Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
12 Qualities of Noble Character

A noble person engages in specific behaviors. It doesn’t matter if they want to. Or if it’s convenient. They simply choose to do what should be done. Daily life for a person aiming for noble character becomes proof they have decided to operate on principles that last. Principles that form a foundation. Principles that are pleasing to God. Because they engage life at this level, they also develop some impressive rock-solid character qualities.

What does noble character look like? Here is a List of 12 Excellent Qualities:

  1. Inspires confidence in and from others.
  2. Works to increase value in people and in situations.
  3. Focuses on good, never harm.
  4. “Selects” from life resources with eagerness to meet needs, addressing basic needs first.
  5. Invests and re-invests, starting with the lives of people.
  6. Works with energy, purpose, and a plan (no laziness).
  7. Looks for good deals and makes a budget work.
  8. Puts in a full, quality day.
  9. Invests available time in purposeful activities.
  10. Never forgets the poor.
  11. Always cares for family with loving, respectful interactions. They also provide the best quality their budget allows – never overspending, squandering, or over-indulging. Family members know they are special and living in a royal household:
    1. Basic needs met.
    2. Special treats occasionally provided.
    3. Fine enjoyments in daily living as budget allows.
  12. Builds respectfully with all people as they interact in their community.

What a list to aim for! Whatever your profession. All walks of life. Every personality. Each unique skill set and perspective. These character qualities are applicable and universal.

How many of these qualities do you daily “sport?”

Noble character also “dresses” a certain way. I’m talking about the attire of the non-physical realm. A dress code of conduct you literally “feel” wrapped around you. It’s in that dimension where you can ascertain things about another person by how they dress their personality, their approach, their demeaner, their communications. They wear:

  • Strength
  • Dignity
  • Pleasant confidence and a fun heart
  • Wisdom
  • Faithful instruction (They choose not to become weary of receiving helpful feedback.)
  • Alertness and watchfulness
  • Active, engaging interactions
  • Openness to receive the gifts and contributions of others in return.

Noble character does NOT focus on goals like:

  1. Getting others to think a certain way about you. (Charm. Popularity.)
  2. Getting others to see you a certain way. (Attractive. Intelligent.)

It’s not wrong to have a great reputation and to have people think well of you. Hardly! Yet, these are not the goal or focus of a noble person. If you are focusing on the above List of 12 Excellent Qualities, you will have a great reputation. People will think well of you even if they disagree with you on various issues.

On the other hand, if you focus on these 2 goals over and above the List of 12 Excellent Qualities, you will find yourself engaging in manipulation. Your reputation will become questionable, and you literally contribute to people not thinking well of you. Why? Because you will have become untrustworthy. Trust always focuses on the right things.

Noble character FIRST AND FOREMOST practices the “fear of the Lord.” Such a person becomes a credible model, in the pattern of Jesus Christ, who gave us the example of nobility.

(Developed from Prov. 31 – which is not just intended for the ladies! The Lord wanted His daughters to be recognized for godly character in a world that had focused significantly on men. Truly, the expectation was that men were already aiming for and practicing these very qualities regularly.)

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