Care For Each Other    


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Care For Each Other    

You know how it feels to be over your head in responsibilities, stress, or disappointment. Sometimes it’s just tough rising up to keep doing what needs to be done. People depend on you to do your part. And you need others to do their part, too. This is when you care for each other. Through caring, we participate in God’s love for each other. And we encourage one another to each do our part.

Why Is Care For Each Other Important?

It’s always meaningful to participate in some kind of “community” care for each other. Doesn’t it warm your heart when you find out someone is thinking of you or even lifting you in prayer? Your heart feels rich that another person cares about your well-being and is taking time to speak your name in God’s throne room. Simple care can be the “boost” to get up and over the hump. A small kindness goes a long way in encouraging someone. A phone call, text, email, or snail mail reminds them they are loved and valued. An appropriate Scripture is a blessing you can pass on. Care for each other is a reflection of Jesus, a picture of His endearing love. People need this. You need this.

How to Care For Each Other

As you exercise kindness and concern for others, focus on people who need it – people the Lord lays on your heart. Then look for opportunities to show God’s concern in practical ways. What do they really need? You are exercising great compassion in another person’s life by focusing on them. Listen to God. He will guide you.

There is a great Scripture that gives good counsel for keeping the other person’s needs in mind. The verse focuses on words, but it is true for actions on others’ behalf, as well. Eph. 4:29 says, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” That’s pretty profound. You match your words/actions to the needs of the other person. This means you will be alert and aware to what the other person needs more than what you think should be said or done.

Care For Each Other Can Be a Critical Thing

You could be a lifeline another person needs in desperate hours. This world is hungry for God’s kindness. Why not flesh it out in practical ways and stir hope in someone’s heart? People in this highly trained, intelligent, techie generation (the i-generation) long to see who Jesus really is. “Does God exist? Does He even care about me? How do I know?”

It could be the person who needs care is in your own family. Whether it involves physical care, emotional assurance, a well-thought spiritual tidbit, or even loving instruction – your family should always come first in care.

Through genuine concern, you show the heart of God. In Jesus’ name, you participate in His love for people.

Sometimes Care For Each Other is Reciprocated

Participating in this kind of care can set you up to receive God’s concern through another person. As you are “real” with someone in their time of need, you open a door. Whether you receive from that person or not in your time of need, please remember something.

As wonderful as it is to receive from others, there are times the Lord, Himself, just wants to meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. (Phil. 4:19) Please accept God’s care by faith. His gifts and blessings are ready to be taken into your heart – from His own heart.

If no one seems to reach to you when you need it, don’t despair or become bitter. Jesus invites you into a unique experience of His love during those times. This is a very intimate exchange, and it heals, strengthens, edifies, validates, and protects you like no other person can. It’s Him and you!

The more mature you become in your faith, the more meaningful – and even preferred – this care is. Yes, sometimes you just need a person with skin on, and God knows that. Regardless, open your heart to be encouraged. If God provides someone for that or if He opts to provide it Himself, be ready to return a blessing. Bless the person who is blessing you. Bless God for blessing you.

Keep First Things First

Above all, be sure to keep your heart tuned to God first. The temptation is to let people occupy the place in your heart that belongs only to God. He tells His people, “Love the Lord you God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.” (Mk. 12:30) “You shall have no other gods before Me.” (Ex. 20:3) Is this command for God’s benefit? Hardly! This is to help us stay centered in His provisions and love.

Being content with what you have and where God has placed you is foundational. It’s a secret ingredient everyone is looking for – a longing of the human heart. Having faith in God’s deep care of your life means you have something genuine, and you have something worthwhile to pass on to others. You know He is for real and He answers prayer. His strength is yours by faith. You have experienced His renewal and healing. Having confidence in God who loves you is what you need. It’s what the world needs. Will you take this up for yourself? Will you share it with others?

Bear Up

Sometimes, getting through involves suffering for stretches of time. “It is commendable if you bear up under the pain of unjust suffering because you are conscious of God.”  (1 Pet. 2:19) Being conscious of God is 1. Being close to Him, 2. Loving Him, 3. Trusting Him, 4. Leaning into His love, 5. Eagerly receiving from Him. This is where you flesh out “I can do all things through Christ (no one else needed) who strengthens me.” (Phil. 4:13) This is where you become absolutely certain “my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:19)

Application Questions and Thoughts About Care For Each Other

What can you do to reach to someone in your life? Have you asked God to open your eyes and show you who He wants you to care for? Remember to be practical in how you provide care. Let God guide everything you do to show care. He knows what the other person needs. Focus on their needs. Are you caring for others in Jesus’ name – or in your own name?

Do you know God in the deeper way of letting Him, alone, care for your needs? Are you trusting Him even when no one else reaches to you? Perhaps you should take this next step into maturity in your faith in Christ. Why not become a seasoned believer in Jesus? Then you will be absolutely credible to “care for each other” in this broken, hurting world.

Article developed from Gal. 4:10-23.

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