Feeling Down: 6 Helpful Tips

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Alive and Active Life
Feeling Down: 6 Helpful Tips


Feeling down is a common, yet challenging condition to manage. Whether over-tired, mistreated, discouraged, or even struggling with depression – being on the “down side” is real.

Feeling Down

The first thing I want to say – “You’re not the only one!” Feeling down is a common human experience. Subsequently, you share the experience of feeling down with lots of people.

Even so, some folks struggle with this condition of the soul more than others – and it can turn into a season. Seasons can feel too long. In some cases, prolonged “feeling down” seems like a kind of death:

  • A death of better times.
  • Threat against happiness, cheerful disposition, or well-being.
  • Closure to a special relationship.
  • Stepping out of good health into compromised health.
  • Onslaught against your reputation.


All these conditions, and more, can contribute to feeling down. Prolonged feeling down can seem like a threat. Coincidentally, it can sometimes lead to depression. Even small details can pile up in an overwhelming way that leaves you feeling down.

So, the key question is this: when you are down, what do you do?

6 “P’s” to Address Feeling Down

Interestingly, it’s understandable to feel helpless and hopeless when you hit a bad patch of feeling down. It’s as if the wind was knocked out of you. Or the very life got sucked out of you. And you can’t shake it.

Some people are honest about this stuff. And others are not. You’re familiar with the term “denial.” Well, that’s one tactic some people engage when feeling down. Afterall, it’s too painful to embrace and too threatening to accept. Reflectively, that’s sad – because there are better ways to address feeling down.

Let’s explore excellent action steps that help when you start feeling down. They all start with “P.” So, they’re easier to remember:

The P’s
  1. Pause to be Present.
  2. Pray.
  3. Practice the Peace of Christ.
  4. Participate in the Power of Christ.
  5. Purposefully Plug-in.
  6. Practice Praise.


That’s a lot of “P’s!”

1. Pause To Be Present

The first “P” action step is – pause. Most people skip this step, which is unfortunate. Subsequently, it’s this very step that sets you up for success when feeling down because a pause helps you –

  • Be “present” to reflect on your situation.
  • Engage strategies to move forward.
  • Carry out the rest of the “P’s.”


All that can happen in a pause – a launchpad for helpful choices. Additionally, a pause can help you pull your energies, skill sets, resources, and tools to a central place – away from the impending threat or situation. Taking inventory strengthens you. It also gives you strategies to managing feeling down.

Being present even while feeling down prevents ignoring, disregarding, pretending, or running from your feelings. In fact, these unhealthy approaches can make things worse.

When you are present, you’re more aware, more honest. So – pause.

2. Pray

As you engage a pause, pray. Ask God for help. Invite Him into your “feeling down” time, no matter how long it lasts. Open your heart to His presence and companionship. He wants to help.

In prayer, you may become aware of things God wants to free you from:

  • Noise in your soul.
  • Inner unedifying messages.
  • Memories of wounds.
  • Threats against your inner peace.


Prayer is about sharing your heart with God. But it’s even more about listening to His “gentle whisper.” (1 Kings 19:12) The Bible says, “Before they call, I will answer; while they are still speaking, I will hear.” (Is. 65:24)

Are you praying through each day? Are you listening more than talking when you pray?

3. Practice The Peace Of Christ

“My peace I give to you.” (Jn. 14:27)

You might ask – “How can I make God’s peace mine with all the noise and distractions I’ve discovered in my soul?”

Have you accepted His generous gift of peace? That’s the first pro-active step. Accept it! It’s not yours until you take it, unwrap it into your life, and apply it each day. Incidentally, this is a decision not dependent on feelings.

Similarly to when you trusted Christ for salvation and forgiveness of sins, taking up the peace of Christ is a faith choice.

Have you claimed your gift of peace as a buffer for each day?

4. Participate In The Power Of Christ

It’s time to participate in the power of Jesus. He is already working on your behalf. So, now Reach Back to partner with God. Trust Him to meet your needs.

