What Are People Doing During COVID-19 Lock-Down?


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What Are People Doing During COVID-19 Lock-Down?

What are you doing during COVID-19 lock-down with all your mandated free time? (Interesting concept!) For the most part, people are figuring it out.

Through various means, I gathered comments and ideas from people about their activities. Here is a summarized, compilation list of how people are living out their story during this global pandemic. Some pretty interesting and creative ideas.

Lock-Down Ideas From Your Global Neighbors!

  • I’m walking / running to drop those 10 extra pounds and be healthier. I used to say, “I don’t have time.” Well, now I do. So no more excuses.
  • We’re building a fort the kids in the backyard. They need something to do – and so do we!
  • We sold our house of 17 years – AND we moved!
  • I’m learning everything I forgot in third grade as I help my kids with school.
  • We are renovating a 150-year-old house. Some serious work!
  • Trying new recipes. I ordered food from a company called HelloFresh. You pick out meals and receive a box of ingredients (meat, veggies, herbs – all fresh) and the recipes. Nice.
  • My kid is so bored! So I taught him how to mow the lawn . . . with the perk that he can drive the lawn mower all over the yard for fun after.
  • My oldest got engaged! We had a party. Limited guests . . . most drove by and honked a lot!
  • Because of my health issues, God has been preparing me for this lifestyle for several years (resting, recovering from treatments). I try to reach out every day calling, texting, web conference calls and sending cards of encouragement.
  • Working from home. Internet still supports a lot of work. That helps our economy since so many businesses shut down. We’ve learned how to do things we never considered on the internet.
  • I have been deep in scripture – Ezekiel – and I finished! Thank you, Brenda, for this wonderful Bible study. The warnings were too real, sounding too much like the world today. But when God says He loves, He loves 100%. When He’s for you, He’s for you 100%. What a joy and blessing to spend the last few weeks savoring God’s Word!
  • Drive-by birthday party. It was really fun! Got presents, too!
  • Taking care of some pretty sick people in the hospital – from COVID patients to emergency issues. Masks at all times. Change clothes before going home. Disinfecting shoes and car. Whew!
  • Reading a lot! Texting, writing letters. Interacting with my grandkids on zoom.
  • We’ve got two parents and five young adults hanging out at our house. Since no one is rushing off, we spice up the evening meal with themed-dinners each week. Make the food match the theme. Everyone dresses to the theme, as well.
  • Going through daily radiation treatments for cancer recovery.
  • I spend the days with my best friend and her family, and sleep at home at night. Been struggling getting to sleep – my brain is restless.
  • I’m making masks for family and friends and finishing sewing projects I started YEARS ago.
  • I’ve been listening to sermons every day and praise music.
  • We had a baby, so almost all our time is spent caring for and loving our little one! It’s disappointing that we cannot have friends and family visit to meet her. She is already growing and changing.


  • Lighting candles and enjoying a cuppa!
  • Going for walks. So is everybody else! It’s funny to see how that works with social distancing. But it’s nice to see people. A reminder we are still a community in this lock-down.
  • We enjoy meal planning, incorporating new recipes. We implemented afternoon tea-time, which is fun to look forward to – homemade scones or cookies, fruit, and tea!
  • Video chats with family & friends.
  • We’ve been doing more oil painting–it can fill many hours if we let it.
  • Landscaping the yard – long overdue.
  • Working from home – grading, Zoom conferencing, Zoom videos, etc. That has been a learning curve.
  • I participate once or twice a day in online encouragements/prayers conducted by one of our pastors.
  • Naps!
  • I’m teaching 4th graders and becoming tech savvy. This is my last year in public education because I’m retiring. With my new tech abilities I started a Zoom bible journaling class & a zoom bible study with women from all over.
  • Family zoom time with parents, nieces, nephews, etc. I’m reading to children online and getting my yard into shape.
  • I’m busier than normal.
  • I walk in the garden, enjoy sun-bathing with family, take more walks in the neighborhood than I have in a long time. Experience moments of stillness and slowing down. I like that.
  • Puzzles! Reading books!
  • We live in an isolated area, so not much different. We had lots of cold this spring so have read lots of scripture.
  • Building that Christmas model with my child.


My conclusion? You can still live intentionally during lock-down.

Touching Statements From Some of You:

One of you shared a simple heart-felt statement – “This is a tough time, yet I’m doing OK. I’m leaning heavily on what I know about God, not on what the news says.”

God has sleeves rolled up to help as we look to Him in faith. God loves you – so much. As we wait on Him, let’s fill our days with positive productivity. Why not redeem lock-down time. Make memories. Get creative. Work toward accomplishments. Pray for the sick and grieving in our global family.

I want to close with a precious prayer I heard from a child recently: “Dear God, please tell someone the cure for COVID-19. We can’t do this ourselves. We need Your help!”

That prayer beautifully expresses what should be in all our hearts . . . turning our attention to God and asking Him for His wisdom. James chapter 1 encourages that if anyone lacks wisdom, they should ask God who gives generously without showing favoritism. God will give you wisdom if you trust Him for it – no matter what you are doing during COVID-19 days.

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