Been Lied To?

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Been Lied To?

Have you ever been lied to? I’m guessing you have. I have, too. It’s a devastating experience. You don’t know who to trust going forward. Consequently, that’s the power of a lie. It tears down trust and ruins what could otherwise be healthy and dependable. Although it’s become more common – even normal – to lie, all lies come from one place. Jesus identifies that source.

The Father Of Lies

The father of lies is not a myth or fairy tale. Rather, he’s one of God’s created beings.

The Bible says this being was created with perfection, blameless, a guardian cherub – till wickedness was found in you.” (Ez. 28:15b) 

Before there was a “tempter,” this guardian cherub possessed great power and was very beautiful. So much so, that he filled up with something not true to his created self. He filled up with himself! Since he focused more on himself than God (who created him and gave him power and beauty), he changed and became the tempter. All because of a lie in his own heart.

At this point, he was filled with violence, became proud, adopted corrupted wisdom (lies), and was driven by God out of His glorious realm. (Ez. 28:16-17) And so, the father of lies began his work of utter destruction of the human race.

Jn. 8:44 says, “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires . . . there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Whoever does not follow Jesus, follows the father of lies . . . by default (not being true to one’s created self). And so, there’s conflict.

Been Lied To?

We have no hope in our fallen condition. Because of this, the cross is our only hope to be reconciled to God and our true identity. Jesus makes it possible for you to be the glorious person He created. Additionally, He demonstrated God’s deep love for you and His desire for reconnection.

A person identifies with either truth or lies, all based on choices. So, it’s wise to be exceedingly careful in big things and small details. Have you been lied to? Are you being the “true you?” Or are you filled up with something not true to your created self?

Life patterns matter. Consequently, what you think, say, and do – matters. Because choices normalize things, they affect your life and others’ lives. You have a choice: normalize truth or normalize lies. How can you do this?

Pursue truthful ideas, honest interactions, and honorable character to normalize truth. Truth is found in Christ.

Although lies are often thought of as “what people say,” it’s much greater than that. It’s “how people live.” Subsequently, the life people choose – determines who they become. A person who believes untrue things increasingly becomes part of the lies. However, if they believe and act on true things, they increasingly become more “true!”

Jesus is true. Believe Him.


What do weeds have to do with being lied to?

In Mt. 13:37-43, Jesus tells a parable. After He identified good and evil, He also identified the source of evil, the source of lies – using weeds. Jesus used an example people understood. He described what went wrong with the harvest in a certain field.

Here’s a bullet list of things Jesus explained when His disciples asked for clarification of the parable:

  • The one who sowed good seed is the Son of Man.
  • The field is the world.
  • Good seed represents people of the kingdom.
  • Weeds are people who believe the evil one.
  • The enemy who sows weeds is the devil.
  • The harvest is the end of the age.
  • Harvesters are angels.
  • Weeds are pulled up and burned in the fire . . . at the end of the age.
  • The Son of Man will send His angels to weed-out everything that is a lie.
  • And they will throw it all into the blazing furnace.
  • The righteous will shine like the sun – being true to their created identity, as citizens of God’s kingdom..
  • Incidentally, Jesus ends with His famous saying – “Whoever has ears, let them hear.”


Why use this particular parable when talking about lies?

Weeds are something you get rid of, right? How many hours do you spend in your gardens pulling out weeds? So, why not just leave them?

Those unwanted plants compete with tender, young, “wanted” plants. Because weeds grow big and spread quickly, they take over the entire area that would bring a harvest. Quite literally, weeds change the landscape of a garden from beauty to disarray, from glory to destruction, from a true harvest to a faux harvest.

Lies grow big and spread quickly. Sadly, they take over large territory and change the landscape of humanity, nations, communities, history, and the glory God gave man. This tragic reality means individuals suffer – all because of lies. When lies are spoken, they normalize what is not true. Since this happens, it’s best to “pull them out!”

A faux harvest will not sustain healthy life. Faux harvests in people bring humanity down from the glory God created them with. It changes their intended essence, choices, and influence. No longer is humanity true to the original design. Rather, it is false from God’s created form. It is a lie.

Lies Change People

Incidentally, rebellion against the Creator (not being true to one’s created self) changed the glorious cherub guardian into the father of lies. In the same way, living or speaking a lie changes people.

Each day’s labor produces life harvest. As a result, when you sow anything less than high-quality seeds in your character, you plant a faux harvest. This planting of weeds fails. It’s not God’s design. Rather, it’s the crop and design of the father of lies.

This enemy sows false seeds in lives that change people. He, himself, changed – poorly. Therefore, his passion is to poorly change people, who were created in God’s image. It is noteworthy that God’s enemy hates you – all people – and works through lies to drag you down and undo you.

If you believe you are:

  • Less than
  • Not as valuable
  • Off God’s radar
  • Not salvageable
  • A poor excuse
  • Incapable
  • A failure
  • A miserable mistake
  • Too good to believe in God
  • Better than other people


– – – you’ve been lied to!

Truth Reborn

Jesus corrects all this falsehood. He proclaims truth! Furthermore, He came to take-up-and-away all “falseness” of the human heart. Even if you’ve been lied to – or lied about – Jesus makes it possible to speak and live in truth.

Since there’s nothing too hard for God’s brilliant strategy and wisdom, God established a plan where truth would expose lies. Consequently, another name some translations give the Lord is “Extraordinary Strategist.” Father and Son agreed on an unthinkable solution to normalize things again. “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” (Jn. 1: 14)

The Living Word spoke, lived, died, and resurrected. He normalized God’s ways again. Tragically, many people still believe lies.

Jesus’ example, ministry, and faithfulness all the way to the cross, redeemed man’s worth. Jesus salvaged the eternal value He’d sculpted into each person . . . before anyone was born. Subsequently, since He saw what the lie would do to His children, He normalized truth again. He freshly pronounced His original design over humanity by speaking and living truth.

Truth Changes People

Because Jesus calls things what they are (everyone is fallen, lost, sinful, trapped in wickedness), He also pro-actively develops good responses (action steps) to help us. Since, He knew exactly how to eliminate the power of the lie, He put a plan of redemption into motion. If you accept God’s intervention, your future is to live inside the normalcy of truth. The big picture changes then. Details are opportunities.

Similarly, Jesus knows exactly who you are created to be. You are part of His glorious plan. Live in joy and freedom!  Even in a broken, sinful world. Christ’s work on the cross made it possible to pull all the weeds. Instead, sow seeds of a true planting again. Why not accept the glory of your life?

Been Lied To?

Since you’ve been lied to, take up your options.

  • Side-step lies.
  • Adopt God’s words.
  • Live in the truth by faith.


By the way, the father of lies is not your true father. Walk away from him. You are free.

Jesus gives a great exchange:

  1. You surrender get freedom!
  2. Choose acceptance get peace!
  3. Adopt gratitude get joy!
  4. Choose wisdom/discernmentget integrity!
  5. Take up hope get contentment!


Application Thoughts And Questions

  1. Have you been lied to?
  2. Since the enemy levies circumstances against you in ways that seem impossible to make right, call out that lie. Remember: “With God, all things are possible!” (Mt. 19:26)
  3. Identify lies spoken into your life. Because they keep you in bondage, walk away from them.
  4. Jesus renews you. He reverses the lie. His power is greater than your enemy. Since Jesus loves you deeply, why not invite Him into the details of your life? Re-align with God and be your true created self.


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