The Skinny On Sinning

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The Skinny On Sinning

So, what’s “the skinny?” Apparently, the skinny on something is “the true information about someone or something that is not known by most people . . . Give me the inside/straight/real skinny.” (Merriam-Webster) The skinny is revealing some secret information. With that in mind, what’s the skinny on sinning?

What Skinny Used To Mean

The word “skinny” has really evolved over the decades. It appears that in order to keep up with “skinny,” a person needs to continually stay current with new definitions. Merriam-Webster defines skinny like this:

  1. resembling skin : MEMBRANOUS
  2. a: lacking sufficient flesh : very thin : EMACIATED
    b: lacking usual or desirable bulk, quantity, qualities, or significance
  3. of clothes : fitting very close to the body : very tight skinny jeans
  4. made with skim milk


Do you remember those definitions from years past? I do. There was a day when it was popular to be skinny. People with skinny legs and tummy were “in.” But most of us aren’t like that. In fact, one definition above says the opposite of skinny is to have a certain “desirable bulk.”

There was also a reference to having “desirable qualities and significance.” That one caught my attention. And how about the mention of skim milk? I remember that, too. In fact, I can give you the skinny on some awesome recipes I’ve kept over the years that use powdered skim milk. The best Hot Chocolate drink mix and a Healthy Candy that makes your mouth water!

What The Skinny Means Now

Well, if you talk about “the skinny” now, you don’t mean what Merriam-Webster defines the word “skinny” as. It’s a new definition all its own. These days, the skinny is the secret, inside scoop, as mentioned in the introduction for today’s content. It’s the not commonly known morsels about various topics. More like secret information. says it’s an informal meaning “from military slang during World War II, probably from the idea of naked or undisguised truth.”

So, we’re not referring to what you see in the mirror – or the ability to get through a very small passage.

With this newer meaning, I ask again – what’s the skinny on sinning?

So, What Is The Skinny On Sinning?

Let’s take this new definition and get some practical application out of it. That means spending time where the rubber meets the road in daily life. Since none of us is perfect, that also means everybody should take a look at the skinny on sinning.

Some Insight From God’s Word

Scripture gives the skinny on sinning. The verse that comes to mind quickly is – “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Rom. 3:23) It also says, “The wages (penalty) of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Rom. 6:23)

Most people, myself included, don’t like being stuck in a sin place. So we look for a way out. Scripture says that way out is Jesus. He, Himself, said He is the way out. “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (Jn. 14:6)

The way to the Father is the opposite direction of sinning. So we have a really good way out! And we are supposed to keep walking away from sinning and stay in this “really good way out.” In other words, you can’t walk with God and keep sinning.

According to God’s Word – that’s the skinny on sinning. It’s also the skinny on hope.

Keep On Sinning

So, what happens if a person keeps deliberately sinning? Maybe a better question is – Why do you keep on sinning? Answering this question exposes a person’s heart and motives. God is more concerned about motives than a perfect performance and sin record.

So, why DO you keep on sinning?

  1. Perhaps you just realized what you have been doing is actually sin, and you are just now identifying how to change.
  2. You may have been entrenched in a sinful habit for years . . . even decades, and your default response just kicks in.
  3. It could be you don’t focus like you should OR are over-committed, so practiced behavior rises before you remember critical steps to develop new behavior.
  4. It’s possible you have lost hope and you just don’t care anymore.
  5. Maybe you really like the sinful behavior and are fighting a battle with your will to give it up.
  6. You want what you want more than you want God – and what He wants.
  7. Sadly, you may have a hard heart – and simply don’t care what God says. You are going to live your life your way. Period. (That’s a really skinny way to live!)


The Skinny On Sinning Excuses

Of these 7 reasons, #1-5 are not as serious. Since Scripture teaches no one is perfect except Jesus, everyone needs a Savior. For those who humble themselves to confess their sins and repent with sincere sorrow for making God sad – there is forgiveness. That’s why Jesus died and rose. His blood covers all sin.

NEVER should this be used as a cheap excuse to keep on sinning. Part of sincere repentance is committing to implement changed behavior that pleases God.

It’s reasons #6 and #7 that are deeply concerning. They reveal a self-focused, hard heart that says, “I don’t care that I sin or that Jesus died for me!”

If you are person #6 or #7, you don’t get forgiveness. Why? Not because God has not gone to extremes to provide it. But because you don’t want the costly provision – and walk away!

No Other Provision

There is no other provision!!

Let’s explore some examples that illustrate this response when God’s great sacrifice isn’t good enough for you – 

  • You side-step the only path to freedom.
  • You “flag on” the only boat left to rescue you off a stranded island.
  • You push away the hand that reaches for you as you dangle from a cliff.
  • You knock away the glass of cool water even while you are dying of thirst.
  • You insult God’s Spirit of grace.


That’s the skinny! This response is serious. It’s not on God. It’s on you!

If you find yourself using reason #6 or #7 (wanting what you want more than God, or realizing you have a hard heart) you need to ask yourself a couple more good questions:

  • Why would you do this to yourself?
  • Is it worth insisting on having your way and losing yourself in the process? (Mt. 10:39)
  • By putting a protective wall around your heart, do you really want to miss being fully alive with passion?
  • What reasons do you have to not value Someone loves you enough to take your punishment and set you free?
  • What has happened to your conscience that lets you desecrate the blood of Jesus and disregard the love and compassion of God?


The Skinny On Trampling The Son Of God

Heb. 10:29 says, “How much more severely do you think someone deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified them, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace?” God’s words, not mine!

Has it occurred to you that staying in reason #6 or #7 is enabling you to trample the Son of God who loves you so much? He left the unspeakable glory of God to become human. He was born on the skinny! A stable. Hay. Cows and sheep. Manger. No baby clothes – just swaddling wrappings. No birthday party. Just a mom and dad chosen by His Father to raise Him into a man.

And Jesus did grow up into an amazing man. He said, “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve. And to give His life as a ransom for many.” (Mt. 20:28; Mk.10:45)

As we close this content, let’s focus on the kind of person God is. That gives us a model for what we should aim for. Here’s a great list to help:

  1. He has a kind and gentle heart. We are to be kind and gentle.
  2. He is good to His middle. We are to do good.
  3. God honors the free will He created you with. Use your free will to trust, obey, and serve God.
  4. God wants you to want to change . . . to stop being a #6 or #7.
  5. God likes you, loves you, and wants you to get in the #1-5 group!


As far as God is concerned, that’s the skinny on everything that matters. Your life matters to Him.


Application Thoughts And Questions

  1. If you are Person #6 or #7, please earnestly consider today’s content.
  2. Do you value your life?  God does, and died for you to prove it.
  3. If you feel stuck in patterns and want out, ask God to change your heart – even if you are #6 or #7. God wants to help.
  4. What’s the skinny on your life? Do you live in freedom? Have you found your purpose?
  5. Get Into God’s Word Even With A Super Busy Life! You will find help and hope to change! I promise.
  6. Why not finally decide I’m Not A Loser?!
  7. You Can Do This: Make Your Life A Meaningful YES!


Since we all need good life tools, why not check out the above three e-books in our bookstore? They contain helpful action steps for a life of noble character.

And now you know. That’s the skinny.

Visit our website for devotional materials, articles, podcasts, and resources to help grow your faith in God. Pursue noble character and have an Alive and Active Life.

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