e-Pistles For An i-Generation: Relevant in a Digital Age


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e-Pistles For An i-Generation: Relevant in a Digital Age

My latest book just arrived back from the publisher! e-Pistles for an i-Generation. I’m excited to share it with you!

I want to tell you about the cover (directly below). Notice the title: e-Pistles For an i-Generation: Relevant in a Digital Age. Your generation. Our digital age. The front picture portrays that 1st and 2nd Corinthians can get from an ancient scroll into your i-pad (and then into your heart). The back cover is an i-pad with a critical message.

A handful of people went through the devotional book before I sent it to the printer . . . and they loved it! They said each day provides relevant, brief, inspirational interaction with a Scripture portion. Once you finish e-Pistles, you also finish both 1st and 2nd Corinthians, and you see how relevant those e-pistles are to this i-generation you and I are part of.

Here is the introduction page from the book. Take a look. Also, notice:

  • Scroll title pages help divide the book.
  • A blank i-pad journal page to jot your own thoughts each session.
  • Each session closes with action steps under i-Apply.
  • “How to use the book” to help your quiet time with God.

Introduction Page: e-Pistles for an i-Generation

If you take a swiss army knife and carve your name into a large tree trunk, that etching will far outlast your natural life. It will be a chiseled monogram of your existence. A kind of “letter” to people in centuries to come. But these days, this i-generation is etching in cyberspace with all kinds of e-resources.

Since you live in the i-generation, your story will more likely be carved in cyberspace than on a tree. So many details about your life are already in the cloud. Businesses, medical organizations, and social media are engaging all kinds of firewalls to keep people’s information safe. Your life is well chiseled in bytes. Yet, let’s think about this engraving opportunity.

Thousands of years ago, letters and pictures were chiseled on stone. Over centuries and through civilizations, written communication has evolved, from chiseled pictures to scrolls to paper products to technology and cyberspace. Now, we have a prolific number of books, volumes of recorded information, and an entire industry of publication. No longer do people pursue only paper products. E-books, audio-series, on-line classes, blogs, and podcasts are available.

With the brilliant discovery of engraving in cyberspace, now it really is possible to have e-pistles written for an i-generation. Whether you work in a specific location of career or work from home, it is possible for you to impact this highly technical, intelligent group of people who – without Jesus – are still lost. The i-generation has made this entirely possible. Computers, devices, and other technologies let you interface anywhere in the world. So why not do just that? Why not start being an e-pistle with your life?

Good Questions

God doesn’t use stone, scrolls, paper, or cyberspace. He writes on human hearts. Start into this book by asking some questions.

  • How credible is the engraving on my heart?
  • What kind of etching am I creating with my life?
  • How am I impacting the i-generation?
  • I want to have impact on this world of encrypted messages, firewalls, and bytes of information. How do I start?
  • Am I willing to let God carve His image on my soul?

How To Use This Book

The material in e-pistles For An i-Generation is laid out for quick and easy engagement in your busy day. I suggest this approach to get the most out of the material:

  • Do one session a day. Morning is best since it sets the tone of your day. If you prefer night, set aside time before you are too tired to take in what God has saved up for you.
  • The Scripture for each day is listed at the top. Pause to ask God to speak to you as you read His words. Then read. The Scripture is the most important part of each session.
  • Ponder the passage for a minute or two. Identify the main message of what you just read.
  • Next, read the session material with the intent of exploring how to make the Scripture portion practical in your life.
  • Journal your thoughts about practical ideas you read. Observe how to apply them to life. Jot growth action steps.
  • Pray over the session again and commit to practice what you learned. Ask God to give you courage and discipline.

Order your own copy and enjoy the ancient scrolls in a fresh new way from Intentional Living Store!

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