can make), Jesus promises guidance. Additional secret: He guarantees intimate involvement in your life, yes – even friendship! Practical secret: He provides help, answers, “how-to-do-it” tips, partnership, and companionship.

You are not alone! Jesus strongly suggests He has already put a path in front of you, and you don’t have to be afraid. The guarantee under His comment? “All authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to Me.” (Mt. 28:18)

Jesus’ Comment

So, what did He say? What was Jesus’ comment? He said this: “In this world you will have troubles. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (Jn. 16:33)

What does this look like on a practical level? I challenge you to spend time with this simple claim. You will find every secret I mentioned tucked inside.

All help starts in God. He holds things together. God loves you – so much! He can be trusted, even in very difficult, scary times. There is a whole realm of realities far greater than what you and I see. That is God’s realm. And to whoever puts their trust in Jesus, not only does He promise eternal life, but also help in each day’s problems. He promises wisdom, companionship, and a good path. God keeps His promises.

Your Portion to Manage Worries and Concerns

Of course, the reality of living a successful life means healthy practices on your part, too. You can know what Jesus said, and still not handle worries and concerns well. Living successfully starts by believing Him so strongly that you get going and do certain things. If you take up your portion, you will begin to exercise critical life practices. You will also have peace and hope even if things unravel all around you.

What is Your Portion?

These practices are your portion. As you carry them out, you are empowered to have greater “say” in being healthy. These strokes help you manage worries and concerns.

  1. Reach back to God with all your heart. Instead of trying to “figure it all out,” simply trust Him, and proactively obey Him.
  2. Practice gratitude in your troubles and concerns. Anxieties are the fertile ground where God grows peace . . . when you give your worries to Him. God loves you – so much! Why not love Him back by trusting and obeying Him?
  3. Set healthy boundaries in all areas: time, finances, energy, friendships, endeavors. Anyone who does not set boundaries does not understand their value.
  4. Develop a simple, practical plan without too many moving parts to help you manage your life. Resolve to implement your plan. That includes getting up on time, getting adequate rest, starting tasks you don’t like so they get done first, etc.
  5. Be hard on yourself in the right way to eliminate “perfectionistic” tendencies.
  6. Eliminate every trace of laziness. Yet, take rest breaks in your work.
  7. Choose to be content no matter what your circumstances.
  8. Exercise kindness to others and yourself.
  9. Practice sincere cheer even if you feel down. Cheer is a choice. You can affect the atmosphere of your home, office, and friendships with an even-tempered, balanced demeanor (even under pressure) – instead of moodiness.
  10. Listen to God’s Spirit as He gently guides you though details. God is invested in details.


It is common to feel overwhelmed. You may be disappointed at how things have turned out. Global threats don’t help. Perhaps you are tempted to give up. Please don’t. Instead trust Jesus’ comment. Then practice the action steps we mentioned.

You can manage life’s overwhelming worries and concerns. It starts with Jesus’ portion. Park yourself there – firmly. Then pick up your portion and get going.

Remember: What you practice is what you become. That includes what you choose to believe, what you allow to stay in your thoughts, how you carry yourself, what indulgences you take, and what you actually do.

Good Questions to Ask Yourself

Do you believe Jesus’ portion enough to trust and obey Him? Have you identified your portion and what those strokes look like in your day? What do you need to change? What is your plan? Have you prayed for wisdom?

God loves you and wants you to succeed. He knows how to help you manage worries and concerns. Why not take His comment seriously?

Here is it again – “In this world you will have troubles. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Coronavirus Concerns

If you have concerns about the coronavirus that is spreading around the world, here are some helpful websites with great information. And don’t forget to pray and draw close to God. Trust Him in this difficult time. Jesus loves you!

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