How To Rise Up When You’re Down


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Alive and Active Life
Alive and Active Life
How To Rise Up When You're Down

Recently, we published “To Fail Is Not To Be A Failure.” I encourage you to read that article – or take a listen. It featured the life of Abraham Lincoln. He failed many times. But he wouldn’t give up. And he refused to think of himself as a failure. But today we consider a unique twist on failure. If you’ve embraced – “I’m a failure” – you need to know how to rise up when you’re down.

How To Rise Up When You’re Down

There are many reasons for being down. 

  • Lost opportunities
  • Broken relationships
  • Compromised health
  • Being mistreated
  • Lost assets
  • Being betrayed and slandered
  • Getting in trouble
  • Simply losing hope.


But another scenario causes being down: thinking you’re a failure. Sometimes, that’s not even intentional. 

People engage new ideas and tactics – just to rise up. But they feel empty, powerless, and hollow. Even fake. Interestingly, their view of themselves affects their choices. Consequently, they often end up in unhealthy cycles.

But – anyone can rise up when you’re down.

Valued And Loved

Often people see themselves as failures because they don’t feel valued – or loved. Yes, people need to be valued, loved, and encouraged. But, the good new is – you don’t need to worry about value and love anymore. Why? Because people don’t determine your value. God does. He secured your value forever. Plus – He loves you with everlasting love.

A special perspective is needed to rise up when you’re down. This perspective flows from Christ’s Love and Lordship. The strongest Jesus followers throughout centuries talk often about God’s Love and Lordship

Personally, I’ve found help by exploring God’s Love and Lordship. With this perspective, it’s easier to trust Jesus and not cave-in to doubt and fear – or what others think. 

By the way – doubt and fear are enemies of your value. But, they are friends of “being down.”

My Own Experience

Having experienced both failures and successes, I’d like to share from my own life. Incidentally, I’ve noticed my perspective makes a difference “if” and “how” I move forward.

I thought I knew about God’s Love and Lordship before I got truly honest many years ago.

I kept doing what I didn’t want to . . . and couldn’t seem to permanently do what I was supposed to. Talk about frustration! Seasoned believer and all! I felt like a fake.  

During those early years of my Christian walk, I identified with what Paul wrote in Rom. 7:18b and 19. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing.”

Finally, I decided to simply trust God like Job. Incidentally, he said, “Even if You kill me, I will trust You.” (Job 13:15) Actually, that’s quite a statement. Have you ever said anything like that to God?

I also decided to adopt the prayer of a man in Mk. 9:24 – “I do believe. Help me overcome my unbelief!”

There is a connect point between God’s Love and Lordship. And when you choose to simply trust His Love and relax into His Lordship – you change.

A Perspective Exercise To Rise Up When You’re Down

I have a perspective exercise to help you trust God’s Love and relax into His Lordship.

First, did you know you don’t belong to yourself? Truly, you belong to God. His love for you is rich and deep. So, there’s little risk placing your life into His care. You will always be met with God’s Love and Lordship.

Of course, you must do something – “work out your salvation.” (Phil. 2:12) And that work begins by pro-actively trusting God’s Love and Lordship.

Now for the daily perspective exercise.

  • Get a small notebook and pen.
  • Start in the front of the notebook.
  • Daily write what you struggled with or failed in. Name it.
  • Then write – Jesus is Loving Lord beside that struggle . . . and believe it in your heart.
  • Rise up into this perspective.
  • Claim a Scripture over your failure and record it next to the failure.
  • Pray over these journal entries and your heart.


Simultaneously, start in the back of the notebook to record successes you experience, recognizing Christ is Loving Lord over successes, too. Record your thoughts as you recognize His Love and Lordship.

Somewhere in the middle of your notebook, your failures and successes will meet under God’s Love and Lordship

Interestingly, this exercise launches you into the perspective needed to rise up when you’re down.

Mathematical View To Rise Up When You’re Down


If you’re a math-kind-of-person, here’s how this looks as a “mathematical word equation” –

Start with your failures.


Bring them under Christ’s Loving Lordship.


Claim a promise as you let go of them. In Christ, failure isn’t the real you.



