Important Stuff We Forget


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Important Stuff We Forget

We had a leap year this year. And it struck me again how that phenomenon only occurs every four years. So, what happens to the important stuff that occurs on Feb. 29th? Like a birth, anniversary, a death, start date of a business, etc. Do those special events get appropriate attention? Or do they make it on a list of important stuff we forget for another four years? From my connection with people who have a Feb. 29th event, most retain their date – but move celebrations or remembrances to the day before or after. What can we learn from this interesting reality?

Important Stuff We Forget

It’s one thing to lose your stuff – as we explored in a recent article, “The Guy Who Found It.” It’s quite another thing to forget stuff – especially important stuff. Even in the best of times at top-notch performance, sometimes there’s important stuff we forget.

Incidentally, what can be done about this common issue? Well, some folks address important stuff we forget by using check lists, to-do lists, calendar reminders/prompts, and other helpful tools. Some things are just too important to forget. Even simple daily details.

As in the case of a leap year, folks tend to forget about it until it comes around again. Consequently, if your birthday is on a leap year, you make adjustments. Why? Because your birthday is too important to forget. Without acknowledging your birthday in the years between leap years, guess what! You still get four years older.

Additional Examples

Here are some examples that should not fall into the “important stuff we forget” category? The “in-between” markers of life.

  1. You find a church with great sermons. How do you apply those sermons during the week in-between? Or do you forget about those important life action steps?
  2. There’s a neighborhood potluck once a year. Do you keep in touch with neighbors in-between those fun shared meals? Or do you get too busy and figure – they’ll be there next year?
  3. After a fabulous book – but before you get to your next read – do you remember the important concepts you learned? Do you ponder the story or reflect on new ideas? Or do you skip that part and just move on to add more data to your brain?
  4. What about when you go to the Dr. for your annual check-up. How do you fill the year in-between check-ups? Have you decided to adopt healthy life patterns? Or is that an area you just don’t take too seriously?
  5. Then there are special connections with friends. In-between phone calls or visits, how often do you think of that person? Do you pray for them and their family? Do you remember important dates and occasions they value? Or do you figure you’re done for a while again now?


There are so many more examples of important stuff we forget.

Spiritual Health

Remarkably, there are many daily ways people tend to forget important stuff. Similarly, folks forget the critical “book-ends” that actually define their spiritual journey in-between those mile-markers.

For example, a person receives encouragement from God’s Word – a kind of “book-end.” But then – that’s it! They don’t put it into practice by faith. So, they are hearers only, not doers of the Word. As Jas. 1:22 says, they are deceived.

Interestingly, in the space of time in-between receiving encouragement till the next time they get into Scripture, they often forget Christ’s healthy words. So, instead of steady growth in godly grace and strength, it’s a bumpy ride from book-end to book-end.

God says His words will never pass away, though everything else will. (Mt. 5:18; Mt. 24:35; Mk. 13:31; Lk. 21:33) Subsequently, you should hold onto His words during in-between times. Remarkably, this is often when you need His words most. Instructionally, Ps. 119:11 says, “I have stored up Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” 

The reason to store up God’s Word is to be nurtured, balanced, prepared, and at peace. Quite literally, to become the person (bit-by-bit) you are created and designed to be. Plus, the needed focus to be a healthy heart in such a broken, disappointing world, is significant.

So, what am I saying? Simply this: carry the promises, commands, and encouragements from God forward to fill the in-between spaces until the next provision. It’s how you are nurtured, much like the spaces between meals each day.

Equally, take your book-ends of support and string them into a tenacious line of consistency by putting God’s words into practice. Embrace them. Hunger and thirst for them – a choice, not a feeling. In fact, swallow them eagerly to gain every morsel of spiritual health you can. Much better than a vitamin.

After all, you need God’s book-ends for your wholistic health.

Important Stuff We Forget Affects Leaders, Too

Even strong believers – and people assigned to be leaders – forget essential components to live by faith. To love God “first-most-best” means to carry God’s words forward by actions into spaces of life too often filled with suffering, hard times, and losses. That builds you into a mature, strong, healthy person. Incidentally, it’s the stuff leaders should be made of. Contrarily, too many people with influence forget important character and live compromised lives.

When you have any position of influence and forget the important stuff, it’s like something that only appears every four years. Sadly, it’s a “leap year experience.”

In contrast, Jesus wants you to connect “book-end to book-end” using the in-between spaces wisely. And He wants you to be free from anything that diminishes in-between times. Can you imagine the confidence and strength from living from point A to point B – free and at peace in-between? This is how Jesus lived on earth.

This lifestyle opens so much:

  • Imagination.
  • Goals.
  • Possibilities.
  • Discoveries.
  • Inventions.
  • Consistent noble character.
  • Healthy lifestyle.
  • Connecting with people, worldwide – or in your circle – from your heart.
  • Connecting with God in faith and grateful obedience.


All this in the spaces in-between. Afterall, this is where most of your living takes place. And it’s where the important stuff is.


Living pensively and with alertness in-between book-ends opens so much freedom in Christ. Plus, it weaves His direction into daily life. In fact, it’s generally in these space God opens understanding to life mysteries. Incidentally, understanding does not come first. It comes – sometimes slowly, if ever – after trusting and obeying God.

During the spaces in-between, God opens your understanding about things you didn’t “get” before. Afterall, Jesus promises if you trust and obey in all things – especially during spaces in-between, He will fill those gaps with His Spirit who “will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.” (Jn. 14:26)

One essential piece to remember is that Jesus is human – like you. Yet, He is “other.” Being both God and man, Jesus is set apart. Further He is a one-and-only. There is no one else like Him . . . and there never will be. Our link to the important stuff is in Jesus: God in flesh.

Jesus is a bridge that connects you to the book-end of your original design. He connects you to God. And He connects you to the important stuff you must never forget as you run your race to the book-end when you’ll graduate to your forever life in Heaven.

How awesome to be alive! Strategically, God created you with purpose and value. Following the example of Jesus provides a picture of how to fill the spaces in-between book-ends with direction and inspiration.

Incidentally, it’s in those spaces where joy is found. Wouldn’t you like more joy?

Obedience First

Too often you and I have heard someone say, “I don’t understand. It doesn’t make sense to me. So, I can’t take that leap of faith.” Interestingly, Jesus addresses this common perspective.

“You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” (Jn. 13:7) Jesus teaches it’s not necessary to understand – or see – or process all the important stuff immediately to live by faith. Obedience comes first.

In fact, it’s critical to not forget the important stuff.

Application Thoughts And Questions

After considering how essential it is to focus on important stuff we forget, here are questions that might be helpful to you:

  1. Do you find yourself forgetting important stuff in your daily life?
  2. What kinds of things fall into this category?
  3. Which spiritual truths and messages from God do you find most often slip through the cracks in the “in-between” spaces of your life?
  4. Do you think you need to understand before you will obey? Why do you let this “need to understand” get in the way of your life purpose?
  5. Have you begun to live in the mysteries of God’s support through His Spirit?
  6. What deliberate things will you do to not forget the important stuff?
  7. Specifically, what will you change to live more focused in-between the book-ends of your life?


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