G-S-G-S-R. It works!


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G-S-G-S-R. It works!

For centuries, people have used codes, acronyms, and gimmicks to help them succeed. When I work to memorize Scripture, I often need some kind of tool to get things in my brain. I want to share a tool that keeps my daily perspective centered. I remember it like this: G-S-G-S-R. And . . . it works!

G-S-G-S-R – It Works!

What Is It?

This little tool has helped put God’s critical principles immediately in front of my mind. It’s simply 2-G‘s, 2 S‘s, and an R. During quiet times alone with God, I discovered G-S-G-S-R. I think it’s a keeper – a pearl!

Over the years since seminary training, I’ve used a Scripture dissection approach to tear into Scripture that helps pull out deeper keys and action steps. Doing this makes practical application easier in daily issues. If I don’t funnel God’s principles into tools that work well, sometimes the application becomes muddled or foggy as a typical day slips by.

The Pearl That Works

So – back to the pearl. Certain key words kept jumping out at me as I studied Scripture through the years. Since life has many challenges, the power punch of G-S-G-S-R has been so valuable to me. You know what I’m talking about – that practical instruction or reminder you need – RIGHT NOW – in the moment.

A “good word” about using pearls to stay on course. If you remember back to geometry classes, it only takes a tiny degree off a starting point to veer WAY OFF your original trajectory line. That’s how perspective gets skewed. Just a tiny degree off God’s intended meaning of His Word, and the entire trajectory is off.

G-S-G-S-R, is a balancing tool. It’s pearl value promotes peace during turmoil, courage when afraid, confidence when unsure, and a strengthened faith in God.

Don’t Take My Word For It

After discovering and beginning to use G-S-G-S-R, someone was telling me about their challenge of keeping perspective, especially with daily and current world challenges. So, I told them about G-S-G-S-R. The tool I’d been using in my private life.

Weeks later, they connected with me again, and told me what a huge difference that simple “code-acronym-gimmick-hack” made each day. They said it was so practical and easy to remember – a game-changer. A keeper. A pearl. Further, they started telling others about this tool. Then they added – “You should write about this!”

So, we have today’s content.

What Does G-S-G-S-R Stand For?

In the world’s current state, everyone needs a good word. But it must also be a true word – credible and dependable. And it needs to make a difference! It needs to have a power punch! OR what’s the point, right? There is no better book to find a good word than Scripture. It’s always current, applicable, practical, and relevant. And Scripture definitely has a power punch.

Everything hangs on God’s words, but few people realize it. Jesus said the most amazing thing. “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.” (Mt. 24:35; Mk. 13:31; Lk. 21:33)

We have His words in two formats. The written Word – a tangible gift from God – is Scripture. The living Word – the pearl of great price – is Jesus. Both forms of the Word are current, applicable, practical, and relevant. They are credible and dependable. Plus, they make a difference.

It Works!

G-S-G-S-R – it works! Try using this tool for a week, and you’ll find your perspective changing – if you engage it sincerely from your heart.

Each letter stands for a phrase often found in Scripture. These phrases make a powerful, noticeable difference in daily living.

GGive thanks.

SSing to God from your heart.

GGlory in His name.

SSeek His face.

RRemember what He’s already done.

At first blush, you wonder why these phrases work. Let’s dig deeper into each.

What’s In G-S-G-S-R That Works?

Besides the “heads-up” Jesus gives (Heaven and earth passing away . . . “end of the world” kind of stuff), the content of God’s Word contains –

  • the power we lack,
  • the guidance/truth we need,
  • and the action steps to carry out healthy, godly living.


Phrases like G-S-G-S-R stick in your brain and heart because they are guaranteed forever by Jesus. (His words will never pass away. “End of the world” kind of stuff.)

Two things are critical for practical application of memory tools like G-S-G-S-R:

  1. An accurate understanding of Scripture’s words.
  2. A commitment to carry them out.


As we explore each concept, notice every one is something you do – with all your heart by faith.

