This Is It!!

Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
This Is It!!

If you were to say – “this is it!!” – when would you say it?

  • After looking for years, you meet the person you want to marry.
  • You just found the house of your dreams.
  • Your friend serves the most mouth-watering dessert.
  • Political parties finally decide to work together for the good of a nation.
  • A tool you only dreamed about – but needed on occasion – is on the store shelf in front of you.
  • You made it to your 65th birthday and can retire.
  • The job of your highest hopes becomes yours.
  • The weather cooperates enough to “get out there and pull your crops in.”
  • After years of caring for patients, science finds a cure your patients need.
  • You find the perfect puppy for your kids.
  • After shopping for weeks – you find the exact outfit for a special occasion.
  • Plus – so many other times in life!


That’s right! This is it!!

Exclamation Marks

I want you to notice something. If you go back through my introduction, you’ll notice I use two exclamation points each time I say, “this is it!!”

Why two exclamation points? I hardly ever do that as a writer. In fact, I don’t often use exclamation points very often. So what’s up with two of those punctuation marks?

I promise to answer that question . . . in a bit. But first, I want to point out – an exclamation point is used to emphasize a point or express strong emotion or even surprise. Honestly, good writing uses words to do this most of the time – because words are effective. But once-in-a-while, an exclamation point is needed.

This Is It!!

So, when God says “this is it!!” we need to look at it. When does He say “this is it!!”?

Good question. I can’t get inside God’s mind to answer that adequately. But based on things Scripture declares, let’s take a stab at it:

  • Don’t you think God would have said “this is it!!” after making an incredibly beautiful creation out of nothing?
  • I really suspect He thought it – if not also said it – when He created mankind.
  • The very moment when Jesus slipped into a manger to redeem the human race, God was making a point: “this is it!!”
  • And even more dramatic is when Almighty God’s “this is it!!” echoed through the universe at Christ’s resurrection.
  • Don’t you agree He also says it every time someone trusts Jesus for salvation?
  • And every time you grow forward in faith, I believe God proudly exclaims – “this is it!!”


I’m sure there are more situations God proclaims His strong emotion or makes a definite point. But I have a hunch God doesn’t always use an exclamation point. Like an author utilizing writing skills, God makes His point by His Written Word (Scripture) and His Living Word (Jesus). He simply says and does what is best and good.

What About Questions?

If you’re like me, you have more questions than answers the longer you live. Then again, questions can sometimes be so piercing, they have exclamation marks following the question marks. Like this – “?!!” – essentially emphasizing what you don’t know. Sometimes those marks bookend deep hurts.

Upon considering God’s design for people, it’s blaringly definable – God is the Someone to esteem, support, and nurture each individual person. He also intends each person to esteem Him – first, most, and above all others.

Yet, the brokenness of life, losses and griefs imposed against our wishes, messes we end up in sometimes, and rejection dished out by others – these sometimes cause some people to doubt God.

When God Means “This Is It!!”

Something God is faithful to repeat is His love for each individual.

  • You
  • Me
  • Our families
  • Friends
  • Enemies
  • People who don’t fit into your ideals about “The Church”
  • Unrepentant sinners
  • Hordes of people living in sin
  • And on goes the list of people God loves.


God’s Word is saturated with claims of His love, actions that prove His love, and even sorrowful grieving because people have not believed Him. People reject the Love they need most in life – God’s love. So many look at Jesus and do NOT say “this is it!!” How terribly sad.

Did you catch my word? “reject.” This response people make back to a God who loves them happens thousands of times every day. And they also reject one another as many times a day. So, why all this rejection?

Perhaps for some, God doesn’t measure up to their ideals (as if it hangs on their opinion). I would venture a guess that others might reject God out of their own losses and pain. Still, others might intellectualize the whole “God-thing” and decide to reject it.

Consequently, there is a very specific time God says, “this is it!!” Let’s take a look.

By No Means!

I was surprised – almost stunned – one day in my quiet time when I saw a definite exclamation point after something God said. That rarely happens in Scripture. Again, good authors says what they want to say with words. And God certainly has said what He wants to say with His Written and Living Word. BUT, there it was – right in front of me on the page. “By no means!”

Back Story

Here’s the back story. It’s from Romans chapter 10 and Deuteronomy chapter 32. I’m simply going to lay it out in point form for easy reference.

  • God is speaking from a very sad heart. In fact, He likely has a broken heart. Why?
  • Not all His people accepted the good news about Jesus, even though they heard it. In fact, they heard all about the coming Son of God all the way back to Isaiah – and even before!
  • God had grown weary of His people’s vanities, their “nothingnesses,” their promised pursuits of Him that ended up like a mere vapor. 
  • Since His people had historically often responded to Him as a “no-God,” He decided to take a “no-people” and bless them with what was intended for His people. This “no-people” – in other words – not Israel and not in a covenant relationship with Him – is a people that did not have the “fear of the Lord.” So, He favored them over Israel because Israel had rejected Him.
  • God was “found by those who did not seek Me; I revealed Myself to those who did not ask for Me.” (Rom. 10:20 – Isaiah is speaking.)
  • God’s heart still longs for His people. Even as He proclaimed – “All day long I have held out My hands to a disobedient and obstinate people.” (Rom. 10:21)


Paul picks up with a message for God’s people – quite like an appeal. He asks them, point-blank (and this is where that interesting exclamation point appears) . . . “Did God reject His people? By no means!(Rom 11:1) That is God’s bold statement with an attitude. Check it out. Even the exclamation point is in Scripture.

So, Why Two Exclamation Points?

I promised to answer the question why I’ve used two exclamation points in this content when I write “this is it!!” Simply? It’s for emphasis. I want to draw your attention to something exceptional. If this is so incredibly important to God to express with emphasis, then it should be utterly important to you and me. When God says “I have not rejected you. By no means! Then you immediately have hope.


No one wants to be rejected, left alone, overlooked. Each person wants to be important, valued, loved. God purposefully created people with these inner desires. In conclusion, He made all people to need to be special.

He also made people to care about making a difference. And to care about others.

Incidentally, here’s how God meets that need to be special He put inside you.

First, God has you tenderly in His heart. And He values and loves you.

Secondly, it is consequential that He is the one who gave you life, a unique person-hood, your individual looks, skill set, abilities, dreams, pursuits, etc.

Nevertheless and thirdly, since this relationship is so important to God, He wants you to value and love Him back. However, it’s not because God has needs. It’s because He knows He is the best thing for you. God completes you. Being your Designer, He knows everything you need and desire.

And finallyGod has not rejected you. He says, “Never will I leave you. Never will I forsake you.” (Heb. 13:5) “I have loved you with an everlasting love: I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” (Jer. 31:3) Subsequently, if there is any rejection going on, it comes from people, not God.

People rejecting God. People rejecting people. That’s when rejection takes place.

Application Thoughts And Questions

  1. As you’ve been hurt, disappointed, become tired and disillusioned – have you rejected God?
  2. Have you rejected His love because you feel insecure, afraid, or doubtful?
  3. Do you know God is deeply sad when you don’t accept He wants to bless you?
  4. And finally, ask yourself – Has God rejected you? Of course not!!


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**Alexander, W.L. Pulpit Commentary, vol. 3, edited by H.D.M. Spence and Joseph S. Exell, Eerdmans, 1950, pp. 501.

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