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Your Valuable Life

Have you had the joy of watching little kids when they get in front of a mirror? They have heart-warming and sometimes hilarious interactions. These little ones have such authenticity and vulnerability as they interact with “themselves” in the mirror. What about you? When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Do you value the reflection of that person? Are you authentically being “you” each day? It’s time to treasure your valuable life like God does.

Your Valuable Life

As you explore your life the way God views it, I hope you also enjoy contemplating how little ones are heartwarmingly themselves. Thankfully, these young ones have not yet learned to be self-conscious – or self-condemning. They simply are the dear little people God created. We can learn a lot from them as we examine our own grown-up lives.

On your birthday, an amazing event took place years ago: you were born! If you don’t consider that a special event, you are missing important things about your life.

Scripture says God loves you very much. In fact, it says God delights in you. Zeph. 3:17 says, “The Lord your God . . . takes great delight in you; He renews you by His love; He shouts for joy over you.” 

Has anyone ever valued your life like that?

  • Taken great delight in you?
  • Renewed you by their love?
  • And has anyone shouted for joy over your life?


Well, God does all three –

  • God takes great delight in you.
  • He wants to renew you by His love every day.
  • And He literally shouts for joy over your valuable life.


Claim Your Valuable Life

Choose healthy. Choose balance. Accept what God establishes about your valuable life. Incidentally, that’s impossible to do unless you set aside fears, worry, arrogance, insincerities, insecurities, and self-driven agendas. These form barriers to freedom Christ offers you.

Jesus offers an amazing future to anyone who trusts and obeys Him. He accepts each individual where they are, forgives, puts a new path in front, and teaches better ways. He gives freedom from bondage because of His love. Then as a free person, you learn to love God, yourself, and others correctly.

God’s love is a safe place to discover your valuable life. Jump in front of His mirror with “child-like faith.” 

Where Value Starts

Traditionally, someone who knows what they’re talking about is considered an “expert.” They set the value of things.

You may have delved in antique furniture. Perhaps you enjoy excellent tea or coffee. Exquisite, fine fabric may catch your eye. Good art and music has unique value placed over it. The value you explore is placed by experts.

Coincidentally, God is an expert who knows what He’s talking about. And He set your life value eternally high. What God says – simply is! Even those who don’t accept it are powerless to negate it.

Tragically, many don’t discover the joy of their life and design. Instead, they become angry, skeptical, judgmental, edgy, and even grumpy. Sadly, they never become an expert of their own original design.

Your valuable life is woven into eternal values because God establishes it that way. In His image, you are valuable and delightful – like a little child – unless you believe lies about yourself.

Your Value Is Never In Question

Since your value is established eternally and cannot be changed, you have a practical launchpad for daily living. Incidentally, it doesn’t always feel this way. But feelings are more like “indicator lights” than the real process. They help define you as both “human” and “in God’s image.” And they help you navigate matters of the soul.

The need for value is so ingrained, people often try to validate themselves. They care more about what people say, think, and feel about them – and much less about what God says, thinks, and feels about them. Imagine how this focus affects their assessment of the value of their life.

Additionally, people confuse their own value by –

  • How others relate to them.
  • What others expect from them.
  • The level of success or fame they have.
  • The number of friends they have.
  • Attaining their own desires in life.


None of these conditions represent God’s design for you or your value. Subsequently, God made you vibrant and powerful, unique and very special.

Have you accepted your valuable life the way God intended?

Find Your Value By Losing Yourself

That’s an odd thing to say, don’t you think? Find your value by losing yourself.

Jesus said, If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give it up for Me, you will save it.” (Mt. 10:39) What does this verse mean?

Well, let’s start with God, humanity’s expert. He knows the conditions in which your valuable life flourishes. He also knows how you begin to shrivel up and die.

A common tendency is to protect, save, exonerate, and defend self to the bitter end in daily issues. This isn’t how you function best. When you cling to your life – you lose the greatest parts of your inner person.

The person who trusts Jesus with their life discovers more about themselves. You can know God and yourself much better. Consequently, since God loves your so much, He will care for you. Why not love yourself better by giving yourself fully to Him? Paul calls this – “living sacrifice.” (Rom. 12:1) And this sincere action is the very choice that saves your life.

Have you loved and trusted God fully to lose your life to Christ? Or are you hanging onto yourself for dear life?

Like Father – Like Little Child

God created you in His image with eternity in mind. Subsequently, you should look like Him. His beauty, grace, intelligence, influence, and strength should start to show in your mirror.

God also gave you unique abilities, special skills, and amazing talents. Incidentally, God designed your heart to express precious passions only you can.

And God includes a protective force-field around your life – even when you suffer. Your life is deeper and richer than consequential circumstances that rise up against you. God protects you in ways this world cannot even touch.

When you look in your life mirror, do you see Christ’s image?

If you didn’t have purpose, you wouldn’t have been born. In other words, you are not a mistake, and your life has value to God.

Secrets Of Losing And Finding Yourself

Let’s list some secrets of losing and finding yourself in Christ. These action steps help navigate daily living.

  1. Spend time with God in His Word to know Him, to keep your own heart in check, and to gain wisdom for daily situations.
  2. Humble yourself to be transformed and look more like your Father.
  3. Change your perspective. Simply agree with God. (Rom. 12:2)
  4. Remember the truth: To live for Christ and die to self is being fully alive! (Phil. 1:21)
  5. You effectively manage life when you stay hidden with Christ in God. (Col. 3:3)
  6. Stop trying to change, and just do it.
  7. Enjoy God all day. Turning your thoughts to Him often is a learned habit and a worthy goal.
  8. Proactively get rid of “the look” that doesn’t resemble your Father – like fear, insecurity, pride, and inactivity. As you give your life to Christ, He rises up in you with power to overcome those bondages and make decisions that agree with Him.


These action steps in everyday scenarios give you a good (godly) look in life’s mirror. Essentially, you’ll emulate the rich authenticity and comfortable vulnerability of little children who look in the mirror and interact with themselves unashamedly. And God delights when you bear a family resemblance.

Challenging Times Don’t Define You

You might be going through a terrible time. Or – you may be bored with living. Regardless, your situation, losses, or sufferings do not define your value. God’s truth defines your valuable life.

As you embrace this, your behavior resembles Christ’s character. Consequently, you take on “the family look.” And others can tell you are a child of God.

Look in your mirror and strain (and train) to see more of your Father. Glory in being His dear child.

Application Thoughts And Questions

  1. Who do you see when you look in your life mirror?
  2. What changes do you need to adopt to agree with God about your life purpose?
  3. Do you trust God’s love as a safe place to discover your valuable life?
  4. Do you believe lies about yourself?
  5. How often do you remember God delights in you?
  6. Have you accepted the renewal of His love every day.
  7. When is the last time you listened to His shouts for joy over your valuable life?


It’s Your Move: Strategies in Thinking From Romans is a resource to help you grow your relationship with God, cultivate strong thinking skills, and choose Christ-like character so you look more like Father.

Order your copy today.



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