I love autumn colors! I wait for them every year. Yet, even as I enjoy the splashes of color that cheer the world, these colors remind me of something quite sobering, something that helps me.

All summer we enjoy the living green around us. Everything seems “regular.” Normal. OK. Many shades and hues of green co-exist. It is easy for a green leaf to blend into the extensive quilt of varying degrees of green. This world of green is comfortable. It feels healthy. Dependable.

Then the summer days shorten, crisp air crawls over the earth, and a thin veneer of frost lingers till sun rays melt it mid-morning. Unannounced, quietly, ever-so-slightly it begins – the “first peek” of colors under those green leaves. The true colors that are present all the time start to show when fall gently pushes summer to the side.

As a child, I remember learning that chlorophyll pulls inward from the outer parts of a plant into the center to preserve it in the winter. As a result, colors that were hidden when the chlorophyll was present begin to show. In other words, you see the leaf’s true colors.

Every year as this transformation from steady green to the colorful fall display takes place, it’s an opportunity to look seriously at your own true colors . . . underneath the daily chlorophyll . . . where others don’t see.

  • What is revealed when stress and pressure push to the breaking point?
  • What is present in my heart that God sees and I try to hide?
  • What would others see if the coatings, veneers, and presentations were pulled back?
  • What do I try to hide – and why?
  • What is the worst that would happen if I decided to be honest about myself?
  • How can I change my colors to be more beautiful and pleasing to God?



Sobering questions. Critical questions. Yet, asking and answering them helps you and me live an authentic life.


Would you join me in asking good questions that will help keep our colors beautiful and glorifying to God?


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