Do you know how it feels to be at your edge? Perhaps you have been living there for a long time. It’s scary to live at the edge of what you can manage, what you can cope with. Scripture gives advice, but – at first read, it feels a little unrealistic. When you read the progressive list from Rom. 5:3-5 (check it out), you instinctively know you can’t do that stuff in your own strength. It’s not normal.

If you stay on the edge, frozen in fear or perhaps imprisoned in grief, gazing at the other side far away and the deep chasm between, you are miserable. Frustrated. Maybe even angry. Face to face with reality at your edge, you don’t see a way across. It seems impossible. But you’ve been told God’s power can make a difference in your life. You’ve also heard that the next step is a leap of faith. Right!

Apparently, you have everything needed for a miracle. But that list! It starts with suffering, and that’s where you’ve been far too long. You know you are promised perseverance if you have faith. You know perseverance is supposed to develop character, which is supposed to develop hope. And that hope gets you where you need to be. Something extraordinary could happen. God’s own Spirit lives inside you. So, where is the disconnect?

It is “normal” to rejoice in good things as they happen. It does not seem normal to rejoice in suffering. Yet, apparently this decision – by faith in a great God who can do anything (1 Pet. 2:19) – launches you across the great divide into a life of possibilities. It projects you into God’s reality, where great things happen. It propels you deeper into Christ, where break-throughs take place. The old “normal” slips off and a new norm forms. Why? Because as you stay in the stream of faith and surrender, God’s power changes you. Your character becomes rich, stable, strong, and full of hope. You become like Jesus.

You have a choice. Trust Jesus and take a leap of faith. Or remain incapacitated. Trusting God fully and training to be godly, even in life’s brokenness and difficulties, is how you cross the divide. Scripture says godliness holds promise for the present life and the life to come. (1 Tim. 4:7-8) And since much of life involves some kind of suffering, that’s a very good place to be. So, how do you train to be godly?

First, believe Jesus and His promises. Next, obey His Word. Then, rest in Him while He does what only He can. One final action step – rejoice as you wait to see how God handles your situation. Watch with eager expectation for God to do the impossible. Glory in your unwanted sufferings. They produce:

  • Perseverance – to live out the days of your life.
  • Character – the measure of your heart.
  • Hope – the invisible power that makes life worth living.

Why does hope in God accomplish so much? Because God poured His love into your heart. If you have trusted Christ for salvation, His very own Spirit lives inside you. God wants you to succeed, as He defines success. He is very invested in your growth, development, and training. His promise? He will never leave you or forsake you. (Josh. 1:5)

“With man, these things are impossible.” (Mt. 19:26) With a verse like that in the Bible, you see Jesus actually agrees. You can’t do this on your own. But He doesn’t stop there. He adds “ . . . but with God, all things are possible.” God intends to see you through to the other side. You can live in His possibilities, close to His heart.

Article developed from Rom. 5:3-5.

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