7 DAILY DEVOTIONALS FOR EASTER WEEK: Take A Daily Moment To Prepare For Easter


Intentional Living is hosting a special Easter Holy Week online devotional – FREE! The course is called . . . Take A Daily Moment To Prepare For Easter.” You can participate in this online brief daily experience by yourself, as a family, or with a group.

The recent developments of our global pandemic has been stressful. Most people feel deep concern and even fear. The globe has never known a pandemic of this extent before.

Even with all this going on, Easter is filled with joy and cheer. Not only is spring waking the earth once again. People are ready to see new life. New growth.

These thoughts of new life are especially welcome during our global COVID-19 crisis. So this week’s devotional course focuses on HOPE. There will be MEANINGFUL and FUN ACTIVITIES for people who are in “lock-down.”

Take A Daily Moment To Prepare For Easter

The sessions begin Monday, April 6. You can enter the sessions anytime, night or day, to participate in the briefdaily posts. Each day has 2 sections:

  • MEDITATION THOUGHT– a short reflective thought to help prepare your heart for Easter and give hope during our global crisis.
  • TRADITION ACTIVITY IDEA– a fun activity you can participate in – by yourself, as a family, or with a group. Each day has a “Teaching Point” especially helpful for involving children.

During this course, you will also receive a BONUS POST – “When You Run Out of Ideas of Where to Hide An Easter Basket.”

An important HEADS UP . . .

Day #5 (Good Friday), the TRADITION ACTIVITY IDEA uses Resurrection Eggs to tell the Easter story with a little reminder token in each egg. Kids love this set! You can either order the set early this week before our session on Friday (with the above link on amazon – or through another online vendor) OR you can make your own. Your local Christian Bookstores may have a set.

To make your own: fill empty plastic eggs with little items to remind of each part of the Easter story. The online set (above link) shows detailed pictures of the little items you will need.

Intentional Living wants to help your Easter week be extra special.

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You’ll be glad you did!