God Likes You

Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
God Likes You

Remember when you made your first friend as a child? Or maybe you had a roommate you just clicked with when you went to college? It may have been a person you connected strongly with on your first job assignment. Whoever and wherever – you just got this feeling inside – “I think I like you!” It may come as a surprise but that’s how God feels about you. God likes you!

God Likes You

Yes, God likes you. Since He designed and created you, it’s only natural. God intends to bless your life as you live within His intended design. He also wants you to be a blessing to others in the world. So, because God really likes you, His blessing lands on you in those two ways.

Since this is true, let’s look at some questions to kick off today’s content:

  • When you look in the mirror, do you like you? (not just your appearance, but also your personality, skill sets, and character)
  • What compromises do you make to get others to like you?
  • Are you being true to your original created design, the passions, and convictions God has given you?
  • Is there anything you would change to like yourself the way God likes you?
  • Do you believe God deeply loves you?
  • Do you love Him back?


You Are Important To God

Whatever you think of yourself, the very essence of who you are makes you unique, special, and the only-one-of-a-kind on earth. God designed – and likes it that way.

Here’s another list that shows specific things about you that God likes:

  • Who you are.
  • How you think.
  • How you express things.
  • Your personality.
  • Your passions.
  • The skill sets and gifts you have.
  • Your looks.
  • The desires of your heart.


Proof God Likes You

Jesus designed you. He is the great Creator. Since He makes no mistakes, you can be assured your unique personal design is pleasing to Him. He wants you alive on earth. And – He wants you in Heaven with Him for eternity.

Consequently, God developed principles about you that can’t be changed:

  1. By His desire – you are you.
  2. He placed you here – now.
  3. You are unique. No one else NOW or EVER is exactly like you.
  4. You have important skills and gifts to contribute, globally.
  5. Only you can do what you were created to do.
  6. It is your choice to trust and obey God.
  7. You can bring your resources to bless other people on behalf of Jesus.
  8. You represent God’s heart to others.


1. By His Desire – You are You

Because God intentionally designed you and loves you, don’t be embarrassed about being yourself. Don’t wish to be someone else. And don’t be arrogant. Simply be you!

2. He Placed You Here Now

It doesn’t matter what your beginnings were. The fact that you exist here and now is a strong case God has plans for you on the globe in this timeline.

3. You are Unique

Your uniqueness pleases God. No one else on earth is like you. Since you are one-of-a-kind, why not thankfully serve God your own unique, creative way – even in simple, small things?

4. You Have Important Skills And Gifts

Since you have specific spiritual gifts, personality, skill sets, and valuable experience, you can explore ways to serve the Lord. Why not figure out your intended life purpose? When you ask God for wisdom, He helps you know how to impact your world.

5. Only You Can Do What You Were Created To Do

It’s time to relax into Christ. Time to prayerfully seek and pursue what God created you to do. Thoughtful living means being the best “you” possible for God’s glory.

  • Be open.
  • Embrace humility.
  • Be willing to learn and grow.
  • Stretch yourself to the next level.
  • Stay connected to Jesus to know Him and His Word well.
  • Focus on Jesus’ interests over your own. You’ll find your own interests blossoming.


6. It’s Your Choice To Trust And Obey God

Your most credible work on this earth is to believe and obey God – no matter what happens.

7. You Can Bless Others On Behalf Of Jesus

You are part of God’s thrust into His global interests. Others need something you have to give. People next door. People on the other side of the world.

Here ways to employ your resources, local and abroad:

  • Pray for individuals and groups.
  • Give portions of your resources to help.
  • Are you a writer?
  • Are you a teacher?
  • The world needs godly musicians.
  • Can you cook?
  • Love kids?
  • Have a soft spot for older people?
  • Many communities need Christian doctors and nurses.
  • Engineer? Might I mention water supplies, agriculture, buildings?
  • Home maker and mom?
  • Nature admirer or sky gazer?


8. You Represent God’s Heart To Others 

You are a living example, a representative, of Jesus. (Jn. 13:15; 1 Cor. 11:1; Titus 2:7) Do others see Christ’s love in your life? Have you explored what you can do to portray the Lord to a broken world?

Your Life Jar

Since God likes you, you should like yourself. Your life matters, and you decide how that will look. But God has great ideas to help. Let’s use an example of a jar and different sizes of rocks to illustrate how to fill your life with things God values and things people need.

It can be puzzling to fill your life jar with the right rocks, the best size, and in the right order. Which do you choose? There are principles and action steps to help you decide. Your life jar matters!

God tells His children, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’” (Is. 30:21) He’s proud of who He created you to be and wants to help!

Big Rocks

To prove God loves you so much, He became human – like you. Jesus gives an example of the most important things to include in your life – the big rocks – to be a healthy person.

During His life on earth, Jesus filled His own life jar. His life work helps you fill your life jar with big rocks first. He:

  • Conquered death and gives you eternal life.
  • Overpowered the devil and gives you Himself as a dear friend.
  • Ended slavery to sin and set you free forever.
  • Overcame fear and gives you courage.


Middle-Sized Rocks

Each day, Jesus adds middle-sized rocks to your life jar:

  • Hope in depression.
  • Companionship instead of loneliness.
  • Healing for sickness.
  • Direction in hardships.
  • Wisdom for decisions.
  • Power to overcome debilitating habits and patterns.
  • Encouragement and acceptance in broken relationships.


Little Rocks

As proof Jesus has on-going interest in little rocks of your life, He adds blessings to fit into tiny spaces of your life jar:

  • Finding lost car keys.
  • Being able to pay medical bills.
  • Helping rework your budget to address shortage of finances.
  • Miraculous provision for an item you need.
  • Redeeming a ruined opportunity.
  • Healing.
  • And so many more.



All these rocks (big, middle-sized, and little) fill your life jar. However, in the cracks between the rocks, Jesus gives a divine cushion of sand:  peace, joy, intervention, comfort, hope, and more.

Since He likes and loves you, Jesus gives help in the face of the bullies that make your life tough! He gives wisdom and understanding to handle your life problems. Of course, He also adds unexpected blessings that surprise you.

Because He is human like you, Jesus has intimate exposure to your sufferings, challenges, and losses. He identifies with you through first-hand experience. In every way, He is like you – except without sin. Human to His middle! God to His middle! Not only does Jesus fill your life jar with big rocks, middle-sized rocksand little rocks. He fills remaining space with divine sand of His grace.

Maybe you should care less about how much others like you. Like yourself more, and enjoy how much God likes you.



Jesus Understands You, And Still Likes You

Above every other person, Jesus understands you. He practices mercy, faithfulness, and grace toward you, while serving the interests of His Father on your behalf.

You have a Father who is loving, wise, strong, committed, sacrificing, and bully-smashing. He is also your High Priest, Counselor, Mentor, Companion, and Friend. All these to fill your life jar because God likes you!

Many people don’t believe these things about God. They don’t want His help and doubt God’s heart toward them. And they certainly don’t think God likes them. So their life jar is filled awkwardly – unbalanced.

Application Thoughts And Questions

  1. What’s in your life jar?
  2. Do you know how to get all the right rocks in the right order in your life jar?
  3. Because God gives second changes, are you willing to dump out your jar and fill it with God’s good rocks?
  4. Do you believe God likes you?
  5. And do you like yourself?
  6. Will you help others fill their life jar in a way that pleases God?
  7. Why not open up to God’s blessings, and then turn around to bless others?


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