But – how does His power become your reality?

When you’ve paused, prayed, and taken up peace, it’s time to deliberately grab onto the power God intended you to live with. There is no better place to absorb this power than to . . . Get Into God’s Word Even With A Super Busy Life.

If you try to live in your own power, you’ll fall short.

God intends you to have His power by building a strong relationship with Him. This happens as you get into His Word and get His Word into you!

Three things happen when you get into God’s Word:

  1. See what He promises. And claim those promises by faith. Don’t worry about how it will look. Trust God for that.
  2. Adopt His commands. Obey each command. Line up every detail of your life with His commands. If anything doesn’t line up – either insist! OR Get rid of that thing!
  3. Walk closely with God each day and claim His power. This is a tender, intimate friendship.


These three methods introduce power into your daily life – a power that transforms you over time.

5. Purposefully Plug-in

The only way God’s power will not work for you is if you are living in sin or if you don’t plug-in to His power. So –

  • Confess and repent of any sin. If you’re not aware of any sin or don’t see it, ask God to show you. If your heart is open and He shows you nothing, then come even closer to God by faith.
  • Purposefully plug into God’s power. You won’t have power if you don’t purposefully plug-in.


It’s like plugging a vacuum cleaner, razor, hair dryer, phone charger, or power tool into a wall socket. The appliance simply wont start without plugging into the power source.

Plug-in to His promises, commands, and a close friendship with God. 

6. Practice Praise

There is one more step: practice praise. Incidentally, this is the last thing you may want to hear when you’re feeling down. But sincere praise does powerful things:

  1. Puts you in a place to receive from God.
  2. Repairs your perspective.
  3. Boosts faith.
  4. Lifts your countenance.
  5. Pulls you closer to God.
  6. Sets the stage for God to do something.
  7. Changes you into a stronger, more confident, joyful person.


Being thankful each day in all circumstances is the best way to practice praise. Are you practicing praise when you feel down? It’s actually a “spiritual discipline.” 

The “P’s” Work


There’s nothing healthier when you’re feeling down than to practice the “P’s.” They work because they connect you directly to Jesus. He will lift you up as you put them into practice, even if “down feelings” continue and linger.

“Feelings are not the measure of faith; action is the measure of faith.” (Priscilla Shirer)

So –  resolve to practice the “P’s”.

The P’s – A Quick Review
  1. Pause to be Present.
  2. Pray.
  3. Practice the Peace of Christ.
  4. Participate in the Power of Christ.
  5. Purposefully Plug-in.
  6. Practice Praise.


Get rid of the noise in your life by using the 6 “P’s” action steps to manage “feeling down.”

Application Thoughts And Questions

  1. Are you feeling down these days?
  2. Have you been listening to noise inside your head rather than to God’s gentle whisper?
  3. Are you practicing being fully present each day? Do you pause to strategize how to manage feeling down?
  4. Are you praying through each day? When you pray are you listening more than talking?
  5. Have you claimed your gift of peace as a buffer for each day?
  6. Do you participate in power by claiming promises, obeying God’s commands, and walking close to God? God’s power transforms you.
  7. Do you plug-in to the resources God provides? And are you plugging-in to a solid relationship with Him each day?
  8. Are you practicing praise when you feel down?
  9. Why not use the 6 “P’s” to manage seasons of feeling down?
  10. If you struggle with serious down times – even depression – seek professional, godly counseling. Even with that additional help, always start your management strategy by applying God’s Word in practical ways. Use the “P’s.”


Books mentioned in this content are:
  1. Reach Back with content about mastering life issues and being a healthy, godly person.
  2. How To Get Into God’s Word Even With A Super Busy Life with fresh ideas, strategies, and practical action steps to make your time in God’s Word come alive.
  3. And I’d like to also mention It’s Your Move: Strategies In Thinking From Romans with content that helps you identify strategies and action steps to build healthy life patterns.


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