Welcome your new identity of increasing successes by faith in Christ.


Embrace God’s Love and Lordship by faith.


Successes gradually increase as you trust God’s Love and Lordship, even in failures.


A Friend’s Report

A friend was really down. So, when I told them about this exercise, they decided to try it to regain perspective. Subsequently, they committed to self-accountability using a notebook from the front – and from the back – both working toward the middle.

As they spent time in God’s Word, they used failures to rise up into God’s Love and Lordship. Notably, this required humble honesty to record every failure while also writing about small successes in the back of the notebook.

But something shifted as they wrote out – and believed – “Jesus is Lord” beside each failure. As they embraced His love, rather than previous “failure patterns,” they rose up from being down into successes

My friend changed from the inside out. Bit by bit burdens were lifted. Instead, they felt free as they engaged healthy self-accountability.

But There’s More

My friend also noticed fear started falling off as they claimed Scriptures over their failures and successes. Embracing truth was setting them free (Jn. 8:32) to enjoy the tender Loving Lordship of God.

After seventy days, my friend opened the front their small notebook and read failures to me. No wonder they were refreshed and excited. Christ’s Loving Lordship was pronounced over every failure. Simultaneously, the back of their notebook recorded successes they gradually experienced. Instead of consistent failures, hope was renewed. And they identified peace and joy rising in their heart. So, they learned to rise up when you’re down.

My Friend’s Notes

After asking their permission, I’m sharing a bullet summary of their “front journal” entries. They claimed Christ’s Loving Lordship over every failure. Much to their credit, my friend took this exercise of perspective to heart. I challenge you to this perspective exercise.

This Is What They Read To Me

Here is what my friend wrote beside every failure they recorded during their 70 days of using this notebook. And this is the list they shared with me.

Jesus is Lord over – 

  1. My thoughts.
  2. Posture.
  3. My responses.
  4. Even my passions.
  5. My ideas.
  6. Oh! And my moods.
  7. Interestingly, over my sadness and loneliness.
  8. Am I truly going to admit Jesus is Lord over my entire life?
  9. My repentance.
  10. And my time.
  11. My insecurities.
  12. The time duration of changes in me – and my perseverance as I wait on Him.
  13. My parenting.
  14. Getting up on time in the morning.
  15. Stressful moments.
  16. Timing of my seasons.
  17. My diet/appetite.
  18. My prayers.
  19. All my observations.
  20. Friendships and interactions.
  21. My mistakes.
  22. And my purchases.
  23. Processing my life.
  24. My sharing and talking.
  25. My headaches.
  26. “Gray” areas I can’t figure out.
  27. My default habits.
  28. All my anticipation.
  29. To-do list.
  30. My down-time thoughts.
  31. Projects.
  32. Dreams.
  33. My hunger.
  34. Sweet demeanor and how I choose to use it.
  35. My ministry.
  36. The swings of my feelings.
  37. My needs.
  38. Trials and sufferings.
  39. My growth process.
  40. Unwind time.
  41. Unending tasks before me.
  42. My teaching.
  43. My recurrent ideas that keep cycling in my head.
  44. All my meetings.
  45. My thoughts.
  46. Disappointments and fears . . . and my responses to them.
  47. My fatigue.
  48. My focus.
  49. Even my health.
  50. My job.
  51. When I have to wait.
  52. Good news!
  53. Details of my life.
  54. The unknowns.
  55. My unintentional and unidentified motives and actions.
  56. Preparations.
  57. Over my fears.
  58. My schedule.
  59. Breaking points – when I think I can’t go on.
  60. Health concerns.
  61. My emotional management, and I’m accountable to Him.
  62. My growth process.
  63. Hopes and dreams.
  64. Celebrations.
  65. My accountability.
  66. My commitments.
  67. Even my loneliness.
  68. My impatience.
  69. When I act out irritating and annoying responses.
  70. Every New Year.


Application Thoughts And Questions

  1. Do you see yourself as a failure?
  2. Have you accepted God’s Love and Lordship over your life?
  3. Are you willing to try this exercise to regain your perspective?
  4. No failure can keep you out of God’s Love and Lordship.


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