God is for you!  There are times you might struggle to believe that. Moments of deep disappointment, loss and loneliness. Long periods of waiting that bring discontent and doubt.

The fact remains – God loves you deeply. He wants you to succeed and do well in your life. He has a special place in His heart just for you. God has many blessings and good things for you to enjoy. He also knows how difficult life can be. With the presence of sin, this world is in continual tension, and that’s challenging to live with.

So, He names Himself for you.

Names of God: For You!

God is sovereign over all events and people. He knows you cannot understand many things that happen in life. For those troublesome times, He gives you the gift of Himself through many names He calls Himself. Scripture is filled with names for God.

A Piece of History:

In the Old Testament when God adopted the Hebrew people as His own, He didn’t have a name.

When God approached Moses to go to Egypt and set His people free, Moses wanted to know who it was that spoke to him from the burning bush. Who should he tell the people of Israel sent him to set them free. The story is recorded in Exodus 3. Since God didn’t have a name, God told Moses, “I am who I am.”  God was simply saying that He is, and that state of “always being” crosses all time and conditions. Then, He specifically identified what He wanted to be called:  I Am.

Gradually, His name became known as YHWH. His name was revered and considered so holy that it wasn’t written or spoken in the common tongue in a way that could be pronounced. Gradually, vowels were added and it became “Yahweh.”

Throughout the Scriptures, God calls Himself many names. And every one of those names is for your benefit, not for His. The God with no name, names Himself for you. He names Himself to meet your specific needs. God created you with needs. That is part of His plan. He intends to meet all your needs as you depend on Him in the rhythms of life.

Psalm 103:13-14 declares God has intimate knowledge about you. He knows how you are formed. He remembers your limitations. He has compassion on you when you trust and obey Him – like a loving father cares for his children.

God did not create you to be self-sufficient, but rather to need Him. Self-sufficiency is man-made. God made you with needs. He is OK with that. Are you?


The following are some of the names God calls Himself for you. Write what each name means to you. Be encouraged in your “neediness.”  Let go of being self-sufficient. God calls Himself “I AM.”  I AM all things . . . for you, always. God is sufficient to meet all your needs.

Psalm 62:7 Rock
Psalm 62:8 Refuge
I John 3:1 Father
John 15:15 Friend
Matthew 12:49-50 Brother
Psalm 28:7 Shield
Exodus 15:26 Healer
Hebrews 13:6 Helper
Psalm 23:1 Shepherd

Fill Out Your Own Chart:  Identify some of your own needs. Then find a Scripture that names God for each of your needs. Claim God’s power and provision through each name and apply the promises to your life by faith. God will always keep His promises. Let Him define what it will look like. Just trust Him, obey Him, and love Him back. Relate to Him with a smile and gratitude in your heart.

God is for you!

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