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At Your Edge


Short Stories – At Your Edge

I have a few short stories referencing “at your edge.”

When I was a child in gym class, we practiced walking on a balance beam. It was a bit nerve-racking! Apparently, if you walk a beam only two or three inches off the ground, it’s easier. But walking a beam four feet off the ground takes a bite out of your confidence. I tried to be confident four feet off the ground. But it was still tricky.

When I was a young mom with little ones, we visited a state park. We climbed a high cliff and came to an edge with a very long drop. It was roped off – but ropes don’t stop little kids. They started right for the edge! As my stomach turned somersaults, I quickly intervened and pulled them back from the edge.

During another season of life, I experienced being at my edge when difficulties and losses piled high. I was at the edge of my endurance. Incidentally, it was terribly uncomfortable. And it was at this edge I learned some critical skills and maneuvers. I grew into a “new maturity” as I realized from God’s point of view – life’s beam is only a few inches off the ground. He stabilizes my balance, closely spots my walk, and keeps me safe. This gave me hope.

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