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Voice In Your Head

Ever Hear That Voice In Your Head?

Have you ever been tempted to think you are no good? Less than? Not worth as much as someone else? Do you know who is planting those ideas in your head? Your enemy. And it just so happens your enemy is also God’s enemy. That puts you in good company. Did you know you can decide who is the voice in your head? If you choose to, you can side with God and hear His voice. After all, He IS on the right side – the winning side. The voice in your head doesn’t need to be the enemy. It can be Jesus.

Jesus not only helps you think correctly – according to His wonderful Word. He’s also the best voice in your heart. Jesus will always only tell you true things. He will whisper God’s love for you. He’s already informed you He created you for Himself to do good works. (Eph. 2:10) You are born into privilege and are part of His royal family. (1 Pet. 2:9) In fact, you are worth so much that Jesus came to earth to give His life in your stead. You are worth so much to God. THAT is the voice you need to hear in your head and in your heart – all day, every day.

Voice In Your Head Is Always Talking Down

Pulling Down

The enemy is always talking down to God’s children. You see, he knows he no longer has power over you . . . except through deception. Since you trusted that Jesus has covered you with His precious blood, which covers all sins, the enemy can no longer control you. So, he lies to you – all the time – to try to regain control. Jesus calls him the father of lies. He is the one underneath all global and individual lies.

God’s enemy and your enemy works feverishly to pull you down. How can you combat this? Stay close to Jesus. Stay in God’s Word – reading, memorizing, meditating (picturing application in your life). Then apply God’s Word to your life. When you do these things and believe everything Jesus has said, you have your best strategy to knock the power out of your enemy’s attack. And God will take care of you.

Pulling Away

The enemy is also constantly trying to trick you and trip you up. He just hates that you are now saved and safe from his clutch. So, he continually tries to get you to move away from Jesus, even if just a bit at a time. You know – that desensitization thing. Once he gets you out of God’s protective force field, you are “fair game.” Jude 21a is a fabulous and simple verse. It says, “Keep yourself in God’s love . . . “ That’s your part. The actual protection? That’s God’s part. And the enemy knows he totally can never beat God. So, he works feverishly to pull you away. To combat this, you need to stay close to Jesus – soaking up His love and esteem for you by faith, talking freely with Him about everything.

Pulling You Apart

And then there’s that! The enemy is continually trying to accuse you – some of it rightful (which is why you needed a Savior. Me, too.) – but much of it wrongful (which is how he uses guilt and shame in God’s people’s hearts). Your enemy has intimate knowledge about you and starts to rip at you and shred you to pieces. He hopes you will eventually despair of life and crumble into a heap. So, he works feverishly to pull you apart. To combat this, you need to stay close to Jesus and live inside the salvation and strength provided by a loving, compassionate, forgiving, merciful God, your Father.

Now stop reading a minute. Go back into the above three sections. What phrase is underlined? That’s what you do first, middle, and last to stay covered – yes, protected even when you are in the cross hairs of the enemy. Stay close to Jesus!

A Fabulous Quote From a Musician Long Ago

I’d like to share a powerful quote that landed squarely in my soul many years ago. It is a quote of truth, historical accuracy, and rich hope.

“Now have come the Salvation and Strength of the Kingdom and Might of our God and of His Christ. For he is cast down: he who accused them night and day before God.” (J.S.Bach)

And so Jesus took care of it!

What deep understanding this composer had. Centuries ago, he cried out forward into time to you and to me, to all of us. He is saying, “Don’t trust your enemy. Don’t listen to his voice in your head. He’s your accuser. Trust the One who worked Salvation for you . . . the One who gives you daily Strength: our God and His Christ!” You can safely live even in times of spiritual warfare by listening to the voice in your head that will always tell you the truth! And what do you do to combat that voice that keeps talking down to you? – Stay close to Jesus.

Mr. Bach was quoting Rev. 12:10. “Now the salvation and the power of the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come, for the accuser of the brothers has been thrown down, who accuses them day and night before our God.” What an incredible verse? Did you know it was in Revelation?

Some Advice and Questions

My advice to you? Don’t trust the accuser’s voice in your head. Don’t trust your enemy with anything. Ignore his work to pull you down, pull you away, and pull you apart. Trust God’s Spirit in your head and your heart. And stay close to Jesus.

Here are 3 practical reasons you should always stay close to Jesus:

  1. He always only tells you the truth. Jesus will always pull you up and build you up. He’s committed to you forever and will never leave or forsake you. [Acts 20:32; Mt. 28:20; Heb. 13:5]
  2. Jesus always wants to pull you closer. He invites you to come to Him, to draw near. Jesus works to pull you close. [Mt. 11:28; Jas. 4:8]
  3. The Lord always holds you together (if you let Him). He is committed to your welfare with plans to give you a future and a hope. [Col. 1:17; Jer. 29:11]

So while that voice in your head that’s speaking down to you is always trying to pull you down, pull you away, and pull you apart. . . stay close to Jesus. He will pull you up, pull you close, and hold you together. You can have absolute steady, strong, standing in the face of the enemy. Just don’t let his voice in your head. Keep the voice of Jesus in your head.

God’s advice to you? “Listen to My voice in your head and in your heart! I love you forever! Stay close to Me!”

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