G – Give Thanks

Giving thanks is a common theme in Scripture – and in Alive and Active Life. Why is giving thanks so critical?

Giving thanks recognizes God is the Giver and draws attention to all He has done. Giving thanks hints that God is good. But there’s more.

Giving thanks directly affects the heart, soul, and mind of a person. Essentially, this one action step, sincerely engaged, shifts perspective back on target with God’s intended trajectory for your life. Plus, it reminds you are indebted to God for all He has done.

Giving thanks changes you as you do it. This means that as joy, peace, calmness, gratitude flow from from a sincere heart something shifts inside you.

God punished the Israel nation numerous times for not being thankful, grumbling, complaining.

S – Sing To God From Your Heart

You may feel you don’t have a fabulous singing voice. No worries! You can sing to God from your heart. This instantly puts you in a place of worship. It pleases God that you trust His love and goodness enough to sing to Him. And it lifts your spirit almost immediately.

Sometimes, it helps to remember when life feels bigger than you – it’s NOT bigger than God. He is with you, He likes and loves you, and He has a purpose for your life. Plus, God works through your hardships like no one else can – when you turn to Him. “All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.” (Rom. 8:28) That’s worth a song from your heart!

Many people forget the arrangement between God and man is designed to be extremely intimate, personal, and individual. It’s at the very middle of being alive.

Why not sing to the One who breathed life into you, who walks with you and sustains you in all circumstances? It’s just the right response.

G – Glory In His Name

What does it mean to glory in something? Here’s an example.

When traveling to a favorite restaurant, you experience eager expectation. You arrive and order with confidence. Then, you wait while your mouth waters. When your meal comes, you take it in and relish every bite. Then you sit back and think – “that was fabulous!”

But it doesn’t end there. This experience climaxes as you “glory in it” to everyone you know. You post on social media or call a friend. Perhaps you immediately calendar your next visit.

To glory in something is to speak with assurance and joy, elated inside that this reality is your privilege. That is what it’s like to glory in God.

  • eager expectation
  • confidence
  • wait as your mouth waters
  • take in His love and provision
  • relish every detail
  • sit back and think – “this is fabulous!”
  • tell others about your amazing God.


S – Seek His face

Do you proactively seek God’s face? Think of a dear friend or family member you trust and love being around. You seek being with them, look deeply into their eyes, anticipate their acceptance, welcome their ideas, and share your own.

Or picture an infant. As they drink their milk, they often look unflinchingly into bigger eyes, extend their arm and hand up to touch cheek, nose, mouth. No inhibitions, embarrassment, or shame. They seek intimacy and safety in the face of their provider.

Seeking God’s face is actually a miracle. Old Testament passages reveal people couldn’t go directly into God’s presence. The holy of holies was off limits except to the high priest once a year. Jesus changed all that when He was born. He made intimacy with God your reality – the miracle. But you must seek Him in order to have Him.

Scripture says, “Then you will seek Me and find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart.” (Jer. 29:13)

R – Remember what He’s already done

Remembering what God has already done is like walking into the future backwards. You focus on what God has already taught you behind you, how He provided, what Scripture reveals about Him as you meet with Him each day. Subsequently, walking into an unknown future in this way means choosing full confidence in God.

So, remember God’s person, character, faithfulness, and provision. And, be encouraged. This cycles you back around again into –

Give Thanks. 

Sing to God.

Glory in Him.

Seek His Face.


It works! And it’s worship!


Application Thoughts and Questions

  1. Is your walk with God a keeper, your pearl?
  2. What do you need to change in your perspective?
  3. Are you willing to apply the simple G-S-G-S-R tool with all your heart?
  4. Keep a journal as you use G-S-G-S-R. Record what God does to balance you on His trajectory to stay on course.
  5. Are your tools always current, applicable, practical, and relevant? Stick with the Word. It delivers!


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