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Every morning, I take certain medications. Perhaps you do, as well. Some people take a daily vitamin pill. Many meds are critical to promote health and bring balance to systems that need assistance. If you need a chemical your body is short on, there are options in most cases. Sometimes in the middle of a day, you just need something for a headache. Pills and creams of every kind help you maintain a healthy body. Too bad there isn’t a pill for courage, or a cream for confidence. I wonder. Is it possible to take a daily dose?

Courage and Confidence

In every detail of your life, you can have courage and confidence that God is helping and leading. You take your daily dose with a big glass of faith. Swallow it down no matter how you feel, how the day looks, what kinds of odds have invaded. If you choose to take courage and exercise confidence in God, you are golden. Why? Because God never changes. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Heb. 13:8) The source of your supply is constant.

You can train yourself to stay in this place of courage and confidence in God. As you take in these qualities daily, you find it becomes a state of being. It becomes your reality. An invisible place where you live your life. Your influence has God’s power. Let’s look at this place.

Stay in Courage and Confidence

Even though you may find yourself on a field of battle against the enemy, this place is one of rest and peace. By claiming confidence that Jesus is who He says He is, and that He is already in action as you trust and obey, your heart can rest in His control. By exercising courage in spite of turmoil, you find peace that can’t really be explained replacing anxiety. Your daily dose makes a difference.

Through God’ grace, you find wisdom in this place as you believe Him for it. It is possible to avoid worldly wisdom as you abide in God’s wisdom. Worldly wisdom is something you engage because you think that’s what you should do. Godly wisdom is something you engage because God leads you to do it. The two sound similar, but are vastly different. God’s wisdom saves you from unhelpful choices and avoidable trouble. Have you taken your daily dose today?

In the place of confidence and courage, you will know better how to interact with others in your scope of influence. Your interactions with the world, its organizations, and its people will be bathed in a sincerity and a holiness that comes only from God. Everyone needs a daily dose for relationships.

More Benefits of Living With Courage and Confidence

A perk from living in this place is having a clear conscience. What a freedom! If your conscience has been seared from lack of trusting and obeying God, turn to Him immediately. Confess whatever is between you and Him. Ask forgiveness and then ask Jesus to heal your conscience. If you want to hear His sweet voice, you need this. Depending how deeply you may have seared your conscience, it might take time for healing to restore it. But God loves healing consciences. He’s a pro – a doctor of knowledge, resources, and power. And He loves you so much. His daily dose of love heals. Just commit yourself to His over care and follow His lead. Healing will come.

Your plans will accomplish God’s purposes. When your planning is not focused on your agenda but on God’s, it will be sturdy even if God allows a swerve in direction. You will have joy taking care of Jesus Christ’s interests, like a love gift back to Him. The courage you exercise here will always bring a harvest.

You will no longer shift back and forth, but will drive a steady line through your days.

Silly drama that robs energy will fall off your radar as you side-step the paths that enter that place of folly.

Follow Me

Stay in the place of courage and confidence. It is a place of “Yes!” When you say “yes” to a daily dose of God, your whole life turns into a “yes.” It may feel like you are losing everything to abandon your agenda and replace it with God’s. That’s a deception. In reality, you are putting yourself in the very place of gaining everything. Of course, it will look differently than you think, and that’s OK. Let God overrule every plan you make. Your part is to trust Him and stand firm in obedience, even if everything suddenly shifts. You might not like the shifting, but just say “yes” to God. Take the pill. Take courage. Exercise confidence – and see what God is accomplishing in realms you cannot fathom.

Why not stay in the place of “yes?” All God’s promises are “yes” for those who believe. (2 Cor. 1:20) So start claiming them. Jesus opens every door He intends you to walk through. He makes His personal resources available to you as you obey. He helps you stand firm, and He helps you rest.

Have you taken your daily dose of courage and confidence? Are you saying “yes” to God?

Article developed from 2 Cor. 1:12-24.

For more ideas and encouragement – here is a mini-library on How to Live A Committed Life.




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