National Author’s Day For an Author


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National Author's Day For an Author

I did not know Nov. 1 was National Author’s Day. My family surprised me with a lovely Author’s Day Tea. We enjoyed a yummy spread including homemade scones and clotted cream. Why did they do this? Well, they love me. But the main reason? I’m an author!

It’s been a fascinating journey, and I’ve learned so much. I’d like to tell you about my work.

Resources - BooksWhat I Do as an Author

I never dreamed I’d become an author. I was busy doing other things in life. Writing wasn’t on my radar. It blipped across my screen occasionally when a person said, “You should write! You have the skills and a unique strong message.” That comment came regularly enough to “bug me,” which gave me courage to take scary steps to write and publish.

From my current perch, where I am now, I’d say my initial steps years ago were wobbly. Yet, years of aiming for creativity and developing a platform for my message brought some results. I’ve worked hard to present my message to readers and listeners.

What Is My Message?

Well, I’ve authored eight hardcopy books, several e-books, and generally weekly blog articles along with podcasts. These resources help people develop a fresh relationship with God while growing in faith and character to be more like Jesus. My strong message? “God is who He claims. You can trust Him. He loves you so much! His Word is alive and active with relevant information and power to help you live well. God invites you to be His friend.” What a message filled with hope!

Why I Do What I Do as an Author

As an author, I want people to know God for who He is. I guess you could say it’s my passion. So few know Him as an intimate Friend, and most don’t live in His power. It’s a tough world! God’s greatness, compassion, and goodness are for you. Knowing God and living in the power of His Word is for you.

When much younger, I realized how unseasoned and unpracticed I was in my faith. That self-analysis made me sad. So, I begged God for help. I remember His impression in my heart – “I will change you, but it will always be in the moment as you obey My prompts.” I worked hard that year. A year later I looked back and was shocked. I had become a different person. Peace, patience, and joy had increased. I enjoyed God’s friendship. I still have so much growing to do, but that’s exciting.

Christians need a boost in their faith. They are looking for quality materials that provide relevant spiritual help, practical action steps, and encouragement in this modern world. Many Christians need a good dose of hope. It’s challenging to live as an authentic, sincere Jesus follower, especially with things going on in the world now. So, I regularly provide articles, books, e-books, and podcasts.

My Hardcopy Books

(you might find this interesting)

I don’t do this often, but since it was National Author’s Day recently, I’ll tell you about my projects. It’s a bit of a journey through history for me as an author.

Some Hardcopy Books – Click on book pictures to see more.

The first book I wrote, Reach Back: Intentionally Reaching Back to God, explores hot topics of daily discipleship to strengthen Christians in God’s principles. It takes you down into the nitty – gritty of how to be an effective believer in Jesus. It’s my second most popular book. Some go through it three and four times to pull concepts into their daily living.

My second book, Celebrate Advent: A Life Response to Emmanuel, is my most popular. It has an interesting history. Decades ago, I pulled material together to informally help my children prepare their hearts for Christmas. The Lord led to polish it and publish for others to use. It tenderly prepares you to celebrate Jesus’ birth – by going through Isaiah backwards! So fun!

Project three had a unique start, too. SharpShooting: Your Bronze Bow was developed with one of my archer kids in mind. It goes through Matthew. Studying that gospel, I was impressed that Jesus always shoots straight to the bulls-eye of every life issue. He’s a brilliant Sharpshooter. I gave my grown kids a “home-printed-and-published” copy at Christmas. After a couple of months going through it, they said I should publish it for others. So I did.

I did not want to write the fourth book, Despicable We: Studies in Ezekiel. God kept pressing. Daily, I studied this difficult Bible book. Some days, I said – “God, if you don’t give me something, I won’t have anything to write today.” He always gave something. Ezekiel is full of God’s judgment and rightful anger. But each session gives a twinkle of hope through Jesus. Broken can be transformed. God invites you into hope. Despicable We is full of hope.

More Hardcopy BooksClick on book pictures to see more.

Shadows of Things to Come is an adventurous exploration of Hebrews. What rich material applicable to every believer in Jesus. Shadows are all around you. They are meaningful because they represent something real. God’s love is artfully expressed through life’s shadows. The book is full of inspiration to live in the real world, even with all the shadows. So the fifth book came to be.

When God led to author It’s Your Move: Strategies in Thinking, I gulped. A theologian I’m not. So I took a “people’s view” to inspire believers to logically explore the material for fresh, practical, strategic application to their lives. Romans gives you strategies to win on life’s chessboard. Why not learn how to play to win where it matters to God?

Then God led to develop the rest of Paul’s writings. “Wow” is all I could say. What a job assimilating 1 and 2 Corinthians into material relevant to modern people – the i-generation of this digital age. Did you know you can actually author your own life e-pistle as you live each day? Your techie peers and family are “reading” your life. With this in mind, E-pistles For an i-Generation: Relevant in a Digital Age was penned. These letters from Paul are filled with ancient, practical principles that have been long forgotten. They are relevant in our digital age, and they help you live your life – better.

The sequel volume MORE E-pistles For an i-Generation: Relevant in a Digital Age focuses on Paul’s letters, many written in prison, Galatians all the way through Philemon. This book finishes Paul’s writings – so relevant to the i-generation we live in. It also continues the theme – you can rediscover God’s ancient, practical principles that are still relevant in our modern world.

My E-books  Click on book pictures to see more.

How to Effectively Get Into God’s Word: Even With a Super Busy Life gives you practical action steps to get into Scripture for a meaningful life in a fast-paced, high-impact world. Its a free e-book when you sign up on my email list.

The e-book, Prepare for Christmas Without Missing It was born out of extreme busy-ness that stripped me of a meaningful Christmas one year. Never again! And I want to share secrets I learned with others. You can have a meaningful Christmas while addressing many details of the holidays. It has lots of great ideas, short-cuts, action steps, and helpful hints to have a great Christmas without missing it.

As a trained counselor, I’ve noticed many people feel like losers. They get locked into habits and patterns and can’t break free. I’m Not A Loser: How to Change Old Habits and Patterns is an e-book filled with compassion, encouragement, and action steps to develop new habits and patterns. You can change how you see yourself, change your habits and patterns, and you can draw close to God.

How To Get My Resources and Books

These resources can help you. See what is available on my website.  Sign up for my email list and for podcasts. There’s a whole library of podcasts you can listen to while on the elliptical, doing chores, traveling, or walking the neighborhood.

May God bless you richly as you apply His Word in practical ways that transform your life. These are difficult days but our God is faithful.







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