This Is It!!

Alive and Active Life
This Is It!!

If you were to say – “this is it!!” – when would you say it?

  • After looking for years, you meet the person you want to marry.
  • You just found the house of your dreams.
  • Your friend serves the most mouth-watering dessert.
  • Political parties finally decide to work together for the good of a nation.
  • A tool you only dreamed about – but needed on occasion – is on the store shelf in front of you.
  • You made it to your 65th birthday and can retire.
  • The job of your highest hopes becomes yours.
  • The weather cooperates enough to “get out there and pull your crops in.”
  • After years of caring for patients, science finds a cure your patients need.
  • You find the perfect puppy for your kids.
  • After shopping for weeks – you find the exact outfit for a special occasion.
  • Plus – so many other times in life!


That’s right! This is it!!

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