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All my life, I’ve wanted to make a difference in the world. The older and more mature I have become, I realize this world is a very big place. And my influence is rather small. Does that negate my desire to make a difference? It does not. Does the immense world minimize my contribution? It does not. In fact, logically it seems to indicate all the more that my little bit offered in my small sphere of influence is necessary since the job of world influence is so great. I call using my small influence “little leadership.”

Over the years, I’ve been convicted to use my influence first to live the best life I can to honor God. I want to leverage the days God has allotted me to make a difference. Opportunities and relationships enable me to maximize influence during my time on earth. My life matters by engaging my own little leadership.

New Focus To Implement Little Leadership Effectively

Leadership is a vast topic with many facets. From effective communication to empowering others to resolving conflict to time management to modeling lifestyle – just to mention a few. The interesting observation I’ve made is this: every person has a sphere of influence. A call to leadership. A niche from which to make a difference in the world.

You have a sphere of influence, a call, and a niche to make a mark on this very big world. You can make a difference using your unique little leadership both in your smaller, immediate domain as well as globally. Here’s how.

First, everything you do involves a small circle of things that start with you:

  • Being faithful in small ways.
  • Being the person God created you to be.
  • Working to be a good manager of your own life.
  • Serving people God has put into your life.

Second, your influence pivots on a central dependence on a very big God. He is immense. Your life surrendered completely to His greatness becomes powerful. Results God values don’t register in this world’s value system. God sees the depth of your soul. He knows everything about you:

  • When you live in His holiness and love.
  • When you claim His promises even in great suffering.
  • When you sin.
  • And so much more.

God wants you to absolutely trust His love and goodness. He also wants you to trust His ability to govern your life, which becomes real as you manage your life under His guidance. This management begins with absolute surrender and obedience. These prove whether you love God. (Jn. 14:15)

Little Leadership in Your Smaller Domain

Effective leadership always starts small in little things that matter. It lets go of things that don’t matter. Yet effective leadership also starts in the greatness of God. Your life is so important to God. He loves you deeply. Your concerns are His concerns. Your life is His domain.

When you put those two concepts together, leadership in small things with God’s greatness, no longer is it necessary to have all the right connections. It becomes irrelevant to know all the right people. The pressure to be esteemed by others slips off. This is because you are aligning your leadership under God, and He can do anything.

Instead, being faithful becomes critically important. Conducting yourself with integrity in all you think, say, and do and pursuing Christ-like character empowers your very own little leadership. It changes how you live your life in your smaller, immediate domain, affecting how you interact with your family, community, job, church, etc. Little leadership changes you first.

Little Leadership on a Global Scale

You can help change the world. This is also God’s domain, and He knows how to make it happen because He has all the right connections. He knows all the right people. He esteems you highly as you serve Him in the small things. As you practice faithful little leadership in your smaller, immediate domain, you build credibility for His Kingdom so He can plug you into serving Him in the global things. So many people need help. Your bit matters. People need clean water, food, medicine. Some need to be set free. Many need to have hope renewed. Some need direction, education, training, and a sense of belonging. There is so much you can do to make a difference through small leadership.

What can you do today to help lead in small ways? How can you start with you to be committed to God as your “first, most, and only?” Who is in your life each day that you can influence? Why not pray about how God wants you to exercise little leadership on a global scale?

If you ask God, He will lead you. He said, “If any of you lack wisdom, ask God who gives generously to all without showing favoritism.” (Jas. 1:5) Start with you. Then be faithful in your small domain. Finally, add the globe. Be a little leader every day in the unique way God created you. He made you with purpose.


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